RoboForm for iOS Version News

Ver 3.3.7 - Oct 15, 2014

  • Fix Sync reminder disappears after restart.
  • Fix Crash on delete of last login in folder.
  • Home Screen Adapter: added support for iOS 8.
  • Fix flickering on displaying iPhone tabs.
  • Many fixes for smaller bugs and crashes.

Ver 3.3.5 - Sept 5, 2014

  • Fix PIN is not requested after sending app to background with OTP request displayed.
  • Display OTP request with plain input (not ***).
  • Fix Basic Auth do not select matching login in some cases.
  • Fix Sync Reminder preference issues.
  • Fix crash on rename and delete passcard from passcard view.
  • Fix iOS8 display and UI issues.
  • Fix initial sync hangs after updating cache.
  • Use Crashlytics for catching crashes in public releases.

Ver 3.3.3 - Aug 31, 2014

  • Add One Time Password support.
  • Sync: Add reminder to sync every N hours.
  • Sync: add basic conflict resolver.
  • Create RFO account using new RF server.
  • New scale for Master Password timeout.
  • New scale for PIN timeout.
  • Fix crashes related to iTunesConnect.
  • Autosave: make 'Never for this site' button visible on iPhone.
  • Fix Dual Password does not work with '"Open logins in browser' off.
  • Many smaller User Intrerface fixes.

Ver 3.3.1 - Aug 05, 2014

  • Fix crash on start after some updates.
  • Fix navigation layout issue with active search field.

Ver 3.3.0 - July 23, 2014

  • Import/Open Logins (passcards) from outside app.
  • Open links with target=_blank in new tab.
  • Add dual password support.
  • Add ability to download files.
  • Autosave: add "Never for this site" button to save blocking passcards.
  • Preferences: add Search suggestions toggle switch.
  • Preferences: add ability to manage blocking passcards.
  • Preferences: add Clear Cookies button.
  • Fixed many bugs.

Ver 3.2.1 - May 28, 2014

  • Urgent: Fix RoboForm does not ask for Master Password when it is not cached.
  • Change home screen icons shape to round, per Apple guidelines.
  • Fix Printing does not work at all.
  • Fix Autosave does not update password.
  • Fix Logins/Identity editor delete button is displayed partially.
  • Identity Editor: add ability to select country.
  • Identity Editor: add flags to countries.
  • Identity Editor: add clear buttons for fields.
  • Identity Editor: add empty values for selectable fields.

Ver 3.2.0 - May 27, 2014

  • Identity editor: Fully reworked.
  • Home Screen: add long tap menu for items.
  • Home Screen: show large Apple Touch icons when available.
  • Preferences: Add 'Show Login Details' option.
  • Preferences: Add 'Open Login in Browser' option.
  • Login Editor: do not hide passwords while editing.
  • Identities button: show Main identities + All Identities button + All Contacts button.
  • Fix scrolling of long text in note field of Logins and in Safenotes.
  • Fix Basic Authentication fill/save does not work.
  • Fix Standalone Login has no edit button.
  • Fix Olf value of Login field is displayed editing is finished.
  • Make Safenote text accessible (but not editable) in view mode.
  • iPad: remove unrelated browser men utems from toolbar for Home Screen.

Ver 3.1.0 - Apr 30, 2014

  • Add Password Generator.
  • Update OpenSSL client to 1.0.1g.
  • Build login cache in background thread, to not freeze UI after sync.
  • Avoid device sleep while syncing logins.
  • Fix folder paths were truncated when moving passcard.
  • Fix statistics reporting.
  • Reset pin timeout on disabling pin code.
  • Preferences: use custom keyboard with picker for selectable values.
  • Change search string to 'Search Logins or Web'.

Ver 3.0.0 - Apr 14, 2014

  • New Use Interface design for iOS 7.
  • Browser-centric concept in new UI design.
  • Updated Login (Passcard) Editor.
  • Update SafeNote Editor.
  • Add Home Screen with most popular Logins.
  • Add ability to disable PIN entry.
  • Search: display RoboForm Login matches before Search Engine matches.
  • Matching Logins: add 'Submit after Fill' option.
  • Add 64-bit support (Arm64 architecture).
  • Fix Save bookmark without cached MP saves unreadable Login.
  • Minimal requirement: iOS 6.0.

