Free upgrade to RoboForm 8: How to get started

As part of the free upgrade process, your account will undergo a one-time conversion. Some of the many new RoboForm 8 features include:

Please note: RoboForm2Go has been discontinued in RoboForm 8.

Is there a cost to this upgrade?

No. Upgrading to RoboForm 8 is completely free. The equivalent of RoboForm 7 Desktop is now free as well.

Can I revert back to RoboForm 7?

Yes. Existing Windows and Mac desktop users retain local copies of their old files in the event that they wish to revert back. To do so, re-install RoboForm 7.

What information do I need in order to complete this upgrade?

As part of the setup process, you will need to know your Master Password. Do not proceed with the upgrade if you do not know your Master Password. You may also be prompted for your RoboForm Online credentials if Sync is turned off.

Will my mobile apps still be compatible?

Yes, our mobile apps are fully compatible with RoboForm 8.

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