RoboForm Extension for Chrome Version News

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 9.0.8 -- Sept 15, 2020

  • Fix RoboForm shows more than needed AutoFill icon on complex forms.
  • Fix RoboForm does not show Password Generator on
  • Fix New Password is not filled on
  • Fix RoboForm may show AutoFill options in wrong order if the web page is partially filled.
  • Fix Auto Log Off on Inactivity does not work in mode without installed RoboForm application.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 9.0.7 -- Sept 04, 2020

  • Now RF Popup commands Logins/Bookmarks/Safenotes shows list of items
    right in the RF Popup, and More... button opens RF Start Page.
  • Fix RF Popup is not closed after clicking some commands.
  • Fix RF Start Page does not open in the current browser window on RF Popup commands,
    if it was already open in another window.
  • Fix Login and Fill-Submit commands may cause AutoSave in some cases.
  • Fix New Account logins may be not updated automatically in some cases.
  • Fix RF keyboard shortcuts work even if disabled in RF Options.
  • Fix RF TBI Login command may not work for web sites with Basic Auth in some cases.
  • Fix URL black/whitelist policies are not applied to Login/GoFill commands.
  • Fix RF shows too few items with Last Used time in UI.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 9.0.5 -- August 14, 2020

  • New standalone extension works and looks close to v8 extension.
    except that native popups and menus are replaced with browser-based UI.
  • Works better and almost the same functionality is provided in mode without RF.
  • Standalone extension opens RF Start Page for complex data editing, instead of own UI.
  • RF Start Page can work with new extension even if RF is not installed.
  • Better performance in both modes, with or without RF.
  • Rewritten everything - UI, data access, communications with server, encryption, sharing, etc.
  • Removed all legacy code left or derived from RF-Lite.
  • Removed support of legacy RF-v7 accounts.
  • Form Filler and AutoFill are the same as in the latest v8.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver -- July 10, 2020

  • Fix RF may show AutoFill bubbles next to message fields on social networks and messengers, such as Facebook, Gmail, Skype, Twitter
  • Fix RF may offer to fill Address into Name field
  • Fix RF AutoFill bubble does not appear for Login form on
  • Fix RF does not offer to fill User ID and Company ID at first login step on IBM banking site.
  • Fix RF does not fill Card Type and Card Expiration on
  • Fix RF does not fill Card Expiration on some sites
  • Fix RF AutoFill may show password generator where it should not
  • Fix RF may show wrong site icons in AutoFill options list
  • Fix RF AutoFill may show Login fill options in wrong order if they matched to main frame at least by domain, but the domains are not equal exactly, like and

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 9.0.1 -- April 26, 2020

  • Fixed RF saves new logins on Shift+ENTER in Facebook, Whatsapp and many others.
  • Fixed AutoFill shows Logins in wrong order.
  • Fixed AutoFill icon may appear next to unrelated fields.
  • Fixed RF updates password in existing logins.
  • Fixed RF icon may overlap last chars typed in into input box.
  • Fixed AutoFill may not submit automatically in some cases.
  • Added Edit button to AutoSave notification popup.
  • Fixed GoFillSubmit may fill and submit the long loading page after it was already filled by user.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 9.0.0 -- April 24, 2020

  • New AutoFill
  • In-page AutoFill: RF shows icons next to fill-able fields on a web page.
  • Every RF icon is expanded on mouse over into a list of fill options.
  • The list shows icons and names of Logins and Identities the web page fields can be filled from.
  • Click on a list item does Fill & Submit for Logins and Fill for Identities.
  • Submit is done on click only if there is a recognized Submit button and no Turing/Recaptha.
  • Moving mouse over the list shows values that will be filled into the corresponding fields.
  • RF icon next to a New Password field is expanded into a Password Generator dialog.
  • RF version 9 can use passcards created by previous versions of RF.
  • New AutoSave
  • RF automatically saves new login if there is no existing one with the same credentials.
  • When saving new Login, show non-modal notification with Undo button, it disappears shortly.
  • A login is created in the Home RoboForm folder.
  • A new login name is assigned automatically and is based on a domain with "- N" suffix.
  • Just created login can be found at the top of the recently used list.
  • A login is saved in Universal Login format with User ID and Password, both or one of them.
  • A login with more than 2 fields is saved into a multi-field passcard.
  • Passcards created by RF version 9 can be used in previous versions of RF.
  • New Account Logins
  • RF saves information from a Sign Up form into a New Account login.
  • New Account login is saved as a universal login, with a special marker, and a domain URL.
  • RF can create a usable Login with a correct URL for known web sites.
  • Values of other fields of the Sign Up form are added to the New Account login's note text.
  • The format is compatible with old RF in both directions, moreover, it is the same exactly.
  • New Account login is saved if there is a New Password form with non-empty fields on web page.
  • New Password form consists of 1 or 2 passwords (New Password and Password Confirmation).
  • Password is taken from the detected New Password form, it must be present and be not empty.
  • New Account login can be used to fill Login form using AutoFill or Fill Forms command.
  • New Account login is updated and turned into a Universal Login automatically after submitting a form with the same credentials with both user ID and Password, or only one of them.
  • In case of a two-step login page, New Account login is updated on first submit.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 8.6.5 -- Dec 26, 2019

