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Manage Your Passwords
with Ease and Security

Ditch the Password Book

RoboForm makes password management burden free.

COMPARISON RoboForm Logo Password Book
Store Passwords Check Icon Check Icon
Requires schlepping a physical book Check Icon Check Icon
Easy to keep organized Check Icon Check Icon
Unlimited password storage Check Icon Check Icon
Always legible Check Icon Check Icon
Apps for all devices and browsers Check Icon Check Icon
One click Logins Check Icon Check Icon
Generate strong, unique passwords Check Icon Check Icon
Secure cloud backup Check Icon Check Icon
Strong encryption and 2FA Check Icon Check Icon
Emergency Access Check Icon Check Icon
24/7 Support Check Icon Check Icon
Green Stars

“ I am able to use long complicated passwords
without having to write them down or enter
them by hand. ”

Your passwords should be
Strong. Random. Unique.

Struggling to create different passwords for each of your accounts? Still using “password123” as your password? Let RoboForm’s random password generator create strong and unique passwords for your accounts.

In addition to our AES 256 bit encryption, add an extra layer of protection to your account. RoboForm supports TOTP based authentication apps including Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator.

Strong Password

Don't Take Our Word for It
Hear from users who made the switch to RoboForm.

  • Reviews

    I have about 400 online passwords. Many years ago I gave up trying to keep them organized in a notebook. First I tried a free version of Roboform and then I became a convert. The best thing about Roboform is that I can synchronize and use my passwords and Roboform Bookmarks on all my computers and devices.

    Frank V.
    Leucadia, CA, USA

  • Reviews

    In the early days of my computer use I thought using the same user id and password was perfectly ok. I found out the hard way, that it was not. Then I resorted to writing every thing down in password book. Finally in 2007, I began looking for a password manager. I tried the free version of RoboForm and was very impressed with all the features and especially the security. In January 2007 I purchased the full version.

    Dierk M.
    Stuart, FL, USA

  • Reviews

    Previously I used a spiral notebook with all my passwords. They were in no order, so if I needed one I’d really have to hunt through the whole book to find it. With RoboForm, I can easily find my passwords. I’m 70 years old and it is really getting hard to remember a lot of things. To me RoboForm has been a big time saver.

    Joyce T.
    Texarkana, TX, USA

And That’s not All...

Download Roboform

Supported on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and all major browsers.

Export Data
Emergency Access

Grant a trusted contact access to your RoboForm data in the event of death, incapacitation, or simply as a method of account recovery.

Import Into Roboform

RoboForm supports TOTP based authentication apps, including Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft.

Not Quite Convinced? Try RoboForm for Yourself.

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