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RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 9.1.3 -- Jan 25, 2021

  • Added list mode selector to Fill Logins tab: This Page, This Domain, All.
  • Fixed AutoFill bubble shows same Login twice on and other sites.
  • Fixed sign in form is not submitted on when Login is clicked in AutoFill bubble list.
  • Fixed Win32 application Logins do not work when clicked in Logins list in RF Popup.
  • Fixed Save button is shown for Safenotes and Identities lists in RF Popup.
  • Fixed wrong tooltips are shown for some UI elements of RF Popup.
  • Fixed Back button in Rename/Delete/others dialogs does not return to previous position.
  • Extend Card Expires Year and Card ValidFrom Year fields range to 1990-2050.
  • Fixed username is not saved for sign in form on

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 9.1.2 -- Dec 30, 2020

  • Change layout and functions of RF popup UI.
  • Main popup page consists of a search box and a tab selector with 3 tabs:
    Logins | Fill Logins | Fill From Identities.
  • Password Generator is shown at the bottom of Fill Logins and Fill Identities tab.
  • Password Generator appears automatically if there is New Password field on current web page.
  • Fill Logins or Fill Ids tab is selected automatically if there is something to fill on web page.
  • Fill Identities tab button has a dropdown selector which allows to select what to show.
  • Fill Identities tab can show an Identity View, or a list of Match or All Identities.
  • Selection of Logins/Others list, Popular/Recent/A-Z mode, Identity mode is memorized.
  • Identity View shows content of a single identity or the Most Popular / Last Selected one.
  • Identity View command buttons are Fill and Edit.
  • Identity View shows all identity group instances with selectors that select instances to fill.
  • Identity View shows fields values with Copy/DND button and
    Values texts can be selected fully or partially, double click on a value selects it.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 9.1.1 -- Dec 12, 2020

  • Replace large square buttons with browser-like tab selector.
  • Added All Logins menu button on separate line, if native RF is present.
  • Added extension option to use desktop editor instead of Start Page.
  • Improved layout of main RF popup.
  • Show small red dot instead of counter, if matching logins are present.
  • Fixed few form analyzer issues.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 9.1.0 -- Dec 04, 2020

  • New UI / UX design of browser extension popup and dialogs.
  • Better UI structure, search and navigation.
  • Better integration with RoboForm Start Page.
  • Most of the legacy native application UI Menus and Popups are replaced by browser based UI.
  • Logins and other native menus are still available in 'All' for those who liked it.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver -- Nov 21, 2020

  • Fixed Home command of RoboForm Popup always opens Start Page in All / A-Z mode.
  • Fix RoboForm Start Page may stop working and switch into logged-off state in some cases.
  • Fix AutoSave does not preserve note text of an existing Login when overwriting it.
  • Show fields preview in AutoSave dialog.
  • Add create new folder command to AutoSave dialog.
  • Fix AutoSave does not offer to update an existing Login if non-password fields have changed.
  • Fix AutoSave does not update password in a Login if two or more protected fields are present.
  • Fix AutoFill bubbles disappear immediately on mouse out, add 0.8 second delay.
  • Fix order of partially filled Logins in AutoFill options list, sort them by URL match level.
  • Fix Save Forms offers to save Login not Bookmark even if there is nothing to save.
  • Fix Save Forms does not take current selection range into account and saves all fields.
  • Fix AutoFill does not offer to fill from existing Login on
  • Fix AutoSave save wrong New Account login on
  • Fix AutoFill does not propose to fill SSN on
  • Fix AutoFill offers Password Generator for wrong fields on
  • Fix AutoFill shows Password Generator on sign in form on
  • Fix AutoFill clicks wrong submit button on sign in form on some sites.
  • Fix some UI of the extension does not work in Waterfox browser.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 9.0.9 -- Nov 07, 2020

