RoboForm for Mac Version News

Version 2.1.1 -- 02/16/2015

  • Added icons to RoboForm toolbar.
  • Added Home button to RoboForm toolbar, it leads to the RoboForm Start Page.
  • If there is not enough space in toolbar for buttons then show icons only.
  • Firefox: fix installation of RF into Firefox, it did not work in some cases.
  • Rewrite integration with Safari and other browsers, to improve speed and stability.
  • Many usability and stability fixes.

Version 2.0.2 -- 01/06/2015

  • New Affiliate Id scheme, does not require signing on server.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 2.0.1 -- 12/05/2014

  • Chrome: Fixed clicking a passcard in a list of matching passcards unfocuses/closes RF window.
  • Fixed toolbar not working properly in Safari 8.0 full screen.
  • Fixed RF toolbar shows wrong Login matches if user enters URL manually in Safari 8.0.
  • Fixed ifxed issues related to secondary monitor.
  • Fixed unable to activate license for some users because RoboForm cannot get Mac serial.
  • Fixed toolbar is not redrawn in Safari 6.2.1 (OS X 10.8).
  • Improved toolbar design for Safari and Firefox.
  • Fixed some installation issues.

Version 2.0.0 -- 10/20/2014

  • Support OS X 10.10 Yosemite and Safari 8.
  • Safari integration has been redone to make it work in Safari 8.
  • User should click Search button to enter Search function.
  • Chrome: fixed Auth window not hiding when user presses Cmd-T or Cmd-N.
  • If Safari extension statrs with error or RF plugin does not load then hide toolbar.
  • Fix User can see RoboForm toolbar in Safari while Safari asks user to install RF extension.
  • Fixed sometimes RoboForm toolbar in Safary has no buttons on start.
  • Fixed RF toolbar in Safari may be grayed (disabled) right after RF install.

Version 1.9.5 -- 09/29/2014

  • Reinstall browser plugins/addons if Roboform has been reistalled, even the same ver.
  • Add 'Reinstall plug-ins' button in Settings/Update.
  • 'Reinstall plug-ins' shown in main menu if user holds Cmd when clicking 'RoboForm'.
  • Fixed uninstall page not shown on RF uninstall.

Version 1.9.3 -- 09/24/2014

  • Make RoboForm work with Safari 7.1, latest on Max OS X 10.9.
  • Make RoboForm work with OS X 10.10.
  • Switch to XCode 6 for compilation of RoboForm.
  • Chrome: Fixed rf-chrome-nm-host may ask for keychain access.
  • Chrome: fix error messages in Console (unbalanced cGSReenableUpdate).
  • Sync: Fix issues with sync stopped by RF data locked form another computer.
  • Sync: show error message if automatic sync fails.
  • Better Safari extension icons.
  • Fix Matching Logins/Identities window may get stuck.
  • Basic Auth: make AutoSubmit work.
  • Basic Auth: fix not showing Matching Logins after bad login.
  • Fix getting system proxy settings and using them properly.

Version 1.9.2 -- 08/20/2014

  • Fixed Basic Authentication crashes Safari.
  • Fixed progress indicator behaviour on Initial Screen.
  • fixed RoboForm Editor does not show sync progress after entering OTP.

Version 1.9.1 -- 08/19/2014

  • OS X 10.5 and 32-bit Macs are deprecated, RoboForm now suports only 64-bit MacOS.
  • Add One-Time password support, when syncing with RF Everywhere.
  • Use Automatic Reference Counting to manage objects.
  • If user removed RF Chrome extension, RoboForm will reinstall it on the next start.
  • Disabled Import and Print List commands during Initial Screen.
  • Hindi UI localization added.
  • Fixed incorrect error message on sync errors.
  • Fixed Editor crash when user renames passcard in left pane then RoboForm logs off.
  • Fixed Save/AutoSave for sites where page never sends OnLoad event.

