RoboForm for Windows Version News

Version 9.6.1 June 7, 2024
* Open new Payment Page on instead of old one on
* Enterprise: simplified a setup procedure for new RoboForm Business users.
* Enterprise: fixed some bugs with SSO RoboForm login method.
* Enterprise: prepared for a new Admin Center UI.

Version 9.5.8 Apr 17, 2024
* Desktop Editor Authenticator: clicking anywhere on the line copies Auth code.
* RoboForm Safenote Editor: better fixed width font in the editor.

Version 9.5.7 Mar 29, 2024
* Added the Authenticator tool in the RoboForm Desktop Editor to show all Logins with TOTP.
* Increased the default length of generated password to 22 chars, was 16.
* Updated the font style in the RoboForm Safenote Editor to use a fixed-width font.
* Enterprise: implemented Login via SSO feature for company members.
* New CodeSign certificate for RoboForm executables.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.5.6 Dec 5, 2023
* Fixed Popularity algorithm.

Version 9.5.5 Nov 27, 2023
* Fixes in Popularity algorithm, to propagate it to RoboForm extension.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.5.4 Nov 3, 2023
* Added New Popularity algorithm, now it just collects data.
* Removed the mandatory MP entry every 30 days.
* Fixed showing of notification about sharing to make it less annoying.
* Stopped showing of license renewal notification in RoboForm Desktop.
* Fixed a sometimes-observed crash in RoboForm Editor.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.5.2 Aug 31, 2023
* Improved search algorithm some more.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.5.1 Aug 11, 2023
* Improved search algorithm.
* Fixed RoboForm installer download, do it in blocks now.
* Added Papua New Guinea and Ecuador to the list of countries.
* Changed paid RoboForm designation to "Premium" from "Everywhere".
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.4.9 June 23, 2023
* Fixed RoboForm Editor icon disappears from the Windows taskbar.
* Fixed Site icons disappear from tree in RoboForm Editor.
* Fixed an issue when RoboForm could sync too often.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.4.8 May 17, 2023
* Added initial form filling Identity generated from user data.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.4.7 May 03, 2023
* Fixed minor security bugs mentioned in the security audit report.
* Firefox: fixed integration with Firefox installed via Microsoft Store.
* Removed annoying RoboForm upgrade notification immediately after installing RoboForm.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.4.5 Mar 28, 2023
* Security: do not use TLS certificates from current user's storage, get them from local machine's storage only.
* Yandex Browser: fixed working with Basic Auth in Yandex Browser.

Version 9.4.4 Mar 10, 2023
* Improved performance of RoboForm data sync.

Version 9.4.3 Feb 28, 2023
* Security: fixed a number of security bugs mentioned in the security audit report.
* Fixed RoboForm uninstallation for languages other than English.
* Security: increased default number of PBKDF2 iterations to 100000.
* Fixed installation into Chromium-based browsers.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.4.1 Jan 10, 2023
* New Licensing scheme with Read Only mode and Free Device switching.
* Read Only mode: even when you have no license, you can view and copy/paste your login info.
* Free Device switching: Free Device can be moved to new device, up to 3 times total.

Version 9.3.8 Dec 12, 2022
* Fixed miscellaneous bugs in new RoboForm Installer.
* Stopped using Google service to get RoboForm data icons, instead use our own icon service.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.3.7 Nov 1, 2022
* Installation without closing of opened browsers.
* New license enforcement, whereby Free version requires Native installer.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.3.3 July 5, 2022
* Fixed cannot log in RoboForm with "path not found /account.json" error.
* Fixed OTP dialog may show Email OTP method instead of the actual OT method.

Version 9.3.1 July 4, 2022
* Do not allow to log in RoboForm on a device until user authorizes the device.
* Improved RoboForm data search algorithm.
* Fixed some bugs in Password Rotation Reminder.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.2.7 Apr 20, 2022
* Fixed attaching to QuickBooks, MSN, MS Money and other MSHTML-based applications did not work.

Version 9.2.5 Apr 12, 2022
* Improved protection from malicious applications or scripts.
* Improved RoboForm data search algorithm.
* Improved One-Time Password dialog.
* Fixed the mechanism of loading icons for logins.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.2.4 Jan 20, 2022
* Fixed working with Basic Authentication window in Chrome 97+.
* Logins Editor: show Validation Code if a Login has Two-factor authentication key.
* Improved working with Windows Security window.
* Fixed import from LastPass.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.2.1 Nov 05, 2021
* Export: always ask RoboForm Master Password when user exports RoboForm data.
* Edge: Fixed Auto Save for BasicAuth in Edge 94+.
* Sync: Synchronization works faster, especially for large files.
* Changed appearance of Sharing Settings dialog.
* Fixed import from Keeper, LastPass and Dashlane.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.1.9 July 28, 2021
* Fixed a rare crash during synchronization.
* Import: added detection of TAB as delimiters in CSV files.

Version 9.1.7 July 22, 2021
* Fixed RoboForm consuming noticeable CPU cycles to search for BasicAuth window in Chrome and Edge.
* Fixed a bug where RoboForm did not attach to Chrome 92 BasicAuth window.
* Security Center: Fixed total security score and password strength calculation.
* Identity Editor: Improved usability of selecting values for 'Card Exp Year' and 'Card Valid Year'.
* Security: Lock RoboForm account login for 5 min after user has entered wrong password 15 times.
* Fixed list of Norway Counties.
* Localization: updated German, Serbian, Swedish.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.1.5 June 18, 2021
* Fixed RoboForm cannot read and apply stored proxy settings.
* Fixed RoboForm does not apply Advanced connection settings in some cases.
* Form filling: Fixed cell phone format for Nigeria and Australia.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.1.4 May 14, 2021
* Prepared for showing user data breaches in RoboForm browser extension.
* Localization: updated German, French, Dutch, Russian, Serbian, Swedish.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.1.3 Apr 19, 2021
* Fixed a crash in RF-chrome-nm-host.exe.
* Fixed RoboForm Language Editor.
* Localization: updated Brazilian, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.1.2 Apr 02, 2021
* Add 'Report Problems' command to report form filling issues.
* Identity Editor: changed order of Identity fields groups.
* Localization: updated German, French, Russian, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.1.1 Feb 01, 2021
* Updated value options for 'Card Expires Year' and 'Card Valid From Year' fields of identity.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.
* Localization: updated German, Japanese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish.
* New download and AutoUpdate URLs for RoboForm ver 9.

Version 9.1.0 Dec 21, 2020
* Official Ver 9 release to commemorate release of RF Extension ver 9.1.
* Fixed RF uses too much CPU if Firefox is running.
* Fixed RF menus do not show up in Waterfox browser (Firefox-based).

Version 8.9.6 Nov 20, 2020
* Fixed computation of Logins/Safenotes/Identities popularity.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.
* Localization: updated German, French, Italian, Japanese, Swedish.

RoboForm Version 8.9.5 -- Nov 06, 2020
* Fixed Most Popular usage info computation, it is now time-weighted.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.
* Enterprise: added ability to specify custom RoboForm templates for enterprises.
* Enterprise: miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
* Localization: updated Austrian, Dutch, German, Japanese, Polish, Serbian, Russian.

RoboForm Version 8.9.4 -- Oct 01, 2020
* Implemented passwordless login to RoboForm for MS Azure users.
* Fixed rare freezes in Chrome with native RoboForm installed.
* Localization: Updated Dutch, German (at, de), Italian.

RoboForm Version 8.9.3 -- Sept 14, 2020
* Fixed RoboForm breaks DLL-path-dependent applications such as QuickBooks, Frontpage.
* Added more support for alternative Firefox-based browsers.
* Localization: updated Japanese, Swedish.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

RoboForm Version 8.9.2 -- Aug 28, 2020
* Fix manual Save Forms command from RoboForm extension did not work.
* Popular items: decrease the popularity of RoboForm data item over time.
* Localization: updated Brazilian, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian, Swedish.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

RoboForm Version 8.9.1 -- July 22, 2020
* Added import from Microsoft Edge.
* Localization updated: Brazilian, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

RoboForm Version 8.9.0 -- June 04, 2020
* Optimized user data synchronization.
* Fixed bugs in Import.
* Localization: updated Austrian, German, Greek, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

RoboForm Version 8.7.0 -- Apr 30, 2020
* Updated AutoFill and AutoSave in RoboForm Options dialog, connect them to extensions.
* Identity Editor: do not ask for a name for new Group Instance, show a name based on its content.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

RoboForm Version 8.6.8 -- Mar 27, 2020
* Optimized user data synchronization.
* Windows Hello: Show Windows Hello dialog on the RoboForm Login dialog start.
* Localization: updated Austrian, Danish, German, Greek, Japanese, Serbian.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

RoboForm Version 8.6.7 -- Feb 13, 2020
* Fixed bugs in installation of RoboForm extension in Chrome and Edge.
* Fixed calculation of bit strength of generated passwords.
* Fixed integration with Thunderbird.
* Improved user interface of Restore dialog.
* Localization: updated Greek, Swedish.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

RoboForm Version 8.6.6 -- Jan 20, 2020
* Make RoboForm Extension compatible with new Edge (Chromium based).
* Editor: added 2020 as an option of "Credit Card Valid From" field value.
* Enterprise: fixed a problem when user was able to use RoboForm with non-configured sync.
* Localization: updated Austrian, German, Greek, Japanese, Hungarian, Swedish.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

RoboForm Version 8.6.5 -- Dec 10, 2019
* Fixed conversion of RF ver 7 to ver 8, it was showing '400 Bad Request'.
* Now 'New Browser Tab' is the default for 'Login from Add-on opens website in:' option.
* Added 'Forgot Password?' item into 'RoboForm > Help' menu.
* Fixed the problem with AutoSave from a BasicAuth dialog.
* Simplify user experience when Master Password was changed from other device.
* Localization updated: Chinese(CN), Dutch, German(AT), German(DE), Russian, Swedish.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

RoboForm Version 8.6.2 -- Oct 17, 2019
* Miscellaneous fixes in Enterprise version.
* Localization updated: French, Japanese, Swedish.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

RoboForm Version 8.6.1 -- Oct 04, 2019
* Master Password: periodically offer users to enter their Master Password.
* Backup/Restore: show data difference in the Backup/Restore User Interface.
* Search: added 'Search in DuckDuckGo' option.
* Import: added import from Sticky Password TXT files.
* Localization: updated German, Japanese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish.
* Miscellaneous smaller bug fixes.

RoboForm Version 8.6.0 -- July 19, 2019
* Added support of Windows Hello, as means of authenticating RoboForm user.
* Localization: updated German, Dutch, Japanese, Swedish.
* Miscellaneous fixes in Backup/Restore User Interface.
* Language Editor: added highlighting of edited lines.
* Miscellaneous smaller bug fixes.

RoboForm Version 8.5.9 -- June 10, 2019
* Security: added setting iterations count of encryption algorithm for RoboForm data.
* Enterprise: added RoboForm installation options to specify proxy settings.
* Enterprise: fixed Company admin cannot turn Auto Update on for RoboForm Win clients.
* Password Generator: removed "Minimal number of digits" option.
* Identity Editor: removed obsolete fields.
* Localization: updated Swedish.
* Export, Import: implemented export/import of Safenotes in/from RoboForm CSV file.
* Miscellaneous fixes for RoboForm in Backup/Restore User Interface.
* Miscellaneous fixes for RoboForm in Chrome and Firefox.

RoboForm Version 8.5.8 -- Mar 22, 2019
* Disabled AutoFill and AutoSave on the RoboForm Start Page.
* Implemented import from LogMeOnce CSV file.
* Fixed processing special symbols in the Language Editor.
* Miscellaneous fixes in Backup/Restore User Interface.

RoboForm Version 8.5.7 -- Mar 06, 2019
* Chrome Extension: sort Matching Passcards based on well they fit current web page.
* Fixed installation of RoboForm extension in Opera.
* Improved user interface for RoboForm Backup/Restore.
* Fixed import from Enpass.
* Miscellaneous fixes.
* Localization: updated Japanese, Russian and Swedish.

RoboForm Version 8.5.6 -- Feb 20, 2019
* Fixed it was possible to find Master Password in plain text in memory of RoboForm process.
* Fixed filling of BasicAuth window in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10.
* New User Interface to restore RoboForm data from backup. Allow to choose which data to restore.
* Fixed RoboForm asked second Windows user to setup RF every time when she opens a browser.
* Fixed RoboForm asked admin permissions when Windows limited user changes RoboForm UI Language.
* Localization: updated German, Japanese, Russian and Swedish.

RoboForm Version 8.5.5 -- Dec 12, 2018
* Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm UI, Sharing and Emergency Access.
* Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Installer.
* Import: Fixed import from LastPass.
* Enterprise: added passing installation language to RoboForm MSI.
* Language Editor: changed string filters for user convenience.
* Localization: updated Swedish.

RoboForm Version 8.5.4 -- Sept 20, 2018
* Fixed bug in cleanup of old data that could result in cleanup of new data, if custom folder location was used.
* Localization: updated German, Japanese.
* Fixed miss bugs found in ver 8.5.3.

