No More Password Spreadsheets and Text Files

Convenience Doesn't Mean You Compromise Security

RoboForm offers what you want and need.

Strong Password

Although spreadsheets and text files can be secured via password protection, keeping them updated and accessible–especially across multiple devices–is a huge chore. They require constant copying and pasting. And they don't tell you if your passwords are weak or duplicated.

RoboForm does all of these things and more. It gives you the convenience of one click Logins right from your browser, AES256 bit encryption, and two-factor authentication. You can even use the Security Center to audit your passwords and ensure you're not using the same password on different sites. Convenient and secure!

Green Stars

I tried using a spreadsheet program on my computer, but it was still not the easiest to use. My passwords were unavailable if I was away from my computer and using a phone, tablet, etc. I saw a post online about Roboform and I decided I would try it. It is AMAZING!

Lori M, Paris, TX, USA

RoboForm Lets You Securely Access Your Logins with Ease

RoboForm Logo Password BookSPREADSHEET / text file
Check Icon Automatically saves and updates credentials Check Icon Tedious upkeep/organization
Check Icon One click Logins in all major browsers and apps Check Icon Copy/paste only. No browser integration
Check Icon Capture new passwords while you browse Check Icon Manually enter credentials to the file
Check Icon Anytime, anywhere access Check Icon May not always be able to access
Check Icon Password audit with Security Center Check Icon Doesn't improve weak or duplicate passwords
Check Icon Secure sharing of single items or folder Check Icon Must share entire document with all data visible
Check Icon Changes automatically synced across devices Check Icon Hard to manage updates on multiple devices

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And That’s not All...

Download Roboform
Password generator

RoboForm's random password generator quickly and easily creates strong and unique passwords for each of your accounts. Want strong passwords conveniently generated right from your browser? RoboForm can do that!

Export Data

RoboForm stores more than just passwords. Our Safenotes feature lets you securely store any piece of information you want to keep away from prying eyes: Wi-Fi passwords, lock combinations, printer codes, pin codes, and more.

Import Export
Import / export

Do you have Logins stored in various browsers? RoboForm lets you import and export Logins from all major browsers, password managers, and CSV files.

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