Version 1.8.4 -- 05/29/2014

  • Fixed List of Logins not reloaded after Sync Conflict resolution.
  • Fixed crash under OS X 10.6 on Add/Remove Item to Domain Equivalence list.
  • Fixed Auto-Login may not work for some sites ( in Chrome.
  • Chrome: Close modal windows (password request) when Toolbar window is shown.
  • Chrome: fix Basic Authentication dialog issues.
  • Fixed default icon for Bookmarks, was the same as in Logins.
  • Added better diagnostics for installation problems.
  • Fixed RoboForm not starting up on case-sensitive filesystem.
  • Firefox: Removed FireFox NPAPI plugin, as NPAPI will be deprecated.

Version 1.8.3 -- 05/15/2014

  • Fix not workkng in Chrome on MacOS 10.6 due to 'dyld: Symbol not found'.
  • Fix Safari Toolbar not shown under OS X 10.5.
  • Fix version number message if no new version is available.

Version 1.8.2 -- 04/25/2014

  • Chrome: Fixed smaller Chrome integration issues.
  • Chrome: Fixed memory leak in Chrome extension.
  • Chrome: Options in toolbar icon context menu now opens RoboForm preferences.
  • Chrome: fix Basic Authentication.
  • Add Enable AutoSave option.
  • Add 'Show Bookmarks and Logins together' option.
  • Never ask AddressBook for user e-mail.
  • Fixed internal field names shown instead of localized ones in Identity summary.

Version 1.8.1 -- 04/14/2014

  • Roboform integration with Chrome via Native Messaging API, no NPAPI plugin anymore.
  • Fix 'RoboForm is about to update files' on every RoboForm start for some Chrome users.
  • Fixed 'Uninstall Roboform' from roboform-mac.dmg does not uninstall Chrome extension.
  • Multimonitor config: show password request in Chrome in the same toolbar as RoboForm popup.
  • Fixed crash in initial synchronization on OS X 10.5.8.

Version 1.7.9 -- 02/27/2014

  • Fix crashes in MacOS 10.5 related to old build of OpenSSL.
  • Firefox: make RoboForm work with Firefox ver 29 Aurora.

Version 1.7.7 -- 02/25/2014

  • Chrome: make RobOForm work with new Chrome 33.
  • Chrome: fixed click Generate, move browser windows, popup does not hide.
  • Chrome: hide matching passcards window when user clicks (Logins) in menu.
  • Safari: fixed notification tab is not hidden when switching tabs.
  • Firefox: fix keyboard focus when user logs out from RF and re-logs in.
  • Firefox: force enable of rf-firefox-toolbar plugin on install.
  • Fixed for free users limit is 0 passcards (must be 10) after 30 days.
  • Add user-define domain equivalence.
  • Show helpful error message in for SSL certificate error.
  • Do not report browser crashes not related to RoboForm.
  • Fix a few crashes.

Version 1.7.5 -- 11/22/2013

  • Fixed Some sites do not Login well in Chrome (works from matching passcards only).
  • Fixed Focus lost if user closes all FireFox windows, logs out from RF then opens passcard.
  • Chrome: hide matching passcards window when user clicks Logins button.
  • Add right triangle in Logins button menu to show submenu.

Version 1.7.3 -- 10/25/2013

  • Fixed Chrome eats up to 100% CPU for some users.
  • Fixed Login from matching passcards does not for some users in Firefox.
  • Report error if we can not locate Shared user folder.
  • Fixed delete multiple passcards - RF asks whether to delete only one passcard.
  • Removed toolbar icon in Safari.
  • Fixed toolbar disappears after FullScreen in Safari.
  • Improved readability of 'Print Logins' output.
  • If site icon is bigger than 48*48 - resize it, as RoboForm takes too much time to load it.
  • Fixed 'WinInet is not present on UNIX' shown in network error messages.
  • Show current and new version numbers in Update RoboForm message.
  • Fixed AutoUpdate issues.
  • Fixed code signing issues.