RoboForm Version 8.5.2 -- Sept 07, 2018
* Detect old RoboForm user data on local computer and offer to clean it up.
* Import: fixed import from 1Password, KeePass, Dashlane and Opera.
* Authentication group has been removed from RoboForm Identity.
* Enterprise: improved logging of data access in groups.
* Added showing and selecting Regional (Europe) RoboForm Servers.
* Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Sharing and UI.

RoboForm Version 8.5.1 -- June 20, 2018
* Fixed AutoSave for
* Replaced email with in RoboForm messages.
* Improved 'Contact Support' command, so user logs in to support system automatically.
* Import: fixed import from 64-bit Firefox.
* Localization: updated Italian, Japanese, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish.
* Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm User Interface.

RoboForm Version 8.5.0 -- May 28, 2018
* Start Page: new Login and Safenotes Editor, implemented in JS + HTML.
* Start Page: new Identity Editor, implemented in JS + HTML.
* Fixed problems in Chrome and Firefox extensions on High DPI.
* Fixed vulnerability that made possible RF installer loading malicious DLL already present on computer.
* Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Options dialog.

RoboForm Version 8.4.9 -- Apr 20, 2018
* Chrome: Fixed integration with Chrome 66 Basic Auth window.
* Added support for per-monitor DPI.
* Fixed crash during RoboForm installation.
* Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing, Import, Backup/Restore.
* Localization: updated German, Swedish.

RoboForm Version 8.4.8 -- Apr 03, 2018
* Installer: re-design RoboForm Installation dialog.
* Installer: improve installation procedure for RoboForm browser extensions.
* Options: Re-designed RoboForm Options dialog.
* Chrome: Fixed integration with Chrome 65 Basic Auth window.
* Localization: updated German, Japanese, Serbian, Swedish.
* Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing, Import, Backup/Restore.

RoboForm Version 8.4.7 -- Feb 19, 2018
* Edge integration: Added Edge extension installation to RoboForm installer.
* Localization: Added Greek, updated German, Japanese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish.
* Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing, Import, Backup/Restore.

Version 8.4.6 -- Jan 03, 2018
* Fixed freezes in Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Version 8.4.5 -- Dec 29, 2017
* Start Page: Better navigation and filtering in Start Page.
* Start Page: better search bar appearance and auto-complete.
* Start Page: new communication scheme with RF and extensions, makes it faster.
* Better integration with RoboForm extension for Microsoft Edge browser (needs new Edge ext).
* New design for lower toolbar in Firefox and Chrome.
* Allow user to enroll a device just for 15 minutes in One Time Password dialog.
* Localization: update Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish.
* Bug fixes and performance improvements in RoboForm Editor, Sharing and Emergency Access.

Version 7.9.31 -- Nov 13, 2017
* Firefox: New RoboForm Addon compatible with Firefox 57 and WebExtensions;
* Firefox: use RoboForm Addon published in Firefox Addon gallery.
* Firefox: no upper toolbar now (Firefox prohibits it), only lower toolbar is available.
* Firefox: RoboForm lower toolbar is shown by default in Firefox, as there is no upper toolbar.
* Form filling and other bug fixes from RoboForm ver 8.

Version 8.4.3 -- Oct 23, 2017
* Detect RoboForm 7 data that was added/changed after the account was migrated and offer to import it.
* Firefox integration: Changed Firefox add-on install to use listed RoboForm Firefox Addon.
* Import: Added import from KeePass XML, 1Password CSV.
* Localization: updated German, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Serbian.
* Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing and Emergency Access.

Version 8.4.1 -- Aug 23, 2017
* Options: sync portable user options during RoboForm data sync.
* Import: Added import from Keeper, Enpass, PasswordBoss, Zoho, TrueKey and StickyPassword.
* Check data for duplicates after user changed RoboForm data.
* Form Filler: fixed it for and
* Menus: improved and rationalized RoboForm menus.
* Miscellaneous small fixes.

Version 8.3.9 -- July 24, 2017
* Fix incorrect handling of RDC Login window in Windows 10.
* Fix wrong positioning of RF toolbar on high DPI screen in Chrome and Opera browsers.
* Fix problem with wrong RF filling of Basic Auth window in IE.
* Fix Clear Search history command of RF toolbar does not work in Firefox.
* Fix RF Fill Forms command may crash IE in some rare cases.
* Fix Chrome may ask to restore tabs after wrong termination by RF installer in some rare cases.
* Fix installing RF extension into Firefox-based browsers when official Firefox is not installed.
* Fix RF Auto Save is not offered on sites,
* Fix RF shows wrong UI and asks wrong questions when Master Password is changed from another device.
* Fix Sync command does not show Sync progress window when automatic sync is already running in background.
* Add a command into RoboForm Options dialog to reset all suppressed warnings.
* Rename "Weak" tab in Security Center to "All".
* Fix several bugs in UI.

Version 8.3.7 -- June 21, 2017
* Firefox: Switch to new Firefox extension based on WebExtensions API.
* Firefox: New extension is Chrome style, so it does NOT have RF toolbar.
* Firefox: New extension may work without Desktop RoboForm installed, such as on Linux.
* Bug fixes and speed improvements.

Version 8.3.5 -- June 01, 2017
* New design for RoboForm Start Page.
* Installer: Use '%localappdata%\RoboForm\Profiles\Default Profile' as RoboForm data folder for new users.
* Installer: fix closing applications during RoboForm installation/uninstallation;
* Licenses: update design of license notifications and conditions when they should be shown.
* Toolbar Menu: fix a bug with RoboForm toolbar menu appearance on tablets.
* Localization: add Portuguese, update German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Serbian, Swedish.
* Backup/Restore: implement common dialog for Backup and Restore operations.
* Import: add support for more columns of 1Password and LastPass.
* Password Generator: add password strength indicator.
* Firefox Integration: do not inject RoboForm DLL into Firefox as Firefox will not allow it soon.
* Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing and Emergency Access.

Version 8.3.3 -- Apr 18, 2017
* Fixed bugs and crashes.

Version 8.3.2 -- Apr 14, 2017
* Turn On new Ver 8 license enforcement.
* Now Everywhere license is required for Sync only, with 30 day trial period.
* Show 'Buy' and 'Renew' items in RoboForm 8 Help menu.
* Make Emergency Access UI officially available in RF ver 8.
* Fix bugs in RF 8 licensing on client side.
* Fix bugs in sharing User Interface.

Version 8.3.1 -- Mar 24, 2017
* Do not create 'RoboForm Online Account' passcard for new users.
* Chrome: better design for vertical toolbar.
* Logins menu: do not show a Login twice in 'Most Popular' section.
* Form Filling: fix form filling on some banking sites such as
* Import/Export: misc fixes in import and export procedure.

Version 8.3.0 -- Mar 06, 2017
* Installer: misc fixes in RoboForm Installer.
* Installer: fixes in upgrading from RoboForm 7 to RoboForm 8.
* Installer: move licensing agreement and privacy policy to the first screen.
* Sync: detect when RoboForm account is deleted and offer to user to create an account.
* Search Box: show RF Search Box when user moves mouse over the RoboForm Task Bar Icon.
* Desktop Shortcuts: fix RoboForm files desktop shortcuts.
* Menu: add 'Set Reminder' command to RoboForm Login's context menu.
* Editor and Sharing: misc fixes in RoboForm Editor and Sharing.
* Security Center: fix Sort Order in RoboForm Security Center.
* Language Editor: fix working on High DPI displays.
* Firefox: new signed XPI for Windows and Mac.

Version 7.9.28 -- Feb 24, 2017
* Fix Renew link does not work, change to
* When ver 7 detects that user RFO account was converted to ver 8, then upgrade this ver 7 to ver 8.
* Search: change Bing search URL.

Version 8.2.9 -- Feb 09, 2017
* Search: change default search engine from Bing to Yahoo, user still can use any search.
* Installer: improve upgrade RoboForm 7 to RoboForm 8 sequence.
* Firefox: new signed XPI for Windows and Mac.
* Editor: misc fixes in RoboForm Editor.
* Form Filling: misc fixes in form filling.
* Login UI: rework RoboForm Login (Master Password) dialog, using new design.
* Export/Import: improve CSV export format.

Version 7.9.27 -- Feb 09, 2017
* Firefox: new signed XPI for Windows and Mac.
* Search: change default search engine from Yahoo to Bing, user still can use any search.
* Form Filling: misc fixes in form filling.
* Form filling changes from ver 8.2.9 that apply.

Version 8.2.8 -- Jan 09, 2017
* Editor: fix crashes caused by reading gray scale icons with alpha channel.
* Replace http:// with https:// in all URLs that RoboForm opens.
* Update German and Polish localization.
* Fix auto-login problems caused by earlier Wells Fargo fix.

Version 8.2.7 -- Dec 28, 2016
* Fix RoboForm Downloader GUI can hang up when Internet connection is very fast.
* AutoUpdate Install: make installer ask no questions on version update.
* Fix Japanese localization.
* Setup: Fix RoboForm setup has wrong layout when user changed MP on RFO and RF detected this during Sync.
* Start Page: Newer RoboForm versions are allowed both HTTP:// and HTTPS:// prefix for
* Start Page: RoboForm Start Page JS now redirects HTTP:// to HTTPS:// for newer RF versions.
* Start Page: set Bing as default web search on the RoboForm Start Page.
* Start Page: Search for RoboForm data names appears above web search.

Version 7.9.26 -- Dec 28, 2016
* Sync: show message that suggests upgrading to RoboForm 8 if user synchronizes with new OneFile account.
* Start Page: set as RoboForm Start Page, instead of plain text URL.
* AutoUpdate: use to check for version.
* Downloader: Fix Downloader GUI can hang up when INET connection is very fast.
* Handle new Skype 2-step login box.
* Fix existing passwords are shown incorrectly if they contain '&' when user is changing the Master Password

Version 8.2.6 -- Dec 22, 2016
* Setup: fix crash when user upgrading from RF 7 to RF 8.
* Setup; fix crash when user changes Master Password and checks 'I forgot' checkbox.
* Editor: fix Deleted item remains in tree if it was the last item in folder.
* Editor: fix Folders in tree require two clicks to expand if editor was started while not logged in.

Version 8.2.5 -- Dec 21, 2016
* First production (non-beta) release of RoboForm ver 8.
* Increase max number of characters in Master Password to 80.
* Fix a rare crash in RoboForm Setup dialog.
* Periodically check with RFO server, to check fore received files, invitations, etc.
* Change version check URL for AutoUpdate.
* AutoUpdate: make it easier and more automatic.
* Start Page: use as RF Start Page URL instead of
* Editor starts with Home item closed if there is no recently viewed items.
* Editor: change passcard title view, so that site icon is shown in one row with URL.
* Security Center: misc fixes.
* Import and Export: misc fixes.

Version 8.2.1 -- Dec 12, 2016
* Fix Limited users can export the data in CSV now and can see passwords in plain text.
* Editor: Allow Limited user to view/export all items except logins.
* Fix RoboForm crashes when user selects 'Chrome > RoboForm Popup > Generate'.
* Fix auto-update issues related to
* Emergency Access: show emergency access invitation before sync if it is needed.

Version 7.9.25 -- Dec 12, 2016
* Chrome, Firefox: fix RF does not login to
* Chrome: fix AutoFill dialog remains visible after switching to another tab.
* Firefox: Login using the wrong passcard, not the one that was clicked.
* Firefox: fix AutoFill dialog sometimes remains visible after navigating to another page.
* Editor: fix context menu in folder tree does not opened after pressing VK_APPS key.
* Fix auto-update issues related to
* Fix saving Login to a specific folder saves to Home folder instead.
* Password Generator: fix clicking on disabled Generate button clears password list.
* RF2Go, Firefox: let it attach to Firefox 50, drop support for Firefox 40.
* Localization: Update German, Danish, sb-Serbian, sc-Serbian.

Version 8.2.0 -- Dec 08, 2016
* Setup: simplify installation and account creation process.
* Eliminate 'Browser Integration' installer screen, leave it only in advanced mode.
* Add Export RoboForm data (logins and bookmarks) to CSV file.
* Add Import from CSV file.
* Improve presentation of 'Send File' operation results.
* When RF toolbar icon is not loaded, show Login in IE toolbar, not Turn On.
* Implement Auto-Backup in RoboForm for Windows: copy DB file every 2 hours in background.
* Security Center: Add icon for password strength level 'Good'.
* Add support for ICO icons with PNG images in it.
* UI fixed in Editor, Security Center, AutoSave dialog.

Version 7.9.24 -- Nov 11, 2016
* Fix RoboForm for Windows sometimes does not accept One Time Password.
* Opera: Fix high CPU usage by Opera/rf-chrome-nm-host.exe processes.
* Editor: fix wrong window position after restoring from maximized state.

