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RoboForm Authenticator

Add verification codes to RoboForm Authenticator via QR scan, adding a key, or import from other authenticator apps. Accessible on all RoboForm devices, six-digit codes can be auto-filled into log in forms with a single click.

Passkey Support

Passkey Support

Passkeys are a new way to securely log in to websites without using passwords. With RoboForm, you can now save and use passkeys across all your devices.

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  • Free
    Unlimited passwords on a single device
    • Access on 1 device
    • Best-in-class 1 click login
    • Best-in-class form filling
    • Password generator
    • Built-in TOTP authenticator
    • Compromised password scan
    • Secure cloud backup
  • Family
    5 Premium accounts for you and your family
    $3.98 /mo Billed annually
    Billed annually
    • 5 Premium accounts
    • Unified billing
    • Access on all devices
    • Web access
    • Secure Shared Folders
    • Emergency Access
    • Local only mode
    • Priority 24/7 Support
  • Business
    One paid plan, all features—no sneaky upgrades
    • Automated user and group provisioning
    • Centralized management
    • Integrate with all major IdP
    • SSO integration
    • Role-based access
    • Simple security policy enforcement
    • Security alerts
    • Advanced reporting
    • Dark web security alerts
    • Dedicated onboarding engineer
    • Separate work and personal passwords
    • Unlimited groups

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RoboForm Apple AppStore
Apple AppStore
4.7 Rating
39K Reviews
RoboForm Google Play
Google Play
4.6 Rating
29.1K Reviews
RoboForm Chrome Store
Chrome Store
4.5 Rating
3K Reviews
RoboForm Edge Store
Edge Store
4.7 Rating
619 Reviews

Frequently asked questions

What is a password manager?
A password manager is an application that securely stores and manages the passwords for your online accounts. It creates a secure vault where passwords are encrypted and accessible only to you. The tool typically includes a password generator for creating strong, unique passwords, and offers features like auto-filling login credentials on websites and applications. Advanced versions include additional security measures like two-factor authentication, dark web monitoring, and the ability to securely share passwords with trusted contacts. A password manager ensures that you maintain strong, varied passwords for all your accounts while needing to remember only one master password.
Is RoboForm secure?
Absolutely. Only you can access your data. Your passwords are encrypted with your own secret key—the RoboForm Master Password which you create. We use AES256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256. Our system architecture is zero-knowledge. This means that all encryption/decryption happens on your local device and ensures that your Master Password is never transmitted to our server.

Find out more about RoboForm security.
Why is it better to use a password manager and not my browser (Chrome, Keychain, etc)?
RoboForm differentiates itself from standard browser-based password managers by offering comprehensive features. It is compatible across various devices and browsers, including incognito/private modes. Users can enjoy one-click logins to multiple accounts and robust password monitoring for weak, duplicate, or compromised passwords. RoboForm facilitates secure password sharing with friends and family, and provides Emergency Access for trusted contacts. Additionally, RoboForm includes a built-in TOTP authenticator app, can log into Windows applications, and is capable of saving and filling any online form, enhancing both security and convenience.
Can RoboForm see my passwords?
No. RoboForm is designed on a zero-knowledge infrastructure where the Master Password, known only to you, encrypts the data. This encryption process occurs exclusively on your device, not on RoboForm's servers. As a result, RoboForm does not have access to the Master Password or the ability to access your encrypted data, ensuring a high level of privacy and security.
Is RoboForm easy to set up and use?
Absolutely. RoboForm demonstrates that convenience and security can go hand-in-hand. By automating the password management and login processes, it not only simplifies the user experience but also enhances security. Unlike traditional, less secure methods, RoboForm ensures that each login is both swift and protected by strong, unique passwords. In addition, setting up RoboForm takes just minutes.
Can I import my existing passwords into RoboForm?
You certainly can! We offer the ability to import from every browser and major password manager, or from a CSV.
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