Version 1.6.8 -- 10/04/2013

  • Added Most popular logins list.
  • Do not mangle filenames longer than 255 bytes.
  • Fixed no minidialogs (matching passcards, identities) on mouse over in Firefox for some.
  • If installed another RoboForm configuration (Debug/Release/Trace) - re-install plugins etc.
  • Rf/Mac for Chrome: compatibility with Hola Unblocker.
  • Fixed shortcut does not work correctly if there is multiple key modifiers.
  • Limit RF Online UserId to alphanumeric (latin) characters and underscore.
  • Fixed unable to view default instance of identity if there is more than one instance.
  • Fixed unable to create RFO account with space in password.

Version 1.6.7 -- 09/17/2013

  • Fix Affiliate Id computation.
  • Add uninstall by dragging RoboForm icon to Trash bin.
  • Do not remove license when uninstalling, for future reinstalls.

Version 1.6.5 -- 09/12/2013

  • Editor: fixed unable to view default Identity tab instance if there is more than one instance.
  • Fix some site icons not shown in Logins menu of browser.
  • Fix affiliate ID computation and preservation.
  • Fix statistics reporting.
  • Show landing web page with version news on RoboForm install.
  • Show uninstall web page on RoboForm uninstall.

Version 1.6.3 -- 08/27/2013

  • Fixed If Firefox window is minimized then Login from Editor does not work.
  • Fixed FF user opens Add-ons manager then restart FF, RF toolbar is corrupted.
  • Firefox 22: fix saving site icons.
  • Fixed blank toolbar in Firefox in multi-monitor configuration.
  • Add code to check if FireFox RF extension enabled.
  • Fix if user installs RF Safari extension manually then RF thinks it is disabled.
  • Fix error message instead of tooltip in Chrome.
  • Disable force autosave when user alt-clicks link, it is used by FF itself.
  • Fixed reading passcard with invalid bitmap data alignment.
  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Add Affilite ID handling.

Version 1.6.1 -- 07/09/2013

  • Add support for Safari 6.1/OSX 10.8 and Safari 7.0/OSX 10.9.
  • Fix error processing during initial sync.
  • Move Safari extension to new Apple certificates.
  • Auto uninstall Roboform Lite and old Roboform extension.
  • Fix Auto Logoff (when autologoff performed on screen saver/screen lock).
  • Detect web site password change and offer to change it in passcard.
  • Save/Fill Basic Authentication in Chrome.

Version 1.5.9 -- 05/01/2013

  • Show icons in roboform login list.
  • Fix Sync conflict resolver, allow user to choose direction.
  • Generate password settings are now saved.
  • Fix retina support of context menu in editor.
  • Fix Clear List in Login menu: clear only passcards not bookmarks.
  • Fix toolbar layout in Firefox when other plugins are installed.
  • Editor: expand when clicked Logins, Bookmark or Identities.
  • Add Master password recovery policy for Enterprise.
  • Add CustomEverywhereServiceLocation for Enterprise.
  • Fix several crashes.

Version 1.5.5 -- 03/07/2013

  • Increase speed of browsing in Safari.
  • Add support for high resolution retina display.
  • Fixed Conflict Resolver window was not coming up.
  • Fixed Submenu and menu item selection with mouse-over not working on some Macs.
  • Fixed 'Always show the tab bar' in FF options off leads to incorrect position of RF toolbar.
  • Fixed clicking Logins when Password Generator is shown leads to not closing of PG.
  • Fixed chrome extension uninstallation.

Version 1.5.2 -- 12/28/2012

  • Adapter for Google Chrome on MacOS.
  • Fix RF not working in Firefox ver 18.0.

Version 1.4.7 -- 11/27/2012

  • Fix Identities did not fill form on the first attempt.
  • Fix Identities fields were sometimes not saved in Editor.
  • Fix option Do Not Ask Master Password sometimes was not saved.
  • Fix localization.