Version 7.9.23 -- Nov 08, 2016
* Chrome: fix Search Box dropdown jumps to top left screen corner while typing into Search Box.
* Chrome, Firefox: Fix Search Box issues, with pasting, etc.
* Chrome: fix RF does not work on some sites with IFRAME.
* Chrome, Firefox: fix filling from Identity is too slow on some sites.
* Chrome: Fix RF toolbar ignores 'Enable popup RoboForm toolbar' setting if started while not logged in.
* Firefox: fix keyboard shortcuts for opening menus from toolbar do not work.
* Firefox: fix RoboForm toolbar appears even if unchecked in Firefox.
* Firefox: fix RoboForm toolbar appears but does not work in private browsing mode.
* Firefox: fix RoboForm does not attach to Firefox in some cases.
* Firefox: fix RoboForm does not show AutoFill window on Firefox Sync Sign In page.
* Firefox: Fix AutoSave with AutoSave-bar sometimes prevents navigation from happening.
* Fix RoboForm does not match Logins for sites with the name that starts with 'cgi' or 'www'.
* Fix filling of visible elements whose parents are invisible.
* Fix form filling when frames with aborted loading appear, such as in MetLife.
* Fix not filling form at and other sites that reset password on focus.
* Fix form filling on
* Fix RF menu popups and BA toolbar are positioned incorrectly on systems with high DPI.
* Fix some rules in form filling from Identity.

Version 8.1.9 -- Nov 07, 2016
* Add Send command, that sends Login or Safenote via RF Online server.
* RoboForm 8 Clients now require RoboForm Online Account to be created, even if not syncing.
* New design of Master Password dialog and Master Password screen in RoboForm Editor.
* Fix install errors when RF is installed from Standard Windows user.
* Rename 'Store MP in system protected storage' option to 'Don't ask for Master Password'.
* Added 'Change Account' command into 'RoboForm > Options dialog > Data & Sync'.
* Fix Sync progress indication and error messages.
* Fix RoboForm 8 crashes Chrome when detaching from it's Basic Auth dialog.
* Security Center: add the additional Security Score 'Average'.
* Security Center: add the additional password strength level 'Good'.
* Sharing GUI improvements: better show recipient and sender.

Version 8.1.8 -- Oct 19, 2016
* Fix bugs in Enterprise policies.
* Setup: do not allow to change a Master Password to the same password.
* Sync: perform auto sync every 1 hour when RoboForm is logged in.
* Fix RoboForm Security Center hangs on very long passwords.
* Editor: fix double click does not select a word in long safenotes.
* Menu: Show special icons for shared items in menus.

Version 8.1.7 -- Oct 13, 2016
* Fix Enterprise policies processing.
* Add new Enterprise policies.
* Sync: show a topmost non-active window with error message, when sync fails.
* New Import dialog.

Version 8.1.6 -- Oct 06, 2016
* Add command Sync->Restore deleted data, it restores items deleted during sync.
* Sync: do not auto sync when analysis shows that 70% or more user data is deleted.
* Security Center: fixed bugs.
* Fixed several misc bugs.
* Fixed it is possible that RoboForm hangs up when user does manual Logoff.

Version 8.1.4 -- Sep 30, 2016
* Security Center: improve algorithm for calculating password strength.
* Options dialog: show RoboForm Account email in Options dialog -> Data & Sync.
* Remove Profiles, instead allow to switch RoboForm Online accounts.
* Add more policies for Enterprise.
* Performs Sync before conversion when converting ver 7 data to ver 8.

Version 7.9.22 -- Sep 07, 2016
* Firefox: Fixed RoboForm toolbar does not work in Private browsing mode.
* Firefox: Fixed RoboForm toolbar appears even if unchecked in Firefox.
* Firefox: Fixed JavaScript exception is shown in error log when disabling RF extension.
* Firefox: Fixed RF extension sometimes does not load in browser startup.
* Chrome, Firefox: Fixed background activity in a not shown tab may not be handled by RF.
* Firefox: new signed XPI for Windows and Mac, version 7-9-21-5.

Version 7.9.21 -- Aug 25, 2016
* Form Filler: throw more JS events, to better emulate user form filling in IE, Chrome, Firefox.
* Form Filler: the above fixes form filling at Microsoft account, Apple, Wells Fargo.
* Firefox, Chrome: make RoboForm filler work in Strict JS mode.
* Internet Explorer, Windows 10 Anniversary: make RF fill the new Basic Authentication dialog.
* Firefox: Fix a rare crash during JS callback.
* Firefox: Fix RF extension does not work if Multi-process mode (aka Electrolysis).
* Firefox: Fix RF saves wrong URL on
* Firefox: Fix RoboForm does not fill local file pages in Firefox.
* Firefox: Fix RoboForm add-on for FF does not load in Pale Moon.
* RoboForm2Go + Firefox: make it work in Firefox ver 43.
* Login menus: fix incorrect layout in toolbar menus.

Version 7.9.20 -- July 25, 2016
* Improve Internet Explorer form filling for placeholders.
* Firefox: fix some rare crashes.
* Firefox: Add support for Firefox 47 to RoboForm2Go.
* Improve Site Icon management.
* Improve Spanish localization.
* Login Menu: fix sub-menu disappearance when moving mouse close to display edge.

Version 7.9.19 -- May 24, 2016
* Firefox: new signed XPI with all recent fixes.
* Firefox + Rf2Go: add support of Firefox up to ver 46, remove support of old versions.
* Installer: fix RF installer offers to switch off IE Enhanced Protected Mode on Windows 10 even if it is Off.
* Opera: Fix RoboForm does not work in Opera 37.
* Win32: Fix RF slows down Quicken, by not exploring Quicken windows with MSAA.
* Win32, Windows 10: Fix RF does not detach from Win32 windows on Windows 10.
* Localization: switch to using .rfs files directly, without intermediate .rfi files.
* Try to alleviate crashes caused by PhishWall Addon (JP) in Internet Explorer.

Version 7.9.18 -- Mar 18, 2016
* Fix RoboForm cannot login to from old passcards.
* Win 32: Fix RoboForm does not attach to Quicken 2016.
* Installer: slower closing of Chrome, so that it can save settings.
* Fix RF gets stuck on Create RFO Account command if there is no internet connection.
* CodeSign Certificate: update certificate to change signature algo to SHA-256.

Version 7.9.17 -- Dec 29, 2015
* IE form filler: throw more and better events to emulate human-like form filling.
* IE: improve auto-submit of forms using new DOM interfaces.
* Chrome: Fix memory leak on sites based on Telerik Kendo UI.
* Firefox, Chrome: use the same (more relaxed) criterion for showing AutoSave as in IE.
* Firefox: implement Common signed XPI for RF on Windows and Mac.
* Firefox: let RF find 64-bit Firefox, it used to find WaterFox instead.
* Firefox: fix Firefox shows a error when RF is opening an URL in new tab in some cases.
* Firefox: fix AutoSave bar in Firefox is too large on high DPI.
* RF2Go, Firefox: No SDK for FF 42 and newer is available, so allow RF2Go to attach to newer FF.
* Installer: fix RF items do not appear in Windows 10 search.
* Editor: fix Ctrl+F hides Safenote search in text bar if it is already shown.
* Editor: fix RF cannot view/edit Identities downloaded from RFO Web Site.
* Print List: fix RoboForm prints multi-line passcard note as a single line.

Version 7.9.16 -- Sept 17, 2015
* Firefox: roboform.xpi is now signed by Mozilla, works with Firefox 41/42 and later.
* Firefox: if RF extension cannot find main RoboForm, offer to install RF.
* Firefox: add option to install roboform.xpi into Firefox by drag-n-drop in RF Options dlg.
* Chrome: make RF popup toolbar vertical by default, was horizontal.
* Form Filler: fix filling of fields with 'display: none'.
* UI: Further fixes for High DPI situations.
* Windows 10: Add Window 10 compatibility flag to all RoboForm modules.

Version 7.9.15 -- Aug 19, 2015
* IE form filler: better emulate JS events, so that sites detect filled fields.
* JavaScript form filler in Chrome, Firefox: better emulate JS events, so that sites detect filled fields.
* Chrome: Add Manage Extension link to Browser Integration page of RF Options, to ease reinstall of RF.
* Chrome: fix slowdowns in Chrome integration.
* Firefox: Add RoboForm2Go support for Firefox 39 and 40.
* Firefox 64: make Basic Auth form filling work.
* Opera: fix Basic Auth sometimes doesn't show up in Opera 30.
* High DPI GUI: fix mini-dialogs in High DPI modes.
* Fix Reset Activations button not working.

Version 7.9.14 -- June 10, 2015
* Chrome: speed up message processing, when there is a lot of tabs.
* Chrome: avoid message queue overflow when user has a lot of tabs and windows.
* Chrome: fix RF toolbar for Chrome Basic Auth is shown at wrong position on high DPI.
* Chrome: do not ever modify Chrome settings, not even to remove old RF extensions.
* Chrome: make RoboForm extension for RoboForm Full (not Lite) visible in Chrome Web Store.
* Password Generator: increase randomness of generated passwords.

Version 7.9.13 -- Apr 14, 2015
* Opera, Chromium: Fix RF popup toolbar is empty, without buttons on it.
* RoboForm Toolbar: show Home button with text in RF Toolbar, not just icon.
* Firefox + RoboForm2Go: add support for Firefox 37.
* Firefox: fix installation of RF into Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR).
* Opera: fix RF installer may not found Opera installation in some cases.
* Win32: fix filling password field when it is the last field to be filled.
* Menus: fix RF menus can get out of screen bounds in some cases.
* GUI: make RoboForm DPI aware, so that toolbar and font sizes are correct.

Version 7.9.12 -- Jan 21, 2015
* Chrome: fix installer for non-standard Chrome install paths.
* Chrome + Windows 8 + touch screen: fix Chrome crashes when user taps an item in RoboForm menu.
* Chrome: fix Fill Forms dialog does not appear when Fill Forms is selected from RF popup toolbar.
* Chrome 40 beta: fix RoboForm does not work with Basic Auth in the new Chrome beta.
* Firefox 36 beta + RF2Go: fix- RF2Go can not attach to new Firefox beta.
* Firefox: fix some rare RF extension install issues.
* Opera: fix RoboForm does not work with Basic Auth.
* IE: fix slow down caused by RF on pages with long captions.
* Form Filler: handle HTML5 'search' input fields just like regular text fields.
* Fix some links from RF to web site, to avoid redirects.
* Fix import issues from Outlook 2010.

Version -- Dec 02, 2014
* Sync + Processors: Fix OpenSSL (used in Sync) crashes due on old 32 bit CPUs.
* Chrome: fix closing Chrome on RF install, if background processes run.
* Firefox: fix RoboForm toolbar in Firefox menu bar can appear in wrong position.
* Sync: fix RF does not sync renamed files if user changed sync direction for them.
* Add import from LastPass Form Filling Profiles.
* Add import from Dashlane.

Version -- Nov 10, 2014
* Sync: fix not including some files into sync due to include *.rfp filter.
* Sync: do not require One Time Password for background syncing of usage info.
* Sync: fix One Time Password did not work, if WinInet option is used.
* Add 'RoboForm > Sync > Manage RoboForm Everywhere Account' command to RoboForm menu.
* Sync: OpenSSL upgraded to 1.0.1j, to fix recently vulnerabilities such as Poodle.
* Installer: fix RF installer shows too big icon for Chrome 64 bit on Close Applications.
* Installer: increase waiting time before showing Force Close buttons.
* Fix some random crashes related to closing of RF popup windows.
* Chrome + Basic Auth: fix not attaching to basic auth window in some 2-window cases.
* Chrome + Basic Auth: fix crash when BA window appears on site with invalid cert.
* Chrome + Basic Auth: fix not showing AutoSave for Basic Auth.
* Fix RF extension is not added to Yandex browser if Google Chrome is not installed.
* Chrome: fix clicking on Minimize button in Chrome can trigger AutoSave in BA window.
* Chrome 38+: fix RF does not install Chrome extension if it was previously removed via Chrome->Settings.
* Chrome + High DPI Screen: fix texts are too small in RF dropdown menus.
* Firefox: fix RF may fail to detect Firefox installation in some cases.
* Firefox: fix RF does not install extension into Firefox ESR.
* Firefox 33+, RF2Go: fix RF2Go does not attach to Firefox 33 and later.
* Editor: add shortcuts: Ctrl+Backspace to delete a word back, Ctrl+Delete to delete a next word.
* Editor: fix keys in search box: Home/End first/last position, Ctrl+Home/End: first/last item.

Version 7.9.10 -- Sep 29, 2014
* Form Filler: fix not filling fields where most of the fields have empty default values.
* Fix RF crashes in installer and other places on old processors (Athlon XP, Pentium III).
* Chrome: Fix RoboForm extension does not appear in 64-bit Chrome.
* RF Closer: do not close GoodSync on install.
* RF Closer: do not show rf-chrome-nm-host.exe and duplicate items in closing list.
* Sync: improve texts in One Time Password request window.
* Editor: Fix Ctrl+/- may not work well with higher DPI.
* Options: Fix RF rewrites Run registry key even if Start option did not change.