  • New AutoSave logic and User Interface -- works much better.
  • All AutoSave UI is browser-based now, OS-specific UI gas been removed.
  • Fixed many issues in form analyzer related to Sign In, Sign Up and password change forms.
  • Fixed showing of long list of Identities in AutoFill UI, split the list into sections.
  • New better implementation of AutoFill without Asking.
  • Fixed RF ext may work slowly on some web sites, so AutoFill bubble appears late or not at all.
  • RF fills and submits second page (password) automatically in multi-step login sequence.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver 9.0.5 -- August 17, 2020

  • New standalone extension works and looks close to v8 extension.
    except that native popups and menus are replaced with browser-based UI.
  • Works better and almost the same functionality is provided in mode without RF.
  • Standalone extension opens RF Start Page for complex data editing, instead of own UI.
  • RF Start Page can work with new extension even if RF is not installed.
  • Better performance in both modes, with or without RF.
  • Rewritten everything - UI, data access, communications with server, encryption, sharing, etc.
  • Removed all legacy code left or derived from RF-Lite.
  • Removed support of legacy RF-v7 accounts.
  • Form Filler and AutoFill are the same as in the latest v8.

RoboForm Chrome Extension ver -- July 14, 2020

  • Fix RF may show AutoFill bubbles next to message fields on social networks and messengers, such as Facebook, Gmail, Skype, Twitter
  • Fix RF may offer to fill Address into Name field
  • Fix RF AutoFill bubble does not appear for Login form on
  • Fix RF does not offer to fill User ID and Company ID at first login step on IBM banking site.
  • Fix RF does not fill Card Type and Card Expiration on
  • Fix RF does not fill Card Expiration on some sites
  • Fix RF AutoFill may show password generator where it should not
  • Fix RF may show wrong site icons in AutoFill options list
  • Fix RF AutoFill may show Login fill options in wrong order if they matched to main frame at least by domain, but the domains are not equal exactly, like and

RoboForm Firefox Extension ver 9.0.1 -- May 14, 2020

  • In-page AutoFill: RF shows icons next to fill-able fields on a web page.
  • Every RF icon is expanded on mouse over into a list of fill options.
  • The list shows icons and names of Logins and Identities the web page fields can be filled from.
  • Click on a list item does Fill & Submit for Logins and Fill for Identities.
  • Submit is done on click only if there is a recognized Submit button and no Turing/Recaptha.
  • Moving mouse over the list shows values that will be filled into the corresponding fields.
  • RF icon next to a New Password field is expanded into a Password Generator dialog.
  • RF version 9 can use passcards created by previous versions of RF.
  • New AutoSave
  • RF automatically saves new login if there is no existing one with the same credentials.
  • When saving new Login, show non-modal notification with Undo button, it disappears shortly.
  • A login is created in the Home RoboForm folder.
  • A new login name is assigned automatically and is based on a domain with "- N" suffix.
  • Just created login can be found at the top of the recently used list.
  • A login is saved in Universal Login format with User ID and Password, both or one of them.
  • A login with more than 2 fields is saved into a multi-field passcard.
  • Passcards created by RF version 9 can be used in previous versions of RF.
  • New Account Logins
  • RF saves information from a Sign Up form into a New Account login.
  • New Account login is saved as a universal login, with a special marker, and a domain URL.
  • RF can create a usable Login with a correct URL for known web sites.
  • Values of other fields of the Sign Up form are added to the New Account login's note text.
  • The format is compatible with old RF in both directions, moreover, it is the same exactly.
  • New Account login is saved if there is a New Password form with non-empty fields on web page.
  • New Password form consists of 1 or 2 passwords (New Password and Password Confirmation).
  • Password is taken from the detected New Password form, it must be present and be not empty.
  • New Account login can be used to fill Login form using AutoFill or Fill Forms command.
  • New Account login is updated and turned into a Universal Login automatically after submitting a form with the same credentials with both user ID and Password, or only one of them.
  • In case of a two-step login page, New Account login is updated on first submit.

Ver -- Jan 20, 2020

  • Initial release of RoboForm for Edge Chromium.

Ver 8.5.4 -- Aug 29, 2018

  • All changes for Standalone mode only:
  • Implement Security Center feature.
  • Share existing folder feature.
  • Bug fixes in Desktop Bridge/Companion.
  • Bug fixes in user intefcace.

