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PocketServer to incorporate RoboForm® advanced Web form-filling technology in their next generation of smart card based digital wallet applications

Phoenix, AZ - April 6, 2004 - PocketServer International, LLC announced today that they will incorporate RoboForm® advanced Web form-filling technology in their next generation of smart card based digital wallet applications.

Major financial card issuers worldwide have licensed PocketServer's current generation products to provide their cardholders new levels of identity protection and convenience for Web navigation. With the addition of industry-leading RoboForm technology from Siber Systems, the PocketServer 3.0 release will seamlessly integrate high-security smart card data with more fully automated Web-based transactions. PocketServer will be delivering their first release of version 3.0 in May 2004 to a European payment card issuer.

"Usually high security means inconvenience" says Dan Wright, CEO of PocketServer International, LLC. "With the winning combination of PocketServer and RoboForm, we have been able to make online transactions more secure and more convenient at the same time. Now, with one simple product, users get security, accuracy and convenience, all in one package. Merchants will benefit from more completed transactions, less fraud and lower support costs; and payment card issuers will have a more complete platform for integrating their smart card offerings"

"We are delighted to add PocketServer to the growing number of licensees of Siber Systems' RoboForm technology" said Andrew Finkle, EVP Marketing and Sales for Siber Systems. "RoboForm has become the industry standard for reliable, non-intrusive form-filling and automation; with PocketServer we see the marriage of two great technologies to provide smart card issuers with the best-in-class solutions they require."

About PocketServer International LLC

PocketServer, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is dedicated to providing infrastructural solutions for the smart card industry. The company's technology is also applicable to other verticals requiring secure personal identity protection technology.

About Siber Systems, Inc.

Siber Systems, founded in 1995, is a privately held diverse software and services company that specializes in natural language processing, compilers, and Internet applications. The company's mission is to turn scientific findings in the areas of text parsing, compilation and transformation into useful commercial technologies.

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