Version 7.9.9 -- Aug 19, 2014
* RF2Go + Firefox 31: Fix RF2Go does not work with Firefox ver 31 (official) and 32.
* Firefox 29+: fix RF mini-dialogs do not appear when mousing over matching passcards button.
* Firefox 29+: customization of RF toolbar position does not work in Firefox 29+.
* Firefox: fix RF toolbar may disappear from Firefox after customization of its position.
* Firefox: fix RoboForm may slow down Firefox popup menu appearing on top of large pages.
* Chrome: fix Password request dialog in Chrome can appear not on top.
* Chrome: fix picking up of RF data from RFO site does not work in Chrome.
* Opera: fix RF Options->Browser Integration->Opera option disabled if old Opera was not installed.
* Opera: fix RF installer does not detect Opera 23 installed in the system.
* Fix Enable/Disable RoboForm command does not work in browsers.
* Disable AutoSave/AutoFill on non-login pages of new RFO web site.
* Form Filler: Take into account placeholder and defaultValue attributes when looking for captions.
* Form Filler: Fire onChange event for selects.
* Sync + OTP: Fix sync may finish with Unauthorized error when OTP is required.
* Sync: RF may wrongly show warning about MP changing from other computer after sync.
* Sync: create new account via call to new RFO Server API.
* Added User Interface in Hindi.
* Compile RoboForm using Visual Studio 2012, upgrade from older version.
* Import from Firefox: fix RF import does not import bookmarks from bookmarks toolbar.
* Import from Windows Address Book: make up a valid contact name for a new contact.

Version 7.9.8 -- June 24, 2014
* Security: support new two-factor authentication for RoboForm Everywhere accounts.
* Sync: Fix RF does not delete lock.gsl file when user stops sync operation.
* Sync: Fix 'RoboForm -> Sync- > Delete state files' command does not work.
* Sync: Fix RF does not use proxy settings during creation of a new RFO account.
* AutoUpdate: make download and install of new version more automated.
* AutoUpdate: download new version from secure URL (HTTPS).
* Win32: fix crashes if third-party software 'Ginger' is installed on the system.
* Firefox: Fix Version Check dlg appears behind Firefox window, if called from toolbar.

Version 7.9.7 -- May 20, 2014
* Firefox 29+: Fix RF Addon may be disabled after installation, due to DB changes.
* Firefox 30 beta: Fix RF2Go crashes Firefox 30 beta, due to binary API changes.
* Firefox: Register RF Addon in HKCR too, so that Firefox-based browsers can find it.
* Firefox: Install RoboForm into WaterFox (64-bit Firefox) too.
* Chrome: fix random crashes in Chrome, related to Basic Auth.
* Chrome: fix AutoSave not shown when user presses Enter in Chrome Basic Auth dialog.
* RFO: Fix not showing passcard fields when user picks it up from RFO site.
* Win32: fix RF is crashing Qt-based Scrivener application.
* UI: expose captions of RF mini-dialogs to Accessibility API.

Version 7.9.6 -- Apr 11, 2014
* Chrome: Fix clicking Chrome checkbox on RF Options -> Browser Integration page has no effect.
* Chrome: Fix RF does not install Chrome adapter if RF is installed for current user only.
* Chromium-based browsers: register RF Chrome Native Messaging host, to work without Chrome.
* Add Firefox-based Telekom Browser 7 to the list of supported browsers.
* Win32: make RoboForm attach to WindowsForms app Amerigo.exe.
* Win32: fix rare crashes in RF implementation of MS Accessibility.
* Fix 'Activate' link in RF Trial Pro dialog.
* AutoSave bar: fix content layout of the Details dropdown window.
* UI: Fix only a tail part of text may appear in edit boxes on non-dialog based windows.
* UI: Fix RF toolbar popup windows and dialogs looks ugly if Windows is set to high DPI mode.

Version 7.9.5 -- Mar 19, 2014
* Chrome: fix RF does not install Chrome extension if it was previously removed by user.
* Chrome: fix RF may fail to locate Chrome executable by path in some places.
* Chrome: fix RF does not work with Basic Auth dialog in Chrome 34.
* Chromium: add an option to install RF extension into any Chromium-based browser.
* Search Box: show only search-cards selected by user, not all of them.
* Chrome: RoboForm does not work in Chrome on Windows XP, shows Loading...
* Chrome: Do not reinstall RF Extension on every install, install it only once.
* Chrome: Fix Login on passcards may not work: navigation completes but fields are not filled.
* Chrome: fix some asserts and crashes in new integration.
* Start Page: fix Master Password request dialog does not block browser window.
* Start Page + Chrome: Fix RoboForm may not fill left navigator with Logins.
* Fix AutoUpdate sometimes offering new version when it should not.
* Fix AutoUpdate shown even if Version Check is turned off in Options.

Version 7.9.4 -- Feb 25, 2014
* Chrome: add RoboForm extension to Chrome store, it asks to install main RoboForm app.
* Chrome: get rid of NPAPI integration with browser, use Chrome Native Messaging API.
* Chrome 32+: Hide Basic Auth toolbar after pressing enter key inside BA window.
* Opera: fix RF does not work in webkit-based Opera if installed by RF installer.
* Win32: fix RF cannot match EXE name with dots in it.
* Fix asserts related to getting out to Internet via proxy.
* Installer: by default install RoboForm into all available browsers.

Version 7.9.3 -- Jan 31, 2014
* Chrome: use recommended RF extension installation, user has to approve RF extension.
* Chrome 32+: fix wrong positioning of RF windows (AutoFill, menus, mini-dialogs).
* Chrome 32+: fix Basic Auth does not auto-fill or auto-save.
* Firefox: fix RF installer may show 'Access Denied' message when registering with FF.
* Firefox: fix saving passcard on a web page without favicon, it saves previously saved icon.
* Firefox: fix RF asserts when executing manual SaveForms command on sites without site icon.
* Opera: fix Opera 18 adapter is not shown in Installed Adapters List in RF Options.
* Import: replace characters not acceptable to Windows with '_'.
* Fix URLs shown in RF anti-phishing warning are too long, show only mismatched domains.
* Fix asserts when filling forms from Identity on
* Win32: fix RF not matching password field in some MSAA forms.
* Fix filling login credentials on login page.
* AutoUpdate: do not check versions of discontinued products.
* AutoUpdate: correctly handle proxy authentication.
* Installer: fix Closer sometimes not showing process icons.
* Fox RF tray icon menu opens at the current mouse location instead of next to RF tray icon.
* Toolbars: show a mini-dialog by mouse click when there is no mouse over (touch screen).
* Fix RF tray icon app is not started when user enters Master Password and AutoLogoff is On.
* Fix RF Editor position shifts up when Windows taskbar is placed on top (left) of the screen.
* Enterprise only: add policies for logging of user activity.
* Preparations for full client-server architecture.
* Local file management: switch to '/' paths for better multi-platform compatibility.

Version 7.9.2 -- Sept 27, 2013
* Windows 8.1 EPM: Register RoboForm Toolbar as compatible with Enhanced Protected Mode.
* Windows 8.1 EPM: Ask user to disable Enhanced Protected Mode to make RF work.
* Filler: Fix RF does not click Submit button in form.
* Filler: fix Cannot Find Submit/Login Button in MetLife eservice login.
* Filler IE: Fix RF can not save typed value on
* Firefox: fix focus problems that may result in input focus going to RF auto-save toolbar.
* Firefox: fix manual SaveForms command does not save site icon.
* Site Icons: fix RF can not save site icons with relative path in link tag.
* Firefox, AutoSave: fix AutoSave may not work on sites without site icon.
* Add FF-based Palemoon browser to the list of auto-attached to browsers.
* Chrome: Fix basic authentication does not work in Google Chrome 29.
* Chrome, Lower RF Toolbar: fix Close button does not work.
* Chrome Frame Plugin in IE: fix RoboForm integration issues.
* Chrome: fix several form filling and auto-save issues.
* Opera Import: make import from 64-bit Opera files work too.
* Fix browser selections are disabled in a different Windows account.
* Installer Closer: fix bugs that may cause crashes and freezes.
* Enterprise: add 'DisableFillWithoutSubmit' policy.
* Editor: fix old password is shown in Notes when RF auto-changes it on web site change.
* Editor: show RF Profile name in the Home item in Editor if user has more than one RF profile.
* Editor: fix field values may appear scrolled so that some chars at the left are not visible.
* Auto Logoff: fix Master Password not uncached after sleep and wake up.
* Auto Logoff: turn ON Auto Logoff by default, even for old users, to increase security.
* Sync: reduce automatic sync wait after changing RF Data to 10 sec, was 60 sec.
* Sync: pass thru connection and other error messages, better error processing.
* Sync and Everywhere account: allow passwords with spaces.
* Sync: Fix RF files with long non-EN names can not be uploaded to RFO server.

Version 7.9.1 -- Aug 19, 2013
* Firefox: fix Firefox may disable RoboForm after RF update or on 1st install.
* Firefox: fix favicons are not being saved.
* Firefox: fix dropdown menu appears misplaced in FF 22 on high DPI monitors.
* Firefox: fix importing passwords from Firefox.
* Firefox: fix RF in FF is causing slowdown on
* Form Fill and Submit: fix several issues related to specific sites.
* Chrome: fix double click on scrollbar in identity or passcard list may lead to infinite scroll.
* Chrome: add separate setting for Floating/Lower RF toolbar for HTML popup windows.
* Chrome: fix some functions of RF do not work in Chrome-based browsers.
* Opera: add support for Opera 15, which is the same as Chromium.
* Start page: fix sometimes it shows less items than specified in option.
* Internet Explorer: offer to disable EPM, as RoboForm does not work with it enabled.
* Installer: improve browser closer.
* MRU: fix passcard files are rewritten too often when Start Page items are moved.
* Sync with RF Everywhere: fix error processing.
* Sync with RF Everywhere: treat sync asserts as lower level warnings.
* Fix support of PIV Smart Cards.
* Options dialog: rewritten using sib-forms framework.
* PrintList dialog: use better design, rewrite it in stables.
* AutoUpdate: optimize checking for RoboForm version on our server.

Version 7.9.0 -- June 26, 2013
* Firefox: Fix not working with Firefox ver 22.
* Firefox: fix RF AutoFill window in Firefox blinks on some sites.
* Chrome, AutoFill: fix AutoFill may appears even if there are no visible fields.
* Chrome: fix RF in Chrome cannot fetch SearchCards from
* Fix small form filler issues related to various sites.
* RoboForm Lite: fix server-based components.
* FillForms dialog: fix "Show Matching Passcard with the best URL match on top" not working.
* Win32: fix RF may crash Qt-based Scrivener.
* Sync: reduce connect/disconnect operations during Sync and MRU synchronization.
* Sync: Fix virtual keyboard does not close after switching to another window.
* Win32: Do not allow RF to show browser-like toolbar for Lexis Nexis Bridger Insight XG.
* Security changes for RF x64: Add DEP and ASLR to RoboForm.
* Editor, Dual Password: fix password can still be seen on dual password setup.
* Security: remove file smpenc.rfo, it is not longer used and cryptographically weak.
* PrintList: Re-add Print List to Logins / Identities / Safenotes menu on RF toolbar.

Version 7.8.9 -- May 08, 2013
* Firefox: fix AutoFill window flashes several times on page load.
* Firefox: fix storing RF toolbar visibility setting.
* Firefox: fix text is continuously disappearing and appearing again.
* Firefox: fix multiple Form Filler warning dialogs may be shown.
* JS filler: fix AutoSave on
* JS filler: fix Submit is not clicked on
* Form Filler: fix wrong submit button is selected on
* Form Filler: add match strings for UK CVV code.
* IE: fix RF could not login on several web sites with slow JS.
* IE: fix RF toolbar moves to a separate line after RF update.
* Chrome: fix RF cannot collect matching passcards list for national domains.
* Installer and Sync: fix dialog redrawing issues on some nVidia video cards.
* Fix Sync dialog steals focus from active window even when automatic/hidden.
* Win32: fix integration with QuickBooks 2013.
* Win32: fix RF crashing VStudio.exe at start.
* Security: Enable DEP and ASLR checking in RoboForm modules.
* Sync Security: Check SSL certificate of

Version 7.8.8 -- March 26, 2013
* Chrome: fix some punctuation characters are not accepted in search string.
* Chrome: speed up browsing with RoboForm when AutoFill is Off.
* Chrome Popup Toolbar: fix positioning of toolbar items, it was wrong in some cases.
* Chrome AutoFill: fix z-order and positioning of AutoFill window.
* Firefox: fix RoboForm cannot save bookmark for non-html documents.
* Firefox: fix text of disabled buttons is not grayed out in RF toolbar.
* Help tooltip: fix appear/disappear problems.
* Opera: fix RF installer does not install RF extension into Opera sometimes.
* SaveForms dialog: Offer to save Bookmarks unprotected by default.
* SaveForms dialog: memorize folder to which user saved and offer it next time.
* AutoSave: fix AutoSave does not work correctly on
* Login Tip: Add ability to copy text from RF Login Tip.
* Browser Closer in RF installer: fix several issues in closing browsers.
* Activation: fix small issues in the new activation UI.
* Editor: fix several appearance and focus issues.