Version 1.4.5 -- 11/14/2012

  • Fix cycling of update when Chrome browser is installed.
  • Fix import from 1Password.
  • Implement RoboForm Start Page.
  • Fix sync problems (handle Conflicts).
  • Fix Print List (print passcards, identities, safenotes).
  • Fix search field layout in Editor.
  • Fix changing of Everywhere account from preferences.
  • Fix crashes.

Version 1.2.9 -- 07/20/2012

  • Fix RoboForm layout on retina display.
  • Fix layout and graphics glitches for MacOS 10.8.
  • Implement MacOS 10.8 style notifications.
  • Fix crashes in Firefox and Safari.

Version 1.1.4 -- 06/08/2012

  • Show favorite icons for web sites in Editor.
  • Fix crashes in RF for both Safari and Firefox.
  • Last form filling fixes from Windows version.
  • Latest sync changes of RF ver 7.7.8, fixes deletion of state file after not using for 1 week.

Version 1.1.2 -- 05/03/2012

  • Fix integration with firefox 12 under MacOS 10.5.
  • Add uninstaller and 'deep cleaner' to .dmg installer.
  • Fix more crashes.
  • Use latest sync library from GoodSync ver 9.1.7.

Version 1.1.1 -- 04/12/2012

  • Fix integration with Firefox 12.
  • Fix some crashes.
  • Use latest sync library from GoodSync ver 9.1.5.

Version 1.0.7 -- 03/30/2012

  • Fix a lot of crashes caused by incorrect critical section.
  • Integrate form filling fixes from RF for Windows ver 7.7.5.
  • Convert to using new iOS 10.7 SDK.

Version 1.0.2 -- 03/06/2012

  • Fix crashes on pop-up windows in Firefox.
  • Fix auto-update under Leopard.

Version 1.0.0 -- 02/29/2012

  • First official release that ends Beta program for RoboForm for Mac.
  • Fix RoboForm toolbar with firefox full screen mode.
  • Fix RoboForm intercepting keyboard input in Firefox.
  • Fix Firefox matching window closes when switching tabs/opening new tab.
  • Fix Firefox unable to open login in tab after opening binary file URL from external application.
  • Fix Firefox showing Save window and going full screen.
  • Fix Firefox toolbar still shown after Cmd-Shift-E.
  • Fix Firefox Save Window not shown.

Version 0.9.98 -- 02/17/2012

  • New sync algorithm from GoodSync 9.0.7.
  • Improve form filler in firefox (united, capital one, etc).
  • Fix issues user tries to open several tabs in the same time.
  • Fix reading passcards encrypted in Blowfish mode.
  • Fix bookmark saving in firefox.
  • Fix support of safari 5.2.
  • Fix crashes in safari/firefox.

Version 0.9.90

  • Fixed crashes in firefox/safari.
  • Firefox: Fix edit button.
  • Firefox: Fixed two notification windows shown after dragging Firefox window.
  • Firefox: Show different notification bars (save window etc) in different tabs.
  • Firefox: Fixed 'Purchase Roboform' ignored in Firefox.
  • Fixed crash after 'Open in new window - Close it - Open in new window'.
  • Firefox: Fixed crash on exit in Firefox ver 11.

Version 0.9.84

  • RoboForm for Firefox For Mac 8 to 11 added.
  • Crash catcher implemented.
  • Fix bugs and crashes.

Version 0.9.79

  • Fix repeated update requests.
  • New updater that does not ask twice for root password.
  • Fix New command for person, cars and address in Identity.
  • Fix Safari may go to about:blank during login from tray icon.
  • Fix crashes.

Version 0.9.63

  • Add Print List to print all Logins, Identities and Safenotes.
  • Add '+' sub-menu to create specific objects: Identities, Contact, Safenotes.
  • Rename to to prevent confusion.
  • Fix crash when user reopens Safari during update.

Version 0.9.61

  • Add country field to the identity header.
  • Fix form filling from Identity and Passcard.

