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Why Pay More for Less?

RoboForm gives you features you rely on and more at an affordable price.

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Store unlimited passwords for free

RoboForm stores an unlimited amount of passwords for free on a single device, whereas Dashlane requires payment after 50 passwords. Furthermore, Dashlane's Premium service for individuals is more than twice the price of RoboForm Everywhere.

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Save more with our Family Plan

With RoboForm, a family of 5 can be under a single subscription for only $47.75/year. Comparatively without a dedicated family plan option, the same number of users would cost $299.95/year with Dashlane.

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Best in class form filling

PCMag's Neil Rubenking calls RoboForm a "Master Form Filler," and we agree. Even The trickiest web forms are no match for RoboForm. Unlike Dashlane, you can store multiple instances of addresses, bank accounts, and other data types under each form fill Identity. Great for filling family member, coworker, and client info!

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Keep track of all your favorite sites

Follow a specific blog? Need to reference a tutorial later, or perhaps a recipe? RoboForm is the only major password manager that lets you bookmark sites for quick and ease access.

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Not just for web passwords

Use Windows applications? With Dashlane you`ll still need to manually enter your Logins credential while RoboForm will log you in to all of your favorite Windows apps (e.g. Skype, Outlook, etc.).

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Support when and how you need it

RoboForm gives you more options for support than Dashlane. In addition to our 24/7 online support system, you can send us a Facebook message, chat in, or request a callback. We're here to help!

Features available as of 01/01/2019
RoboForm version and Dashlane version 6.10.1 tested side-by-side on Windows Chrome
Premium features per dashlane.com

Don’t Take Our Word for It
Hear from users who made the switch to RoboForm.

  • Reviews

    I previously used Dashlane password manager but it caused problems with MS Outlook on my laptop. I searched for another manager that had good reviews, reasonably priced and would synchronize across several devices (and hopefully not cause problems with Outlook). I selected RoboForm and have been completely satisfied with it from day one...

    Darrell G.
    Boone, North Carolina, USA

  • Reviews

    I've been using RoboForm longer than I can remember. I found it after searching on line to find a memory manager which would let me use more secure passwords that I'd be able to recall. It did everything it said it would. After four or five years I succumbed to an ad for another manager [Dashlane] and tried it. The plan was to use it for six months. I lasted three and came back home to RoboForm.

    Paul B.
    Ghent, New York, USA

  • Reviews

    I have used Roboform for 8+ years. 2 years ago I subscribed to Dashlane as it was getting good reviews and binned Roboform. Dashlane couldn’t conveniently handle multiple identities. Like Microsoft it tried to guess and 90% of the time got it wrong. I’m back with Roboform.

    Firefox user 14892827

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