Version 7.8.7 -- Feb 26, 2013
* Chrome: fix RF toolbar and AutoFill dialog are not sometimes not shown.
* Chrome: fix AutoSave does not work for BasicAuth dialog in Chrome.
* Chrome: redo waiting for NavigateComplete, to cut off wait for completion.
* Firefox: fix memory leaks.
* Firefox: fix rare cycling of toolbar smart resize.
* Firefox: add 'Toolbar text color' setting to RF Addon options page.
* Firefox: make RF appear correctly on transparent aero-glass themes.
* Filler: fix Form Filler truncates values when filling in text fields with maxLength attribute.
* Win32: fix attaching to Google Talk.
* Win32: fix Win32 passcard malformed Go To URL may freeze RF.
* Win32: fix RF could cause initial QB login box malfunction.
* DND: fix RF dialog that appears when dropping text to a window that does not support DND.
* Fix Show Passcard may show fields of dual password passcard with only first part entered.
* Rf2Go: add to passcard context menu: Add/Remove from Most Popular / Start Page.
* Activation dialog: show it automatically after purchase on RF site.
* Activation dialog: fix activation dialog sometimes shown for Pro users.
* Activation: fix RF Activation via browser does not work in FF.
* Activation: add Proxy Settings into Activation dialog.
* Show Passcard dialogs: fix several UI appearance issues.
* Sync: fix RF warns that MP was changed was another computer when it did not.
* Sync: indicate waiting for another sync to finish, restart Analyze after it does.
* Sync Setup: allow to override sync locks during sync setup.
* Closer: fix sometimes RF Closer tries to close desktop window.
* Closer: fix RF Closer did not close IE8 in some cases.
* Editor: Rewrite keyboard focus and navigation system.
* UI: multiple fixes, to always use correct theme, set focus correctly.
* Print List: fix IE print preview leaves temp html file in temp folder in some cases.
* Print List: Always ask for Master Password when reading files for print preview.
* Fix miscellaneous crashes.

Version 7.8.6 -- Jan 18, 2013
* Licenses: new system for automatic activation and revocation of Fixed licenses.
* Editor: a lot of improvements in Summary Cards and Columns View of a folder.
* Editor, etc: Speed up loading of Identities.
* Editor: Fix long passcard note is always opened scrolled down to the end.
* Editor: Main edit box now takes focus when new Safenote is created.
* Print Preview: fix Print List stops on some values of passcard fields.
* Closer of windows with RF in them rewritten, to increase usability.
* Fix RF Setup wizard window not redrawn correctly sometimes on Windows 8.
* Fix 'FillForms' from the toolbar context menu does not add the object into MRU.
* Firefox: implement dynamic resize of RF toolbar and collapsing of button labels.
* Opera: add more protection against bad paths in Opera installation registry keys.
* Chrome: Fix Chrome's basic auth dialog looses focus after RF attaches toolbar to it.
* Chrome: Fix RoboForm sometimes opens in the wrong window with Chrome.
* Firefox, Chrome, Opera: fix filling of Message type field.
* AutoFill: fix Without Asking notification balloon may show wrong passcard name.
* Fix login form filling on
* Do not show blocking passcards in Minidialog and AutoFill dialog.
* Win32: fix RF shows toolbar in wrong position if DPI is set to 150% on Windows 8.
* Import: fix bugs in import from Firefox.
* Import: Fix migration and import for Billeo users.
* Add Help -> Problem Steps Recorder: runs Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder tool and attaches results to the ticket.
* Localization: change all RFS files to be in UTF-8 encoding.

Version 7.8.5 -- Dec 08, 2012
* Opera: fix RF installer, path problems.
* Firefox: fix FillFormsInWindow did not react to duplicated or sensitive fields.
* Fix in IE RoboForm does not work with pages that use Chrome Frame plugin.
* Workaround for saving credentials in
* Fix crash when system storage for Master Password is corrupted.
* Fix notification about expired Everywhere license.
* Fix enterprise product activations.
* Editor: fix assert when selecting Identity custom fields group in the navigator.
* Editor: fix bugs in Column View.
* Editor: fix crashes that may happen on Undo command.
* Editor: fix some issues in passcard display.
* Localization: convert all *.RFS files to UTF-8 encoding.

Version 7.8.4 -- Nov 16, 2012
* Opera: Fix RoboForm not working in Opera.
* Rf2Go: Fix Rf2Go can not attach to IE 64-bit on Windows x64.
* Chrome: fix RF may stop working completely after switching between Chrome profiles and reloading RF extension via Chrome Extension Manager.
* Chrome: fix Chrome Sign In form is not filled by RoboForm because it is not an html page.
* Firefox 16+: fix RF does not attach to new Firefox windows (popup or window from link).
* Windows 8: fix installation issues, fix RoboForm link on Windows Start Page.
* Start Page: speed up, fix small issues.
* Do not Auto-Logoff and Sync when 'Store Master Password in System Storage' is on.
* UI: fix some rare crashes, especially in Japanese UI.
* Matching Passcards: fix selection may not change after navigation within the same domain.
* AutoFill from Identities: speed it up.
* Add Enterprise policy OverridePoliciesForUserGroups and some others.
* Win 32: fix integration with UltraTax CS 2011.
* Win 32: fixes in scripted passcards.
* Public RF SDK: allow more functions to run in trial mode.
* Filler: fix wrong click on the link in
* Filler: fix problems at in Chrome.
* Filler: fix auto-submit problems on DirecTV site.

Version 7.8.3 -- Oct 02, 2012
* Editor: Add Summary View mode: select a folder, click Summary View button.
* Identity Editor: fix Western Australia (WA AU) changing to Washington (WA US).
* Automatically activate RF license when syncing with active Everywhere account.
* Fix RF creates new activation info passcard even if one already exists.
* Firefox: fix AutoSave does not work sometimes, it happens randomly.
* Firefox: fix AutoSave bar sometimes appears in the wrong tab.
* AutoSave Bar: fix OK button is not shown in some cases.
* AutoSave Bar: fix Virtual Keyboard popup does not close after clicking OK.
* AutoSave Bar: fix Folder selection button is redrawn with visual artifacts.
* Firefox 15+: fix FF may crash when pressing back/forward buttons during page loading.
* Firefox: fix text in AutoSave bar is partially transparent on light backgrounds.
* Firefox: fix RF shows 'access denied' message when switching on RF integration.
* Firefox: fix Add To Links command is present in Firefox but adds to IE favorite.
* Firefox: fix pure RF2Go does not inject into Firefox-based browser.
* Firefox: set max supported Firefox version to 20.
* Filler: fix Contact Us page and login for is very slow.
* Chrome: fix assert happens when AutoFill finds no visible inputs on the page.
* IE 10: fix RF does not fill user account name on in IE 10 (Win8).
* Chrome: make keyboard shortcuts work when there is no lower toolbar.
* Identity Minidialog: memorize instance selection even before Fill button is clicked.
* Chrome, Opera: fix RF not doing all checks for phishing and sensitive fields.
* Make RF attach to 64-bit processes from outside, used to be only 32-bit processes.
* Sync: fix Clear History command does not work - sync restores the erased history.
* Sync: fix if auto-sync is turned off, popup may come earlier than requested.
* Editors: fix minor bugs in editing, speed up Japanese text editing.
* Do not attach to Citi Virtual Account Numbers login box.
* Import: add import wizard screen showing results.
* Import: fix import of Chrome bookmarks, get all of them.

Version 7.8.2 -- Aug 29, 2012
* Fixed RF2Go installer showing time error message waiting for RF taskbar icon.
* AutoSave Bar: fix Back key navigates back, instead of deleting the last typed key.
* AutoSave Bar: fix passcard name input does not receive keyboard focus after clicking on it.
* Chrome: fix login on a Basic Auth passcard in Chrome may not work sometimes.
* Toolbar: fix showing passcard icon on toolbar, when toolbar is in text-only mode.

Version 7.8.1 -- Aug 24, 2012
* Security Improvement: increasing delay after entry of wrong Master Password.
* Security Improvement: zero-out freed memory, so that passwords do not get to page file.
* Windows 8: fix integration issues.
* Editor: fix moving keyboard focus by Tab key does not work.
* Editor: fix passwords are shown incorrectly in Passcard Editor, started from outside.
* MRU Sync: do not use GS sync to synchronize usage info, do direct download/upload instead.
* Sync, Start Page: Add option to sync Start Page.
* Sync: allow RF Everywhere password to have non-latin characters.
* Opera 12+: close opera_plugin_wrapper.exe process too, so that RF addon always installs.
* Fix Show Login Tip command in MiniDialog does not work.
* Fix Alt+Click does not force Save for a page with the only non-password field.
* Win7, BasicAuth: fix sometimes RF may not get real Basic Auth password.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix not filling passwords if RF Start page is shown in another tab.

Version 7.8.0 -- Aug 01, 2012
* Sync Most Recently Used (MRU) less often, not to overload the server.
* Sync: fix conflict notification with empty conflict dialog.
* Sync: do not show 'AutoSync was not started because of no MP' when only MRU is updated.
* Activation: check RF-EW subscription expiration and inform user if sub has been extended.
* Fix setting RoboForm Start Page from RF Options Dialog does close browsers.
* RF Menu: add Clear command to Most Popular list.
* Chrome: fix Alt-Z filling but not submitting.
* Chrome, Opera: fix toolbar visibility is not remembered in some cases.
* Chrome: fix RF does not work with Basic Auth in Chrome ver 20.
* Win32: Fix 'Fill Non Empty Fields' checkbox is shown in Win32 Passcard MiniDialog.
* Popup Toolbar: fix mouse wheel does not scroll Search Options shows from Search Box.
* Fix some rare crashes, esp. on bad time values.
* Editor: fix editor display issues in Identities and Contacts.
* Menus: make them open on the left for Right-To-Left languages.

Version 7.7.9 -- July 14, 2012
* Sync: sync Most Recently Used and Most Popular passcard lists between computers.
* Sync: if only MRU and MostPop has changed, do a delayed sync (by 15 min) for them.
* Sync: fix automatic sync request breaks the already running sync.
* Sync: Add User actions and Sync actions to log created by Analyze.
* Firefox: fix RF Toolbar disappears after used once in Firefox when Firebug is present.
* Firefox: RoboForm toolbar always disappears when restarting FF 13.
* Firefox: fix Login/Goto command may not work sometimes right after browser start.
* Firefox: fix RF search history list in Firefox 13 does not work.
* Firefox Basic Auth: fix Roboform window closes in Firefox after HTTP AUTH bug.
* Firefox, Chrome, Opera: show grey version of Logoff icon in RF toolbar.
* Chrome: fix Popup Toolbar disappears after appearing if keyboard focus was in address bar.
* Chrome: use manifest ver 2, not ver 1.
* Chrome: Fix the icon shown on RF button in Chrome toolbar does not reflect status of RF.
* Chrome, Popup Toolbar: fix popup toolbar window is not closed sometimes.
* Chrome, Firefox: fix problems related to login.
* Chrome: fix GoFill cycling sometimes.
* Opera 12: make RoboForm work in Opera 12.
* Opera: make RF popup toolbar work in Opera too (was in Chrome only).
* Opera 12, Chrome: do not set their windows as owner of RF windows.
* Opera: use XML parser, so that we can install into user-changed XML.
* Win32: do not attach to Adobe AIR windows, nothing to fill there.
* Win32: fix RF Win32 toolbar does not appear sometimes on a new window with form.
* Win32: fix RF toolbar does not appear for popup dialogs shown by a privileged process.
* Win32: fix RF toolbar can not fill Win32 window of a privileged process.
* Editor: add the 'Skype to' button for the phone and Skye ID fields.
* Fix Login Tip window of a tab stays visible after switching to another tab.
* Add Show Login Tip command into the passcard menu after Fill command;
* Fix when saving SearchCard existing SearchCards are not shown.
* Search Box (stand-alone): fix all SafeNote commands in drop-up search options list do not work.
* Fix RF sometimes did not warn about Sensitive fields and Duplicated fields.
* Do not pin/unpin plain-text passcards in Most Popular list.
* AutoFill: check that a page URL matches given passcard/identity, to prevent phishing.
* AutoSave bar: make Enter key work properly.
* Fix RoboForm2Go forgets proxy settings.
* Fix OpenSaveFile dialog locks selected folder so it can not be renamed or deleted.