Version 0.9.57

  • Move RoboForm data from ~/Application Support/Roboform to the ~/Documents/Logins.
  • Make sure that Master Password is the same for all Passcards, remove file smpenc.rfo.
  • Fix problems resulting from master password change on another computer. Reencode RoboForm Online Account.
  • Make all notifications in appear in Growl style even if Growl is not installed.
  • Sync: add Conflict Resolver. It gives user two choices: local computer wins or server wins.
  • Sync: Implement Proxy settings. RoboForm extracts proxy settings from system preferences.
  • Sync: fix bugs in initial sync.
  • Show icons for Passcards.
  • Improve form filler quality.

Version 0.9.49

  • Fix Master Password entry field under MacOS 10.5 Leopard.
  • Fix URL in Roboform Online Account passcard.
  • Fix Double click on Roboform object does not always open it.
  • Double-Clicking passcard in email correctly imports it into RoboForm.

Version 0.9.47

  • Fix recognition of Safari 5.1 browser.
  • Fix not filling form upon navigation of login.
  • Fix form filler bugs.
  • Implement Change Master Password with passcard re-encoding.
  • Command + Menu -> Roboform -> Uninstall completely uninstalls RoboForm.
  • Fix sync progress indicator.
  • Fix import of passcards when dragging passcards to RoboForm.
  • Add sync logs to the roboform ticket.

Version 0.9.38

  • Fix search box not showing items.
  • fix sync lock handling and sync error processing.
  • Fix activation lost on system update.
  • Fix custom notification.
  • Remove 'sync complete successful' message in case of automatic sync.

Version 0.9.34

  • Fix filling several tabs and windows simultaneously.
  • RoboForm installer now asks to close Safari during first RoboForm install.

Version 0.9.30

  • New Adapter for Safari, Safari ver 5.0.3 or later required.
  • RoboForm now works on MacOS 10.7 Lion and Safari 5.1.
  • New activation and licensing scheme.

Version 0.9.26

  • Implement RF own notifications when Growl is not installed.
  • Speed up Safari launch when RoboForm is installed.
  • Add more info to RFSS ticket.
  • Add keyboard shortcut for roboform menu.
  • Check for 3rd party addons not compatible with RoboForm.
  • Fix menus, autoupdate, etc.

Version 0.9.15

  • New AutoSave toolbar to avoid conflicts with other Safari plugins.
  • Add Desktop / Everywhere version choice, when installing RF.
  • Search expand all elements in roboform tree.
  • Fix showing phone numbers in identities.
  • Fill RF version in RFSS tickets.
  • Fix Desktop version activation.

Version 0.9.9

  • Identities: fix saving of instances.
  • Fix activation process messaging.
  • Fix presentation of identities on RF toolbar.

Version 0.9.2

  • Support several credit cards, addresses in Identity.
  • Implement Desktop and Everywhere license activation.
  • Add Set Master Password.
  • Encrypt passcards sent by email.
  • Fix bugs in item renaming.

Version 0.8.12

  • Add country change in Identities.
  • Fix crash when RoboForm is installed together with other Safari plugins.
  • Implement licenses: Everywhere and Desktop (Fixed).
  • Implement activation using Safari browser.
  • Logoff on screensaver start.

Version 0.5.10

  • Add Post-Save toolbar in safari with "Open in editor" button.
  • Add RoboForm menu in Safari.
  • Auto Log off.
  • Implement Filters in the Editor.
  • Startup screen and Lock screen.
  • Fix install procedure. From now on it is not needed to perform any additional actions to update or install new version. Older version still must be uninstalled manually before new version install.

Version 0.4.10

  • Logins (Passcards), Identities, Contacts and Safenotes are now implemented.
  • Identity tab instances do not yet fully work.
  • Syncing with Roboform Everywhere (Online) is now fully operational.
  • Bug fixing: increase performance, fix search, fix synchronization and account creation on startup, fix editor tree selection, filter contacts from identity list.
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