  • Fixed RoboForm does not work in Chrome on Windows XP and Vista.
  • Stop working with RoboForm version 7 accounts.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 8.6.2 -- Dec 01, 2019

  • Fill 'Age' field calculated from Date of Birth.
  • Fixed RF does not fill user ID or password on a number of sites with complex JS.
  • Fixed RF clicks wrong submit button when there is a link 'Login with Facebook' on the page.
  • Fixed RF clicks wrong submit button on in some cases.
  • Fixed RF may fill User ID into Card Holder Name in some cases.
  • Fixed RF may change payment method selection of payment forms.
  • Fixed RF does not fill SELECT fields when Fill Non Empty Fields option is ON.
  • Fixed RF does not log in via Universal Login on,,
  • Improved quality and performance by rewriting source code to TypeScript.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 8.6.0 -- Aug 09, 2019

  • Fixed two vulnerabilities related to filling in IFRAMEs, reported by Alesandro Ortiz.
  • Fixed RF may click wrong button on and several other sites.
  • Fixed RF fills in FirstName and LastName into CardHolder FirstName and CardHolder LastName.
  • Fixed RF fills in dates incorrectly in some cases.
  • Fixed RF fills in email into a search field on

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 8.5.9 -- June 25, 2019

  • Fixed RF may fill user ID into a search field if there is no login form.
  • Fixed RF does not fill forms on some sites and shows error message.
  • Fixed RF does not fill or save fields on many sites.
  • Fixed RF incorrectly fills address line fields in some cases.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver -- June 03, 2019

  • Fixed RF does not see fields and captions on many sites.
  • Fixed RF may unexpectedly scroll web page without visible reason.
  • Fixed RF clicks wrong button on
  • Bug fixes, speed improvements.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 8.5.8 -- Apr 15, 2019

  • Added AutoSave for two-page logins, where User ID and Password are on separate pages.
  • Fix AutoSave window may appear after click on Cancel, Close or similar buttons.
  • Fix Lower Toolbar may attach to unrelated windows after minimizing Chrome window.
  • Bug fixes, speed improvements.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 8.5.7 -- Mar 05, 2019

  • Better ordering of Matching Logins in RF Popup window.
  • Bug fixes, speed improvements.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 8.5.6 -- Mar 01, 2019

  • Bug fixes, speed improvements.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 8.5.5 -- Jan 31, 2019

  • Bug fixes, speed improvements.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver -- Dec 30, 2018

  • Fixed RF slows down RFO web site and other sites with complex content.
  • Fixed RF may fill user ID into search field if there are no other fields on the page.
  • Fixed RF may save wrong Login with duplicated email field on
  • Fixed RF cannot fill or save forms on some sites where Accessibility Tools does not work.
  • Fixed RF does not work on sites built using GUI libraries that use Shadow DOM.
  • Now AutoSave works and fields can be filled in one by one.
  • Fixed RF cannot find or incorrectly detects some fields as visible on sites with scrollable content or other complex layout.
  • Overall optimization and speedup.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver -- Dec 18, 2018

  • New browser integration, complete rewrite.
  • New Form Filler intellect, based more on geometry than on HTML model.
  • Better user input simulation when filling.
  • Better AutoFill, based on real visibility of input fields.
  • Better AutoSave, based on what was really typed in by user.
  • Now RF fills only what is really visible to user, no hidden fields are filled.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 8.5.1 -- June 29, 2017

  • Click on RF Extension button opens RF Popup Window even if RF is not logged in.
  • Click on RF Extension button on empty tab opens RF Start Page instead of RF Popup.
  • Implement UI for File Sharing feature.
  • Implement logging of operations with shared company data.
  • Form Filler improvements and fixes.
  • Bug fixes in UI.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 8.4.8 -- Apr 16, 2017

  • Mac: support new version of RoboForm for Mac which uses the same popup UI as on Windows.
  • Standalone: Implement calculating security stats for users.
  • Standalone: Improve password generation algorithm (get rid of Math.random()).
  • Standalone: Speed optimization for large accounts.
  • Standalone: Bug fixes in JS and HTML.