Version 7.7.8 -- June 04, 2012
* Start Page: Add 'Remove from Most Popular/Start Page' to context menu.
* Installer: add separate installer page for the Start Page.
* Fix form filling issues and crashes.
* Sync: fix state file may be deleted if sync was not done for more than 1 week.
* Sync: sync logs are now uploaded on RFO server, for better diagnostics.
* Fix crashes in import from Windows Address Book on Vista.
* Fix copy/paste of selected passcards from one folder to another may break MRU / Popular lists.
* Search Box: fix crash when there are some special chars at the end of the search string.
* Win32: fix can not find matching passcards for application exe if there are dots in its name.
* Switch to using 4-digit version number, to allow for internal releases.
* Fix plain-text (unencrypted) passcard file is automatically rewritten
  into garbled format on first use when RF stores site icon into the passcard.
* Switch to using 2-byte UNICODE strings on Mac.
* Firefox: fix AutoFill of Firefox accepts invisible fields, it should not.
* Chrome: improve GoFill/Login implementation, do full IE-style algorithm.

Version 7.7.7 -- May 17, 2012
* Chrome: fix RoboForm Popup Toolbar does not work in Chrome 19.
* Opera: fix RF toolbar button is always disabled after first install.
* RoboForm Start Page: offer to make RF Start Page browser's home page in installer.
* Start Page: save the user's previous Start Page as a RoboForm Bookmark.
* Start Page: add context menu to RF start page Logins (passcards).
* Chrome: change defaults to: Popup Toolbar - On, Lower Toolbar - Off.
* Chrome, Opera: implement AutoFill for passcards.
* Firefox: speed up AutoFill using the same scheme as for Chrome.
* AutoFill: fix AutoFill window blinks when first shown.
* Chrome, Firefox: fix some form filling issues.
* Win32: fix form filling in Skype for Business Manager.
* Import: fix for import from Firefox to the user-specified folders.
* Sync: fix bugs that caused conflicts in some cases.

Version 7.7.6 -- Apr 27, 2012
* RoboForm Start Page: put Most Popular Logins and Bookmarks on your browser Home Page.
* RoboForm Start Page: RF installer puts it into all RF browsers, if you check Start Page in it.
* RoboForm Start Page: add Start Page options tab, to control counts and layout of the start page.
* Chrome: Popup Toolbar: do not attach toolbar at the bottom, instead hang it from the RF button.
* Chrome Popup Toolbar can be Horizontal or Vertical, switched by the icon on the right.
* Fix After saving a bookmark it does not become most popular the first time.
* Fix Roboform does not save site icons that have MIME type application/octet-stream.
* Chrome ver 16 and up: some APIs have changed, switch to new APIs.
* Chrome: fix RF works only in one browser profile and does not work in the others.
* Fix RoboForm toolbar does not appear in Sleipnir.
* Sync: fix syncing of passcards with Japanese names that have 4-byte hieroglyphs.
* IE: fix after installation RF toolbar is not moved to separate line when it should.
* Win32: fix saving passwords in Acrobat Reader, when low integrity process is used.
* Win32: fix RF can crash National Instruments Ultiboard 12 because of MSAA.
* Print List: fix old-style PrintList failed to save file as html.
* Import from Opera: fix crash when decoding Opera password manager data.
* Language List in Options: show native names, not English.

Version 7.7.5 -- Mar 30, 2012
* Chrome: initial implementation of popup toolbar, to replace lower toolbar.
* You can turn on new toolbar in addon options: right click RF button, select Options.
* Chrome, Opera: add options page: right click RF button, select Options.
* Fix Alt + Click does not save login information sometimes.
* RF IE addon: speed up loading of RoboForm into Internet Explorer.
* RF Firefox: addon speed up loading of RoboForm into Firefox.
* Firefox: speed up loading multiple tabs when AutoFill is On.
* Firefox: fix Sync mini-dialog is not closed when the Sync button is clicked.
* Remove the EnforceWholeLine options, do it automatically when needed.
* RF installer now always goes through Setup except version update.
* Fix selection of identity instances is lost after reinstall.
* Fix sometimes Sync dialog appears in foreground but does not take focus.
* Fix Email Send dialog appears in background, behind the caller window.
* Fix not showing Login tips for passcard that have them.
* Fix Password Generator auto-hides when trying to edit special characters field.
* Sync: add Rename/Move actions section into the sync analysis view.
* Sync: fix pressing of 'Enter' key closes Sync dialog.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix form filling issues on several sites.
* IE: fix crash on some toolbar chevron uses.
* Search List: fix flicker and slow updates.
* Fix parallel form filling in several tabs (several threads), usually try mode.
* Fix opening of service (help) URLs: open them in the same browser as current.
* Firefox: fix Basic Auth when moz-proxy protocol is used.
* Win32: fix RF shows 'passcard name is empty' error box.
* Print List: fix bugs in layout and add localization.
* Fix menu sometimes overlaps its parent button.

Version 7.7.4 -- Mar 03, 2012
* Fix pure RF2Go may crash Firefox when injecting.
* Fix New Version Check command does not work in Chrome/Opera.
* Fix crash is possible in AutoFill dialog timer event handler.
* Fix problems related to Ad Muncher addon being present.

Version 7.7.3 -- Feb 29, 2012
* Fix Search box blinks on each click or key press.
* Speedup browsing in all browsers, especially Firefox and Chrome.
* Do not open several RF Master Password windows when not logged in.
* Firefox: reduce number of frame re-attaches to speed up browsing.
* Chrome: fix crashes caused by RF in some sequences.
* Chrome: fix too many GDI resources are consumed by RF not allowing to have a lot of tabs.
* Win32: fix RF toolbar may be shown in wrong z-order for a process running as admin.
* Win32: fix RF Win32 toolbar does not appear sometimes, due to PBTipIcon windows.
* Add to the list of social plugins, so that it does not match on all pages.
* Fix Logins menu shown from RF toolbar sometimes overlaps the button or entire toolbar.
* Fix RF installer cannot close passwordgenerator.exe.
* Update process list when user presses Back and Forward in Closing Applications.
* Fix RoboForm does not report sync errors.

Version 7.7.2 -- Feb 17, 2012
* Fix some asserts and crashes found in the release 7.7.1.
* All ver 7.7.1 users must upgrade to ver 7.7.2.

Version 7.7.1 -- Feb 16, 2012
* Installer: elevate Standard (Limited) user.
* Installer: fix 'All Users' flag ignored, if installed from Standard user.
* Installer: Fix does not close IE download manager when RF was downloaded.
* Reduce number of frameset dispatcher messages, to speed browsing with RF installed.
* Matching Passcards list: minimize number of rebuilds for this list.
* New reference counting system, to prevent crashes.
* Firefox, Chrome, Opera: speed up form filling and browsing.
* Firefox, Chrome, Opera: fix form filling issues found by users.
* Firefox: fix RF toolbar ignores the "Show Logins and Bookmarks together" setting.
* Firefox: show number of highlighted words next to the highlighter button in RF toolbar.
* Firefox: show Hide Toolbar command in the RoboForm menu of RF toolbar in Firefox.
* Firefox: fix copyright string in RF plugin DLL.
* Firefox: fix showing popup box on entering MP from passcard opened from RF search box.
* Firefox: fix Hide Toolbar command does not work.
* Firefox: fix floating toolbar is shown automatically in browser full screen mode.
* Firefox: set max supported Firefox version to 12.0.
* Fix Firefox addon is installed even if it was unchecked in Browser Integration setup page.
* Firefox: fix RF AutoSave bar and AutoFill window overlap Firefox bookmarks panel.
* Firefox: fix RF installer can not work with Firefox profile named with non-latin chars.
* Opera: fix in some Opera installations RF can not install addon into Opera in limited account.
* Firefox, Chrome, Opera: improve detection of alternative browsers based on these.
* Firefox: fix crashes caused by reentrancy.
* Search Box: Fix search options list is updated on each key press, too often.
* Search: replace MSN Search with Bing Search.
* Print List: new Print List formatting.
* Integrate new Sync algorithm from GoodSync ver 9.0.7.
* New code sign certificate from Comodo.

Version 7.7.0 -- Jan 17, 2012
* Firefox: fix crash on Fill & Submit, when FF shows warning about sending unprotected data.
* Firefox, Chrome, Opera: fix form fillings issues.
* Firefox: Fix open and close of Firefox toolbar customization dialog forces RF toolbar to appear even if it was previously hidden.
* Opera: fix RF can not install Opera adapter in some cases.
* Opera: fix can not install/uninstall Opera adapter under limited user.
* IE 9: cleanup IE use statistics on install, to fix speed complaints.
* Add 'Renew RoboForm Everywhere' item into RoboForm 'Help' menu.
* Fix when RF2Go is installing and it offers to upgrade old RF Fixed version, it cannot do it.
* Fix in some cases RF can not access User Data folder located on mapped network drive.
* Fix RF crashes after Fill&Submit from RF Toolbar if user has more than 10 logins for free.
* Fix if FillWithoutAsking then RF may fill a Win32 form several times even when user is typing.
* Manual Sync warning: show an option to remind in: 1/3/7/ days, 1/2/4 weeks.

Version 7.6.9
* Chrome: fix Chrome integration, broken in 7.6.8.

Version 7.6.8
* Add 'Renew RoboForm Everywhere' item into RoboForm 'Help' menu.
* Save dialog: propose variants of new name based on page URL and on page title.
* AutoSave: add a variant of proposed name based on domain and user id.
* Fix AutoSave bar with password request is closed without saving when Enter is pressed.
* Rf2Go: fix pure Rf2Go does not detach from IE when RF TBI closes.
* Sync: Run automatic sync when 'Automatic Sync' option is turned on.
* IE: Fix RoboForm prevents sending email on Outlook Web Access sites.
* Opera: fix RF does not work in Opera on 64-bit Windows.
* MaxThon: fix MaxThon 3 does not load IE extensions anymore.
* Avant: Fix user cannot close lower RF Toolbar permanently in Avant.
* Fix rare crashes in RF-Firefox and other browser integration.
* Firefox: fix forced save happens only if navigation is detected after the click.
* Firefox: switch RF to using Gecko SDK ver 9 as it is now official.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix form filing bugs on some sites.
* Block RF timers during form filling, so that RF update may not happen when filling.
* Block RF timers while in JS, to avoid possible recursivity.
* Add import from SplashID.
* Fix Set Default command does not work from an existing login's context menu.
* Fix Virtual Keyboard button letters are unreadable when system fonts are large.
* Fix errors in menu pagination.
* Password Generator: fix several small bugs.

Version 7.6.7
* Internet Explorer: support 64-bit mode, finally.
* IE addons: improve presentation of RoboForm components.
* AOL client: fix Basic Authentication handling.
* Installer: fix Can not create Start Menu folder, error: Access Denied.
* Installer: do not make its window always on top.
* Win32 apps: fix RoboForm toolbar not appearing in some cases.
* Editor: fix initial setting of focus.
* Sync: Add AutoSync option. If Off then Sync is manual, by Sync button.
* Add warning about AutoSync being turned off, appears after 1 day off.
* Sync: make icons in sync results different from Analyze results.
* Fix Firefox hangs if Highlight is clicked on toolbar and search box is empty.
* Firefox: fix mouse wheel does not scroll RF Search List.
* Chrome: fix RF addon can not be installed into non-default Chrome users.
* Import: fix folder selection buttons do not work in import dialog.
* UI: improve tables toolkit drawing, to increase smoothness of UI.

Version 7.6.6
* Fix RoboForm does not work with BasicAuth dialog in AOL Desktop 9.6 on Windows 7.
* Fix Firefox hangs up if clicking Highlight button on toolbar if search box is empty.
* Fix crash of License Expiration Warning dialog.
* Do not warn about license expiration when valid license is present.
* Fix bugs in license renewal.

Version 7.6.5
* Firefox: fix RoboForm does not fill in basic auth prompt for sock5 server.
* Firefox, Chrome: multiple small form filler fixes.
* Firefox: fix RF toolbar resizers sometimes sometimes are not shown or do not work.
* Firefox: fix some Firefox themes may override RF toolbar.
* Firefox: fix AutoFill dialog may appear and then immediately disappear on a page with frames.
* Firefox: fix tab switching may be slow sometimes.
* Firefox: fix rare crashes on shutdown.
* Firefox: Make Highlight button work in Firefox.
* Chrome, Opera: add filler localization.
* Fix a number of memory and resource leaks.
* Implement license check and update.
* Fix Sync dialog is not moved to foreground when clicking Sync after previous sync has completed.
* Fix UI colors are wrong in High Contrast Mode.
* Fix crash on some sites in modal AutoSave mode when downloading site icon.
* Fix crash on Creating Identity command when no RF data folder is present.
* Make RoboForm work in Avant 2012.
* Fix menu was closed when we need to changed enabled status.

