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RoboForm Everywhere RoboForm for Business
Password manager Check Icon Check Icon
Password generator Check Icon Check Icon
Identity forms Check Icon Check Icon
Online account Check Icon Check Icon
Secure folder sharing Check Icon Check Icon
Two-factor authentication Check Icon Check Icon
Dual step authentication Check Icon Check Icon
Password audit Check Icon Check Icon
Sync across all devices Check Icon Check Icon
Centralized employee onboarding ? Company admins can create RoboForm for Business accounts for all employees in minutes. Accounts can be created one at the time or for all users at once using CSV file import feature. Check Icon
Centralized policy deployment ? Company admins can centrally set and deploy security policies for entire company or groups of users. Full list of policies available here. Check Icon
Secure group sharing ? Company owned RoboForm files can be shared with individual or groups of users via secure group sharing with three different role based permission levels. Check Icon
Role based access permissions ? RoboForm for Business solutions offers four permission levels: Company admin, Group manager, Regular users and Limited user. Check Icon
Unlimited number of admins ? Any number of users can be promoted to company admin or group manager role with no additional charges. Check Icon
Additional Two-factor authentication ? RoboForm for Business offers custom two factor authentication method integration. Check Icon
Active Directory integration ? User's Master Passwords can be integrated with their AD account password making RoboForm a single-sign-on solution. Check Icon
Password audit for users and groups ? Company administrators get security audit reports with security scores for each user account and each sharing group. Check Icon
Advanced reporting ? Company administrators get full access reports for all users listed all points of access, time and date, platform type, IP address, and browser used. Check Icon
Dedicated tech support ? RoboForm for Business team has dedicated, USA based, support team available for phone, chat, or online ticket support. Check Icon

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