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One click Logins

Leave the hassle of typing usernames and passwords behind. RoboForm logs you in to websites with a single click. Use our on page AutoFill or select a Login directly from RoboForm.

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Capture passwords while you browse

Go about surfing the web as usual and let RoboForm do all the work. Passwords are captured and saved, with no additional steps required from you.

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Anytime, anywhere access

Supported on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and all major browsers.

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Keep your passwords in sync

The RoboForm Everywhere secure cloud keeps your passwords backed up and in sync across all your browsers and devices.

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Offline access

Desktop and mobile apps provide offline access to RoboForm data. In addition, the desktop and mobile versions offer optional local-only storage.

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Stay organized

Store and categorize all your passwords in easy-to-manage folders. Pin your favorite Logins for easy access.

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Powerful search

No more shuffling through files looking for that one missing password. Use RoboForm’s strong search functionality to save time and effort.

Set up with ease

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Be up and running in no time

Quickly and easily set up your account in RoboForm. It takes just a few minutes to be up and running with RoboForm.

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Extensions for all major browsers

Jump from browser to browser without worrying about losing control of your passwords. RoboForm works on all major browsers, including Microsoft Edge.

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Import from all major password managers and browsers. CSV import and export available.

Improve your

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Generate strong, unique passwords

Still using “password123” as your password? Let RoboForm’s random password generator create strong and unique passwords for your accounts.

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Security Center

How strong are your passwords? Do you use the same password on more than one site? Use our Security Center to see how you score.

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Strong encryption

To protect against dictionary, brute force, or other attacks, RoboForm uses AES 256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256. Decryption is at the local, device level only. Your decryption key never hits our server.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of protection to your account. RoboForm supports TOTP based authentication apps including Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator.

Share securely

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Share single items or a folder

Want to provide someone with access to a password or folder with confidential information? Share them securely in RoboForm without the risk of exposing sensitive data in the process.

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Emergency Access

Grant a trusted contact access to your RoboForm data in the event of death, incapacitation, or simply as a method of account recovery.

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Family Plan

Share the love! Give your spouse, kids, and other family members the same peace of mind that you have.

Store more than just
web passwords

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Store credit cards

Do you shop online often? Have you ever forgotten your wallet at home? With RoboForm, you’ll have instant access to your credit card and billing information on the go.

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Fill online forms with one click

Tired of constantly typing the same information over and over for yourself, a family member, or a client? Use RoboForm Identities to fill in any online form with one click.

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Have a software license key or a Wi-Fi password you want to keep away from prying eyes? Use RoboForm Safenotes.

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Windows application passwords

Not just for web passwords, RoboForm also saves your Windows application passwords (e.g. Skype, Outlook, etc.).

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RoboForm is the only major password manager that organizes your bookmarks for quick and easy access across all of your browsers and devices.

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Keep track of your contacts and their information in one easy-to-access place.

World class

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Around the clock assistance

RoboForm Everywhere users receive 24/7/365 priority customer support. Live chat assistance is also available M-F from 9 am to 6 pm EST.

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Help Center

Search through our extensive knowledge base to get help on common user topics and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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