Version 7.6.4
* Installer: fix sometimes IE9 leaves processes after all IE window have been closed.
* Firefox, Chrome: speed up page analysis and form filling.
* Firefox, Chrome: improve form filling quality.
* Firefox, Chrome: Fix does not fill on
* Firefox, Chrome: Fix value change is detected incorrectly for textarea.
* Firefox, Chrome: add form filler localization.
* Firefox: fix Identity MiniDialog does not appear on mouse-over after ID number change.
* Firefox: fix matching passcards button is not updated when a tab is moved to another window.
* Firefox: fix toolbar search box value is shared among all tabs.
* Installer: show specific warning for Firefox 3, why RF does not integrate.
* Add suppress checkbox to 'RoboForm cannot find Submit button' message.
* Installer, Chrome: fix not seeing Google Chrome Browser.
* Editor: add 'Convert to Bookmark' command to More menu of Passcard View.
* SaveForms: offer to save Bookmark by command RF Menu -> Bookmarks -> New.
* Fix GoTo command from Login's context menu always uses the same window.
* Fix Sync setup for change of the RF Everywhere account.
* Fix menu can be drawn incorrectly if it is quickly shown and hidden few times.
* Fingerprints: fix RF does not unregister from FP notification.
* Editor: Fix artifacts appearing in navigator after dropping into a collapsed folder.
* Editor: set wordwrap mode for multiline edit boxes.
* Import: fix Contact country is detected incorrectly in some cases.

Version 7.6.3
* Firefox: fix matching passcards button may show passcards for previous page.
* Firefox/Chrome: fix unresponsive script error when clicking on element.
* Firefox: set max supported Firefox version to 11.
* Firefox/Chrome/Opera: fix Alt+R shortcut does not work.
* Firefox/Chrome/Opera: fix Show Toolbar command from TB icon.
* Firefox: fix rightmost RF toolbar items may stay visible after switching RF profile.
* Firefox: fix Login on a passcard from RoboForm Online web page does not work.
* Firefox: fix Password generated if my pointer passes over Generate button.
* Firefox: fix selective form filling when Fill&Submit is pressed.
* Firefox: make 'RoboForm' command in Firefox context menu toggle RF toolbar.
* Firefox: fix Alt+X or Alt+C keyboard shortcuts.
* Firefox: switch to using Gecko 8.0 SDK.
* Fix form filling problems.
* IE9: fix AutoFill dialog hides immediately after creation if AutoHide option is set.
* IE: fix selective Form Filler operations may reset selection.
* Opera: fix not finding Opera plugins folder.
* Fix search argument prompt dialog may not appear.
* Fix Search in This Window/Search in New Window commands.
* Fix '(passcards)' text is shown on matching passcards in icons only mode.
* Fix some gif/jpeg site icons are shown upside-down.
* Enterprise: Fix identities.exe -setmp command.
* Fix Clear History command in password history dropdown list keeps clipboard.
* Bookmarks: fix Goto command may not work properly.
* Fix layout of SearchCard arguments prompt dialog.
* Better Search Box and SearchCard integration.
* Delete SPS Master Password file when user 'Removes Master Password'.

Version 7.6.2
* Chrome: fix login on a passcard sometimes stops after navigation.
* Firefox/Chrome/Opera: speed up adapter in regular browsing.
* Firefox: fixed crashes related to using own build of Gecko SDK - use official build.
* Firefox: fix AutoFill does not appear for tabs open in background.
* Firefox: fix filling from identity may not work sometimes.
* Firefox: fix selective form filling may not work in release build.
* Firefox: fix customized toolbar positioning on browser restart.
* Firefox: show ampersand in file names correctly.
* Firefox: fix monochrome site icons are not drawn in RF toolbar.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix keyboard shortcuts not working on some keyboard layouts.
* Firefox, Chrome: do not scroll browser to fields being filled.
* Chrome: fix sometimes Basic Auth dialog is not filled.
* Fix installer always opens IE instead of default browser on WinXP or Win7 without UAC.
* Installer: do not offer to install RoboForm 7.5 into Firefox 3 and older.
* IE 9: fix pressing of ALT after RF processed keyboard shortcut calls RF.
* Do not show SearchCards in recently used and most popular lists.
* Fix crash on corrupted site icon.
* Fix text can not be selected using the mouse in some edit boxes.
* Fix for Comcast login, taken from RF ver 6.
* Editor: fix layout in Custom fields tab.

Version 7.6.1
* Chrome: fix dropdown menus of web page may appear behind the browser window.
* Chrome: fix sometimes first login on a passcard in a window fails.
* Chrome, Opera: fix RF autoupdate not working.
* Firefox: fix crash in JS shutdown function.
* Firefox: fix crashes when RF2Go detaches from Firefox.
* Firefox + Rf2Go: fix handling of Basic Authentication.
* Firefox: fix mini-dialogs are positioned incorrectly when browser window is not active.
* Firefox: implement Search History dropdown, selection search.
* Firefox: fix protected passcards are not shown in AutoFill dialog until MP is entered.
* Firefox, Chrome: several form filling fixes.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix FillForms does not work for Identity with World Region not set.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix Passcards not saving radio button values.
* Internet Explorer: issue warning about presence of McAfee Site Advisor that crashes IE.
* Sync: fix no initial sync when Master Password is stored in SPS.
* Editor: fix texts in Editor are not updated after RF Language has been changed.
* Fix bugs in Password Generator related to positioning.

Version 7.5.7
* Firefox: fix crash introduced in RF ver 7.5.6.
* Firefox: fix Matching Passcards button sometimes is not updated.
* Firefox: fix right click on an empty space of RF toolbar shows nothing.
* Fix Matching Passcard button site icon is reverted back to generic icon.
* Fix 'fill empty fields' flag for identity was not handled, for 'select' elements.
* Enterprise License: fix activation from MSI package.
* Enterprise: fix storing Master Password in SPS from command line.
* Discontinue support of Windows 2000.

Version 7.5.6
* McAfee Site Advisor crashes RoboForm, because they corrupt ref count. Try to get around it.
* Enterprise: Fix Master Password recovery.
* Chrome: implement Basic Authentication dialog save and fill.
* Opera: fix Fill&Submit does not work in Opera.
* Firefox: fix customized toolbar position may be lost sometimes.
* Firefox, Chrome: implement selective form filling (fills selected document range).
* Firefox, Chrome, Opera: multiple miscellaneous form filler fixes.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix phone prefixes were not added to phones fields.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix password field was cleared before clicking submit button.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix auto-fill without asking sometimes works even when turned off.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix not working on
* Firefox, Chrome: fix not firing key press events.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix SaveForms always thinks that there are changed fields.
* Firefox, Chrome: pass identity options to JS form filler.
* Firefox: fix warnings in Error console about incorrect value on 'min-width'.
* Firefox: fix AutoSave on multi-frame web pages.
* Firefox: fix Set/Reset/Clear fields command does not handle forms in iframes.
* Firefox: opening link in Firefox from external program produces error message 'file not found'.
* Firefox: do not require Firefox program name to be firefox.exe.
* Firefox: bump up supported versions to 10.
* Fix RoboForm Virtual Keyboard: Clicking edge of any key does not type in a char clicked.
* Firefox: fix RF installer/setup sometime may not force refresh of RF addon.
* AutoSave: fix crashes on certain sequences.

Version 7.5.5
* Firefox + Rf2Go: fix crashes related to unloading of RoboForm2Go from Firefox.
* Firefox + Rf2Go: fix problems related to unloading of old cached XPI from Firefox.
* Firefox: extend supported versions to Firefox 8.

Version 7.5.4
* Firefox: fix Fill & Submit from Identities.
* Firefox: fix Cannot find Submit button.
* Firefox: fix not filling some German forms from Identity.
* Firefox: fix filling of multi-line addresses.
* Installer: fix waiting for locked files that are mapped.
* Firefox, etc: Fix crashes.
* Firefox: fix Only Text Labels, No Icons toolbar option.
* Firefox: fix Alt+Click to force AutoSave.
* Firefox: fix floating toolbar may appear for a popup window even if RF JS toolbar is visible.
* Firefox: fix AutoSave bar does not disappear when switching to another tab.
* Fix detection of RF keyboard shortcuts on non-English keyboards.
* Fix matching passcard button shows wrong passcard after deletion in Matching Passcards.
* Rf2Go: fix attachment after user called FillForms/SaveForms from RF tray icon.
* Firefox: fix toolbar appearance: main button width, toolbar height with big icons.
* Chrome, Opera: propagate all JS form filler fixes from Firefox.
* SDK: fix Cannot load/save safenotes, as file extension is handled incorrectly.
* Fix language list sorting, do it by display name.

Version 7.5.3
* Firefox: fix forms with right captions are filled incorrectly.
* AutoFill, AutoSave: fix Matching Passcards list computation.
* Fix crash on any click on and other sites with broken icons.
* Firefox: make AutoFill work again in the new Adapter.
* Firefox: fix crashes on some cites at closing of Basic Auth dialog.
* Firefox: fix Customize Toolbar dialog.
* Firefox: fix saving of favicons.
* Firefox: click of Search Box selects text in this box, as in other browsers.
* Firefox: do not create lower toolbar (even invisible) if not needed.

Version 7.5.2
* Firefox: fix site icon size problems.
* Firefox: eliminate text bubble when user clicks the Logins icon.
* Firefox: fix buttons label text is not shown if RF toolbar is customized.
* Firefox: fix size of customized toolbar is fixed, it can not be resized.
* Firefox: fix shortcut processing.
* Firefox: fix some more crashes.
* Sync: bring the sync window to foreground.
* Opera: fix uninstall of Opera adapter.
* Options: fix changing of 'Default Action for Passcard Files' setting.
* Enterprise: add a policy to specify company's own RoboForm Everywhere server.

Version 7.5.1
* Fix crash in RoboForm2Go starter on Windows XP.
* Firefox: fix appearance of mini-dialogs in wrong places.
* Firefox: fix Firefox closing on and similar sites.
* Firefox: Firefox 3 now is not supported, new Adapter supports Firefox 4 to 7.

Version 7.5.0
* Firefox: Brand new Firefox Adapter based on JS, provides better integration with Firefox.
* Firefox: Add support for Firefox 7, now support will be automatic for all new Firefox versions.
* Firefox: Remove old XPCOM-based binary Adapter.
* Firefox: now all themes and personas are supported by new RoboForm Adapter.
* Firefox: implement external attachment of new Adapter to Firefox for RoboForm2Go.
* Firefox: retrieve site icons from Firefox database, for Passcard icons.
* Master Password: new scheme to enforce the same Master Password for all passcards.
* RoboForm Everywhere: Improve embedded synchronizer, based on latest GoodSync.
* Everywhere Sync: fix crash in conflict resolution.
* Licenses: do not drop old RF Everywhere activation, from versions 7.0.0 to 7.3.2.
* Fix detaching of RF Watcher from some windows on shutdown.
* Fix integration of RoboForm with Lunascape, related to RF Watcher.
* Allow domain equivalence for IP addresses in URLs.
* Fix form filling bugs in JS form filler.
* Fix integration with Digital Persona, it can fill RF Master Password now.
* Editor: fix bad scrolling of Custom Fields.
* Fix crash in email sender.
* Fix keyboard shortcut recognition, was not working for some key combos.

Version 7.4.2
* Firefox 6: fix uncaught exception messages happening in rfhelper32.js.
* Opera: fix RoboForm not showing up in second window.
* Fix Sometimes Roboform installer requests reboot when not needed.
* Fix integration with Digital Persona, filling Master Password by it.
* Fix Upgrade dialog not working in Offline mode.
* Save Forms dialog: fix Proposed passcard name is shown scrolled to the left.
* Editor: make CTRL+A select the entire text.
* Fix crash in RoboForm Everywhere account creation.
* Fix Search in New Window.
* Fix filling login forms in, etc by JS form filler (Chrome, Safari).
* Fix iTunes does not work when RF TaskBarIcon is running, add exclusion for it.
* Update license agreement to reflect licensing changes.

Version 7.4.1
* Adapter for Firefox 6.0.
* Fix Enterprise license activation.

Version 7.4.0

Installer and Licensing Changes:
* Merge RoboForm Everywhere and RoboForm Desktop installers into simply RoboForm.
* Synchronization via RoboForm Everywhere (Online) account is now a software option.
* RF Everywhere license can activate RF on several computers of the same user, no syncing required.
* Synchronization requires RoboForm Everywhere license.
* RoboForm2Go license allows running RF2Go on one USB key, with or without synchronization.
* New Activation dialog and Activation sequence: RF goes directly to server, not via browser.

Chrome and Opera:
* Chrome: Fix favicons are not saved in Chrome.
* Chrome: fix monitoring of document status.
* Chrome, Opera: better detection of when page loading ends.
* Chrome, Opera: fix Fill command of Password Generator dialog does not work.
* Chrome, Opera: reduce memory consumption, load RF only into frames where it's needed.
* Chrome, Opera: fix custom fields do not work.
* Chrome: fix No toolbar in popup windows.
* Chrome: fix RF toolbar may not match to current page.
* Chrome, Opera: fix bugs in form filler.
* Opera: Fix RoboForm installer can not find Opera browser program folder sometimes.
* Fix $AnyValueHere$ field still fills.
* Fix clicking of Submit buttons.
* Save/Fill new HTML-5 email fields.

