RoboForm Translation Instructions

Help translate our software and website.

We ask for assistance in translating RoboForm to different languages.

Use this legend for the map on the Languages Page to determine if help is needed. The "req" items have the following meaning:

  • !req! translation is required and we will pay substantial amount for the translation
  • req translation is requested and we may pay money for the translation.

What we need to translate, in order of importance:

  1. User Interface (UI) - This is the most important thing. UI strings are encoded in text file with RFS extension that looks like this:

    • Cmd_Login_Flat "Login"
    • Cmd_Login_Menu "&Login (Go, Fill, Submit)"
    • Cmd_Login_Key "&Login"
    • Cmd_Login_Tip "Go to Passcard's web page, fill forms from it and ..."
    • Cmd_GoFill_Flat "Go Fill"
    • Cmd_GoFill_Menu "&Go && Fill from Passcard"
    • Cmd_GoFill_Key "&Go && Fill"
    • Cmd_GoFill_Tip "Go to Passcard's web page and fill forms from it"
    • Cmd_Goto_Flat "Goto"
    • Cmd_Goto_Key "Go &To"
    • Cmd_Goto_Tip "Go to Passcard's web page"

    To translate RoboForm UI to another language:

    • Download the default English UI strings file to the folder that contains RoboForm.dll and *.RFI files: default.rfs
    • Copy default.rfs to xx-yyyyy.rfs where xx is standard 2-letter name of your language and yyyyy is a long name of your language in English. For instance, file for German will be named "de-German.rfs".
    • Use text editor to replace English strings contained in "..." with their equivalents in your language. Do not use HTML editor such as FrontPage or Word on RFS files.
    • Do NOT edit *.RFI files supplied with the program; they are generated from .RFS files.
    • Run RFS2RFI program in the folder with your RFS file and it will convert RFS file to RFI file that is loaded by RoboForm.dll: RFS2RFI.EXE. This applies to RoboForm ver 6.0.8 or later. Earlier versions read RFS files directly.
    • Restart browser and RoboForm TaskBar icon and you will be able to switch to the language defined by the translated *.RFI file.
    • If you are re-translating or improving the existing RFS file, you can pick it up from URL where xx is 2-letter code of your language and Yyyyyy is full name of your language in English. For instance, German RFS file can be picked up from /rfs/de-German.rfs.
  2. Important text files for web site (click file name to download):

    File Name Page Description
    license-en.txt End User License Agreement
    (Sent By Request) RoboForm Payment System (PUMS) strings
    (Sent By Request) RoboForm Support System (RFSS) strings

What we can give you in return:

  • RoboForm Pro license for free
  • Honorable mention at
  • Money, as negotiated

If interested, contact us.

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