Current RoboForm Coupons & Discount Codes

June Sale

25% off new RoboForm subscriptions.

Multi-Year Discount

Save up to 15% on a multi-year subscription.


College students get the first year free of RoboForm Premium

Military Discount

30% off new RoboForm Premium subscriptions

Features included in every RoboForm plan

See why millions of users have made RoboForm their go-to password management solution

RoboForm Feature: One click Logins

One click Logins

With a single click, RoboForm logs you into any account or app on any webpage, browser, or device.

RoboForm Feature: Password generator

Password generator

Our built-in password generator creates strong, unique passwords whenever you sign up for a new account.

RoboForm Feature: Access passwords on all devices

Access on all devices

Regardless of the device or browser you are using, you can always access your passwords and utilize RoboForm’s features.

RoboForm Feature: Securely backup and access your passwords

Secure Backup

RoboForm backs up your account data securely for easy restoration from any device, either locally or in the cloud.

RoboForm Feature: Scan for weak or compromised passwords

Scan for weak or compromised passwords

RoboForm securely scans for weak, duplicate, or compromised passwords and alerts you if any are found in documented breaches.

RoboForm Feature: Securely share single files or folders

Securely share single items or folders

With RoboForm, you can securely share passwords and other sensitive data with trusted contacts, without risk of exposure.

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