* Options dialog now runs un-elevated, elevation happens only when needed.
* Fix mini-dialog does not disappear automatically sometimes.
* Fix tooltip gets stuck even when its underlying window disappears.
* Remove synchronization pre-pass that was dealing with smpenc.rfo.
* AutoSave: when saving over existing Login (Passcard), do not offer to save as Bookmark.
* Fix sync does not start automatically after forced save (Alt+Click).
* Fix bug in detection of default browser on Vista/Window-7.
* Expand width of Passcard Mini-Dialog window so that long passcard names are not truncated.
* Fix login on a passcard always opens new window in IE if protected mode is On.
* Fix Login from the taskbar always opens new browser window.
* Fix '&' symbol is not shown in virtual keyboard.
* Add current input language indicator next to password input box.
* Fix Editor Navigator pane and Mini-Dialogs are white on white in high contrast theme.

Version 7.3.2
* Firefox 5: add support for Firefox 5.

Version 7.3.1
* Opera: new RoboForm Adapter works better, faster and does not crash.
* Opera/Chrome: RF toolbar visibility is now remembered between browser runs.
* Opera/Chrome: Remove console output from release build.
* Update Master Password: misc fixes.
* Background Sync: fix background sync does not report sync errors.
* RoboForm Everywhere Setup: misc fixes.
* Rework URL open functions, Login options should work better now.

Version 7.3.0
* Chrome: new RoboForm Adapter works faster and does not crash.
* Master Password Change dialog: new implementation, works much better.
* Master Password: allow Digital Persona to fill our Master Password.
* IE 7: fix hiding of lower toolbar is not memorized and it appears on restart.
* Sync: show errors in Sync in balloon.
* Sync: remove extra sync after activation.
* Firefox: Fix SaveForms/FillForms commands are directed to wrong tab.
* Win32: fix filling password in WindowsForms-based applications.
* Always start RF taskbar icon with standard integrity level.
* Fix import from Outlook notes.

Version 7.2.9
* GUI: improve Master Password request dialog.
* GUI: redesign Send by Email dialog.
* GUI: Fix mini-dialog does not disappear immediately when called by keyboard shortcut.
* Fix export to IE favorites.
* Sync: make WinInet option really work, fix proxy issues.
* Fix Thunderbird does not open .RFP files attached to email in RF.
* Editor: fix Copy Text from Safenote does not add it to MRU List.
* Editor: preserve 'Always on top' flag between RF Editor runs.
* Editor: fix protect/unprotect menu items.
* Win32: fix incorrect save/fill of edit controls in VB6-based applications.
* Win32: fix attaching to SAP when MSHTML is present in it.
* Fix form filling on certain forms.
* Fix crashes.

Version 7.2.8
* Rf2Go: fix infinite run of PortableRoboForm.exe closer.
* Rf2Go: new icons.
* Firefox: draw default RF Toolbar background if background drawn by Firefox is dark.
* Sync: improve proxy authentication and server authorization.
* Sync: Fix recovery from bad RF Everywhere license files.
* Basic Auth AutoSave: show previous AutoSave dialog when new one comes up.
* Fix crashes.

Version 7.2.7
* Chrome: fix runtime error R6034, cause by lack of manifest.
* Chrome/Opera: fix missing NSPR4.DLL error.
* Opera: fix detection when Opera is installed for a single user.
* Sync: implement transactional Analyze + Sync.
* Sync: come forward when conflicts or errors are detected.
* Sync: add WinInet option for Sync settings, for complex proxies.
* Sync: add to Sync menu: Delete Recycle Bin, Remove Locks, Delete State.
* Sync: add turning Sync On/Off from Sync menu. Changes Desktop/Everywhere license too.
* Win32: fix crashes related to looking into windows via Accessibility API.
* RoboForm2Go: new splash window, new icons.
* New Master Password request dialog.
* Fingerprints: detect UPEK device from IE in Protected mode.
* Fingerprints: fix device detection.
* AutoFill: fix passcards order in AutoFill window depends on field values.
* Form filling: increased phones length for Haiti and Morocco.

Version 7.2.6
* Chrome: fix more crashes caused by re-enterability.
* Firefox: let browser catch crashes when RoboForm is not on the stack.
* Opera: add native RoboForm extension for Opera, installed by RF installer.
* Opera: fix RoboForm extension was not installed properly into paths with non-latin chars.
* Win32: fix freeze in iTunes when Basic Auth window comes up.
* Win32: add Windows Applications tab to options, used to exclude apps from RF integration.
* Win32: add flag to installer that allows to turn off RF in Windows applications.
* Win32: fix Outlook integration.
* Win32: fix selecting second passcard cannot be done when in Skype.
* Fix bugs when passcard is saved over existing bookmark and vice versa.
* Save Forms: test new file name correctness.
* Save Forms: Fix forced save does not work web page without password fields.
* Save Forms: show Save Forms dialog on Alt+Click, not AutoSave toolbar.
* Identity Editor: add vertical scroll bar and world wrap for multiline fields.
* SafeNote Editor: fix when safenote is more then 64K then it is trimmed.
* Sync Setup: fix sometime request of Master Password appears without edit box.
* Watcher: fix crashes and asserts.
* Fix Tools->Search Files->Clear History does not work.
* 2Go: fix Everywhere + 2Go not properly indicated in Help -> About.
* Add welcome popup for new users, as in ver 6.
* Add import from 1Password.
* UI: improve Chinese translation.
* Identity form fill: add Jamaica country.

Version 7.2.5
* Chrome: Finally fix Pure Virtual Function Call bug and crashes.
* Chrome: make main RoboForm button switch RF toolbar on and off.
* Firefox: fix showing all RF context menu items, show only selected items.
* Firefox: fix XUL initialization when other addons are present.
* Internet Explorer: do not show Floating toolbar if RF toolbar is disabled.
* Speed up reading of user data files by RoboForm, noticeable on non-local drives.
* Win32: fix crashes when attaching to VB6 applications.
* Fix cycling in crash catcher.
* Identities: add formats for Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Paraguay, Jamaica.
* Improve Chinese and Russian translations of UI.

Version 7.2.3
* Chrome: Fix RoboForm missing Submit buttons.
* Added Adapter for SeaMonkey 2.0.

Version 7.2.2
* Chrome: speed up on pages with huge forms such as
* Chrome: fix Auto-Submit on pages such as
* Firefox: if JS toolbar is shown, always show full toolbar on top of it.
* Firefox: remove obsolete icons from browser context menu.
* Fix integrity check of RoboForm, so that corrupted RoboForm DLL is detected.
* RF Everywhere: increase max allowed interval between syncs from 7 days to 30 days.
* IE: show lower toolbar on popup windows, such as login at
* ALT+click now forces non-modal AutoSave toolbar, not modal Auto-Save dialog.
* Win32: fix crashes when integrating with SAP application.
* Installer: fix does not automatically close processes when doing silent install.
* Enterprise: make EXE and MSI installers more silent.
* Enterprise: fix bugs in MSI installer, when installed from group policy.
* Import: add import of passcards from Norton Identity Safe CSV file.
* Editor: allow pulling selection onto Identity summary fields.
* Editor: fix squares at the end of the lines.
* Editor: fix clicking fingerprint icon shown Cannot load DLL message.

Version 7.2.0
* Firefox 3: fix Cannot Initialize RoboForm bug.
* Firefox 3: fix app version comparison in chrome.

Version 7.1.9
* Firefox 3 and 4: fix RoboForm Adapter installer.
* Firefox: fix toolbar visibility issues.
* Firefox: fix detection of context menu items for non-English languages.
* Chrome: fix errors in GMail and other AJAX sites.
* Chrome: add support for Chrome ver 10 DEV.
* Win32: fix crashes on pages that are writing in VB 6.
* Fix crash in Slim Browser.
* Editor: add RoboForm -> View -> Status bar that shows modification time, encryption type.
* Editor: add RoboForm -> View -> Always On Top flag.
* Editor: disable drag-and-drop operation if the source is the same control.
* Editor: fix Undo after drag-and-drop.
* Editor: make Copy Home and Jump Home commands more prominent when in non-RF folders.

Version 7.1.8
* Firefox 4: fix browser integration and toolbar visibility persistence problems.
* Firefox 4 beta 10: fix version number compare.
* Firefox: fix opening multiple tabs at once shows toolbar only for the first tab.
* Firefox and Chrome: show correct RoboForm Adapter version in Addons/Extensions.
* Add RoboForm -> Sync menu for easy access to Sync functionality and sub-commands.
* Prohibit accented and foreign characters in RF Everywhere account password.
* New User Interface for Import and Export.
* Fix 'AutoLogoff on Standby or Hibernation' setting does not work on Vista and Windows 7.
* Fix rare crash when filling from mini-dialog after master password request.
* Better distinguish between RoboForm Desktop and Everywhere in version info and other places.
* Editor: fix Custom Fields tab was not scrolled correctly when fields are multiline.
* Chrome/Opera: added some fixes for accessing documents in IFrames.
* RoboForm Enterprise: fix online activation.
* Win32: avoid some complex windows using AA, to prevent crashes: iTunes, etc.
* Win32: fix attaching to password windows in Quicken 2009 and later.
* Win32: fix crash in attaching to Windows Presentation Foundation window.

Version 7.1.7
* All browsers: remove option to show Upper or Lower toolbar, RoboForm now decides by itself which one to show. It uses Upper toolbar where available (IE, Firefox), Lower toolbar where not available (Chrome, Opera).
* All browsers: Fix crash in AutoSave.
* Firefox 3: Fix RF toolbar does not track active tab, incorrectly positioned.
* Firefox 4: Fix all AutoFill windows are shown, not just one for the current tab.
* Firefox 4: Fix RF does not always retain visibility status of the toolbar.
* Chrome: fix crashes and memory leaks.
* All browsers: fix browser slowdown.
* Sync: Fix changes that happen during sync are not synced at this sync session.
* IE: RoboForm Desktop (not 2Go) gets into browser only if officially invited (not disabled).
* Fix RoboForm Enterprise online activation.
* AutoSave bar: fix this bar trying to keep focus when it should not.
* Allow ? in Master Password, now that RF is in UNICODE.
* Rename Options -> Firefox to Browser Integration and show Adapters for all browsers there.

Version 7.1.6
* Firefox and Chrome: Fix slowdowns caused by collecting site icon before Save.
* Toolbar: fix centering of toolbar buttons and redrawing of Matching passcards.
* Chrome: fix asserts and crashes.
* If user unchecks option to keep Master Password in Protected Storage, remove it too.
* Sync proxy settings setup problems fixed.
* Install RF Everywhere for all users, not just current user.
* Improve diagnostic and version info.
* RoboForm Desktop installer now turns off RF Everywhere sync if it was present.
* Installer: improve Master Password and Everywhere account creations screens.

Version 7.1.5
* Firefox 3: fix switching of RoboForm toolbar when user switches tab.
* Firefox: fix version number in extension.
* Chrome: fix freeze that can happen when switching tabs while navigating.
* Chrome: speed up browsing, fix crashes.
* Opera: speed up browsing, fix crashes.

Version 7.1.3
* RoboForm2Go can now be activated from RoboForm Everywhere license.
* RoboForm2Go can now automatically sync with RoboForm Everywhere (Online) server.
* Installer: add screen that shows what browsers RF will be added to.
* AOL 9.6: make RoboForm attach to this new version of AOL client.
* Quicken: fix RoboForm saving from password dialog in Quicken.
* Chrome: fix crashes, speed up browsing with RoboForm.
* Firefox: fix Fill Forms context menu.
* Firefox: fix Show Toolbar after it was hidden.
* Firefox: make adapter version to be the same as RF version.
* Opera: fix toolbar positioning.
* Matching Passcards: do not show Facebook and Twitter passcards in internal frames.
* Increase font size for Asian languages.
* Fix AutoFill with multiple choices.
* Fix option to disable RoboForm.
* Identity Editor: custom field values can be multiline.
* Updated UI localization.

Version 7.1.2
* Installers: separate Desktop and Everywhere version, give all installers better names.
* Activation: fix bug in IE, affected some users.
* Show specific product name in Help -> About: Everywhere, Desktop, 2Go.
* Fix Print List of Safenotes.
* Fix Firefox import and export.
* New Save Forms / Bookmarks dialog.
* Chrome: fix crashes.
* Chrome: RF button next to address bar shows RF toolbar.
* Chrome: fixed support for non-English languages.
* Chrome: improve form fill form identity.
* Opera: make installer work.

Version 7.1.1
* Chrome: Fix installer problems.
* Firefox: fix form filling issues.
* Firefox: fix slowdown/freeze on pages with huge number of HTML elements.
* Implement ver 7 Enterprise license.
* Editor: rework Clone, Move, Rename dialogs, separate Move and Rename commands.
* Editor: improve How To Create dialogs.
* Increase font size for Asian languages.
* Change 'RoboForm Online' to 'RoboForm Everywhere' in all texts.
* Sync: show tray balloon to notify about sync errors and conflicts.
* New Japanese and Farsi localization of UI.
* Fix import of Contacts from Windows Address Book.
* Fix export to Favorites.
* Fix black background appears below text items in the list on AutoFill dialog.
* Add option to install RF into Opera 10 in Advanced options.

Version 7.1.0
* First official release of RoboForm ver 7.
* New features are described in What's New page.

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