Ver 8.5.3 -- July 17, 2018

  • Standalone: Implement File Sharing feature.
  • Standalone: Implement File Send feature.
  • Standalone: Implement logging of operations with shared company data.
  • Standalone: Bug fixes in Desktop Bridge / Companion.
  • Standalone: Form Filler improvements and fixes.
  • Standalone: Bug fixes in UI.

Ver 8.5.1 -- Apr 12, 2018

  • Implement calculating security stats for users.
  • Improve password generation algorithm (get rid of Math.random()).
  • Speed optimization for large RoboForm accounts.
  • Bug fixes in Desktop Bridge/Companion:
  • Fixed Extension randomly stops working after several hours of working.
  • Fixed Extension sometimes doesn't load after quick Edge restart on slow computers.
  • Fixed Extension doesn't load after Edge restart on Windows 10 build 17133 (Insider).
  • Fixed Several unhandled exception crashes.
  • Bug fixes in JS and html.

Ver 8.4.7 -- Jan 27, 2018

  • Added Integration with desktop RoboForm.
  • Note: RoboForm Desktop version or higher is required for integration.
  • Fixes in JS and HTML.

Ver 8.4.4 -- Dec 27, 2017

  • Implemented UI for Emergency Access feature.
  • Show site icons for Matching Logins.
  • Sync Recently Used lists between computers.
  • Fixed extension settings are reset on cleanup of browser cookies or history.
  • Added support of Google Authenticator.
  • Added company invitation confirmation dialog.
  • Show warning before filling sensitive fields.
  • Fixed last used identity group instance selection not synced.
  • Fixed wrong sort order of search results list.
  • Implemented Set/Clear/Reset fields commands.
  • Added support of Black/White Domains lists policy for enterprise users.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Ver 8.4.2 -- Sept 29, 2017

  • Matching Logins new design.
  • Search: UI changes and fixes.
  • Identical RoboForm files feature.
  • Form fill improvements and fixes.
  • Bug fixes in JS and html.

Ver 8.4.1 -- July 24, 2017

  • Implement UI for folder sharing.
  • Fix company policies for items creation restrictions.
  • Use site favorite icons for Logins/Bookmarks.
  • Localize UI texts using common RoboForm localization system.
  • Speed up for big RF-8 accounts.
  • Form fill improvements and fixes.
  • Bug fixes in JS and html.
  • Bug fixing and speed improvements.

Ver 8.3.6 -- June 14, 2017

  • New visual design, similar to Desktop RoboForm.
  • New design: Main popup screen
  • New design: Setup/Create Account dialogs
  • New design: Auto Save dialog
  • New design: Manual Save dialog
  • New design: Password Generator dialog
  • New design: Options page
  • New design: Form Fill from Identity mini dialog, with group instances.
  • Speed optimization for RoboForm 8 accounts.
  • Form Fill algorithm improvements, especially for CSP-restricted websites.
  • Bug fixing and stability improvements.

Ver 1.2.0 -- Mar 24, 2016

  • Form Fill from different tab instances of Identity.
  • Form Filling improvements, especially for webpages with several IFrames.
  • Support Enterprise policies.
  • Bug fixing.

Ver 1.1.3 -- Dec 28, 2016

  • Add cache for RoboForm 7 accounts.
  • Calculate Security Score for RoboForm 8 accounts.
  • New design of the Login, Create Account dialogs.
  • Change application name in Windows Store to RoboForm for Microsoft Edge.
  • Bug fixing.

Ver 1.1.2 -- Dec 23, 2016

  • Fix duplicate items issue for RoboForm 8 accounts.
  • Fix Matching Logins for RoboForm 8 accounts.
  • Fix looping on OTP screen.
  • Add shortcut for second Identity.
  • Speed optimization for large RoboForm 8 accounts.
  • Speed optimization for Search items.
  • Add Cookies setting warning and setup instructions to Login screen.
  • Bug fixing.

Ver 1.1.0 -- Dec 12, 2016

  • Initial release of RoboForm for Edge.
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