RoboForm Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY: Personal data of Customers that purchase RoboForm licenses is stored on Siber servers in the data center located in USA. Siber recognizes the GDPR and is fully compliant with its requirements. Please view our GDPR compliance page for more details: The data stored consists of data that customers or their agents enter into the RoboForm license purchase web page and data collected from Customer's computers by License Activation and Monitoring. Customer hereby allows Siber to store such data on Siber's servers. This data shall be used for purchase, refund and chargeback tracking, activation and reactivation of RoboForm licenses, and other customer service purposes. Personal data stored on Siber servers shall not be sent to other companies or individuals, except for cases when sending of such data is required by Siber business processes or for enforcement of this License Agreement and recipient of data is not expected to divulge or misuse received data. For instance, credit card purchases require sending personal Customer data and his credit card data to Credit Card processor and such data sharing shall be allowed under this clause. Customer allows Siber to send infrequent product update newsletters and promotional offers to the e-mail and postal addresses stored by Siber, but Customer shall have an option to unsubscribe from such email newsletters and offers. Customer also allows Siber to present infrequent offers of Siber and 3rd party software on post-update web page that is shown when user installs new version of RoboForm. ONLINE LICENSE ACTIVATION AND MONITORING: Customer hereby agrees to Online License Activation and Monitoring process for all RoboForm licenses (Pro, Subscription-Based). In this process RoboForm checks the validity of Customer's RoboForm license by contacting the Siber server at * via the Internet and sending data that uniquely identifies Customer's computer. Customer also agrees that Online Activation and Monitoring will be used to enforce provisions of this Agreement. TRANSMISSION OF DATA IN AUTOUPDATE: RoboForm checks Siber Systems server ( in older versions) for its new versions approximately once a day. If it finds a version that is newer than the version that you have, RoboForm will offer you to upgrade. The checking of new version results in various data related to computer and license to be transmitted to Siber server and maybe stored on this server. Customer hereby allows such transmissions to occur. PERSONAL DATA IN ROBOFORM WITHOUT SYNCHRONIZATION: NO TRANMISSION, NO RECOVERY. All Password Data that Customer enters into RoboForm is stored only locally on Customer's computer if Customer does not use option to Synchronize with RoboForm Everywhere. In this case RoboForm does not transmit any Password Data over the Internet. However, if Customer or a program running on Customer's computer causes RoboForm to fill an online form with such personal data, then submission of this form will result in this data being sent over the Internet but this shall be deemed not to be caused by RoboForm. Customer agrees that deletion or loss of Password Data entered into RoboForm will cause irreversible loss of the said Password Data and Customer accepts the risk of such loss. PERSONAL DATA IN ROBOFORM WITH SYNCHRONIZATION: DATA TRANSMITTED, RECOVERY POSSIBLE. If Customer uses Synchronize with RoboForm Everywhere option then Customer Password Data is stored locally on Customer Computer or portable disk and on RoboForm Everywhere server. If local copy of user data is lost, Customer may obtain copy of this data from RoboForm Everywhere server. However, availability of backup copy is NOT guaranteed by Siber and Siber shall NOT be held liable, if it cannot produce copy of Customer's RoboForm data. Customer is hereby encouraged to keep multiple copies of RoboForm user data on his/her computers, disks and devices. Also in this case RoboForm shall transmit RoboForm Password Data over the Internet, for the purposes of storing backup copy of Customer RoboForm Password data on RoboForm Everywhere server and for purposes of synchronization of said data between Customer computers and mobile devices. Customer hereby authorizes such transmission. RoboForm WEB SITE: RoboForm web site may use cookies to track users and Customer agrees to that. RoboForm affiliates and advertisers may also use cookies and Customer agrees to that. RoboForm Web Site utilizes Google Analytics features, including Remarketing with Google Analytics, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, and Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting and Customer consents to this. Google provides a complete privacy policy and instructions on opting out of Google Analytics here: POLICY MODIFICATIONS: This privacy policy is subject to change at the sole discretion of Siber Systems, Inc. When we modify the privacy policy, we will post the changes in a revised policy statement. We will post any changes here, so be sure to check back periodically. PRIVACY POLICY END

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