Lite Version 8.4.5 -- Dec 27, 2017

  • Show site icons for Matching Logins.
  • Standalone mode only (all below):
  • Sync Recently Used lists between computers.
  • Add support of Google Authenticator.
  • Show warning before filling sensitive fields.
  • Fix last used identity group instance selection not synced.
  • Fix wrong sort order of search results list.
  • Fix handling of shared folders and EA restrictions for users with expired license.
  • Implement Set/Clear/Reset fields commands.
  • Add keyboard shortcuts section to extension options.
  • Implement import of browser bookmarks.
  • Show statistic of the imported browser bookmarks.
  • Fix Auto Save Disable policy not working for enterprise users.
  • Implement support of Black/White Domains lists policy for enterprise users.
  • Add company invitation confirmation dialog.
  • Fix issues in Form Filling and User Interface, improve performance.

Lite Version 8.4.3 -- Oct 23, 2017

  • Implemented UI for Emergency Access feature in Standalone mode.
  • Turn off built-in Password Manager automatically when RF extension is installed.
  • Fix extension settings are reset to defaults on cleanup of browser cookies or history.
  • Fix form filling and User Interface bugs.

Lite Version 8.4.0 -- Aug 22, 2017

  • Renamed RoboForm Lite to RoboForm Extension.
  • RoboForm Extension works in Chrome, even if RoboForm Desktop is not installed.
  • This comes in handy for platforms where RoboForm Desktop does not exist, such as on Linux.
  • RoboForm Extension also can be used if user does not want to install RoboForm Desktop.
  • New design of Matching Logins list.
  • Fix form filling and other bugs.

Lite Version 5.2.0 -- Nov 01, 2016

  • Fix compatibility with Chrome 54.
  • Form filler algorithm improvements and speed optimization.
  • Bug fixing.

Lite Version 5.0.0 -- Sept 18, 2014

  • One-Time Password support.
  • Main screen: New design.
  • Form filler algorithm improvements and speed optimization.
  • Bug fixing.

Lite Version 4.6.9 -- Aug 9, 2013

  • Fix issue with & symbol in master password.
  • Fix issue with matching passcards for several chrome windows.
  • Fix issue with master password caching.
  • Form filler fixes.
  • User Interface fixes.

Lite Version 4.6.5 -- June 14, 2013

  • Add Keyboard hot keys section to Options
  • Add double quotation mark symbol to restriction symbols in the file/folder names
  • Fix encodeURIComponent for domain passcards
  • Form filler algorithm improvements and speed optimization
  • Update form fill rules and matches

Lite Version 4.6.0 -- March 2, 2013

  • Add/Remove fields for Passcard
  • Highlight filled fields option added
  • Sync with RoboForm Everywhere option added
  • sendRequest was deprecated in Chrome API. Switch to sendMessage.
  • Fix: Identity group empty instance was not saved to server
  • Form filler algorithm improvements and speed optimization

Lite Version 4.3.0 -- November 1, 2012

  • Switch to Chrome Extensions manifest version 2
  • Get rid of all inline JavaScript(deprecated in Chrome Extensions)
  • Switch to another obfuscator (without eval, which will be deprecated in Chrome extensions)
  • Recently Used, Clear List command added
  • Form filler algorithm improvements and speed optimization

Lite Version 4.0.0 -- September 14, 2012

  • Create/Edit/Save of the Identities
  • Create/Edit/Save of the Contacts
  • Custom fields for Identities
  • Passport and Car groups for Identities
  • Form filler algorithm improvements and speed optimization

Lite Version 3.2.0 -- June 6, 2012

  • Add Japanese localization
  • Form filler algorithm improvements and speed optimization

Lite Version 3.0.1 -- Feb 15, 2012

  • Add Phone Prefixes Option for form fill.
  • Form fill for highlighted fields option was added.
  • Submit for Identity.
  • Form filler algorithm improvements and speed optimization.
  • Add Tools/"Set Fields" command.
  • Add Dual Master Password support.
  • German localization.

Lite Version 2.7.0 -- Sept 22, 2011

  • Recently Used Passcards section was added.
  • Form filler algorithm improvements.

Lite Version 2.6.0 -- released July 29, 2011

  • Form filler improvements.

Lite Version 2.5.0 -- released July 4, 2011

  • Manual Save of the current document fields functionality added.
  • Clear/Reset fields commands added.
  • Separate Contacts and Identities.
  • Option to unite/separate Logins and Bookmarks (together by default).
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