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OrbisCom licenses RoboForm Form Filling Technology for Use in Financial Client-Side Application

FAIRFAX, VA - October 03, 2001 - Siber Systems, Inc., a leading provider of password management and form filling software, announced today it would license its form-filling technology to OrbisCom Inc., the leading provider of one-time credit card number solutions. Siber Systems developed its form-filling technology for Roboform, its award-winning password management product that automates the login process and fills online forms with just one click.

Roboform automatically fills forms such as checkout forms in online stores and other online forms that require entering user profile data. RoboForm uses advanced natural language processing techniques to fill forms that it never saw before, in essence imitating what humans do when filling a form.

Orbiscom will use Roboform's form-filling technology in developing the latest version of the Discover Deskshop online shopping tool for Discover Financial Services. The new version of Discover Deskshop expedites the online purchasing process by using RoboForm form filler to fill checkout forms and it improves card security by using Single Use Card Numbers technology supplied by Orbiscom.

When cardmembers reach the online checkout form at a web site, a virtual credit card icon will pop up on the computer screen to ask if they would like to fill the checkout form with a Single Use Card Number as well as the billing and shipping information. Cardmembers can decide whether they want to use the Single Use Card Number or their actual card number, depending on the type of purchase. One click and the online checkout form is filled.

About Siber Systems

Founded in 1995, Siber Systems creates and markets a wide range of software to both professional programmers and the general public. Its flagship product, RoboForm, is an award-winning password management and web form filler software that safeguards your passwords and identities and automates the web login process. Over a million active users worldwide rely on Roboform to protect and manage their online password data. Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, Siber Systems is a privately held company. For more information visit us at

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