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Latest Version of Siber Systems' Acclaimed Password Management and Form Filling Utility Can Do More and is Less Annoying

FAIRFAX, VA - Sept 1, 2004 - Siber Systems, a premier software and services company, today announced the release of RoboForm? ver 6.0, bringing even greater convenience and speed to the process of filling out online forms and organizing and protecting online and offline passwords, identities, notes, and other personal information. RoboForm 6.0 optimizes the user experience by decreasing the number of actions users need to perform to get things done online.

RoboForm is one of the most highly acclaimed and widely used one-click form-fill and password management applications on the market today. The product simplifies the process of filling out online forms by storing multiple user identities, including name, address, phone number, and other important information required by the user; it also securely stores confidential data such as passwords, bank accounts, and credit card numbers.

The most important change is that filling long checkout or login forms now requires only one click. The process is done using RoboForm toolbar only, without the need for annoying pop-up dialog boxes. To achieve this, RoboForm designers introduced innovative User Interface elements.

RoboForm V6 allows better categorization of Login items (passcards), Identities, Contacts and Encrypted Notes (Safenotes) by putting them into a tree of folders. Now it is easy to keep bank-related logins and contacts in one folder, for example, and gaming-related logins and contacts in another folder.

A new Search Box, added to the RoboForm toolbar, provides a single point of access to all RoboForm data as well as several search engines and knowledge sites. By typing a word in this Search Box, users will find all logins and contacts whose name contains the typed word; it also automatically searches the word in several search engines, eBay and an online dictionary.

European, Japanese and Korean users will be pleasantly surprised by RoboForm's ability to fill in forms in their native languages. The product now provides addresses, phone formats and even country codes for the most common industrialized countries. A new geometry-aware form filling algorithm correctly fills even the most complex forms.

"RoboForm is all about automation, ease of use and speed when it comes to browsing. RoboForm V6 goes to the next level in all these departments", says Vadim Maslov, CEO of Siber Systems. "RoboForm takes care of all mundane and time-consuming tasks associated with browsing the Internet while keeping interference with what user does to a minimum."

RoboForm V6 is now available for 30-day trial; personal users with 10 logins or less can use RoboForm for free even after the trial. All other users should buy professional version of the software after the trial ends. For more information about RoboForm V6, visit

About Siber Systems

Siber Systems, founded in 1995, is a privately held, diverse software and services company that specializes in Internet tools, compilers and natural language processing. The company's mission is to turn scientific findings in the areas of text processing into useful commercial products.

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