Ver 2.7.1 - Nov 12, 2013

  • Minimal OS requirement is now iOS 5.
  • Fix iOS 7 master password not accepted if user taps OK in password request.
  • Fix crash when using proxy server with auto configuration javascript file.
  • Fix crash on displaying passcard site icon with non-padded bitmap.
  • Fix update usage info for passcards on view, edit and login.
  • Fix checking of correct injection of rf-ios.js into web page.
  • Fix saving of 'Web Browser->Open Mobile Sites' setting.
  • Fix Save bookmark without cached Master Password saves unreadable passcard.

Ver 2.6.0 - July 19, 2013

  • Browser: Add http digest auth support.
  • Fix: fill up sync progress to 100% in case of successfull sync.
  • Fix: Preferences: "Web Browser->Open Mobile Sites" toggle switch, press "Home", bring up RoboForm: value must remain unchanged.
  • Fix: Crash on displaying passcard site icon with non-padded bitmap.
  • Fix: ask for creating pin on upgrade from ver 2.2.8.
  • Fix: crash after sync in case opened item was changed or deleted.
  • Fix: crash on deleting passcard from list.
  • Fix: rename passcard from passcard view.
  • Fix: text editor fields does not refresh if cancel pressed.

Ver 2.5.0 - June 02, 2013

  • Add Identities editor.
  • Add full screen view for Passcards.
  • Add ability to pin Passcard to home screen.
  • Passcard List: show creation commands if there are no items in folder.
  • iPad: Add option to start with an open sidebar.
  • Fix Rotation not work on iPad with iOS 5.
  • Fix Browser's address bar not resized on iPad with iOS 5.
  • Fix Passcard list not scrolling after search.
  • Add ability to cancel pin code change (cancel button or shake).

Ver 2.4.1 - Apr 04, 2013

  • Fix crash on PIN entry in some devices.
  • Popup fewer message boxes when no internet connection is available.
  • Fix autosave popping after filling from matching passcard.
  • Better Identities view: split it into groups like in big RoboForm.
  • Add big buttons for Login, Goto, Email in Passcard view.
  • Fix fill from Identity when non-default instances are used.

Ver 2.3.9 - Feb 27, 2013

  • Fix horizontal layout on iPad.
  • Add option for default action of passcard.
  • Implement post-update page.
  • Remove 'Save Unprotected' option. All Logins and Bookmarks are saved protected.
  • Add Delete button to Login in Edit mode, similar to the buttons used in Contacts.
  • Add Delete option to the Logins list using the standard iOS delete sequence.
  • Fix option that determines what to show on app start, login list/or browser.
  • Fix App crash on start when < 2.0 version was previously installed.

Ver 2.3.6 - Jan 31, 2013

  • Implement Passcard Editor.
  • Add New RoboForm Everywhere account creation dialog.
  • On install perform the same master password processing as in desktop RoboForm.
  • Implement RoboForm Start Page.
  • Login when passcard is clicked, Edit passcard with click on the arrow.
  • Improve performance and speed, by improving cache.
  • A number of bugs fixed.
  • Add iPhone 5 and iOS 6.0 support.

Ver 2.2.8 - July 25, 2012

  • New: Tabs for iPad and iPhone browsers.
  • Fix Filler clicks submit even if nothing is filled.
  • Fix Browser fails to show sites with invalid certificates.
  • Make address bar be scrollable, together with browser page.

Ver 2.2.7 - July 02, 2012

  • Show fields and field names in 'summary' format.
  • New: auto-save logins, turned off by default.
  • New: Safenote editor.
  • New: ask user to rate app after using 14 days.
  • New: show logins and bookmarks site icons.
  • Fix: Do not forget normal mode navigation position on switch to browser.
  • Fix: iPhone navigation bar height in landscape mode.
  • Fix: Remove RFO login/password check, fixes sync problems.
  • Fix: Fix rare crashes on sync complete.
  • Fix: passcards index (1st letter) disappears on navigate.

Ver 2.2.6 - May 31, 2012

  • Fix auto-logoff timer.
  • Add Logoff button.
  • Request Master Password in-place.
  • Add 'Fill Non-Empty Fields' option to form fill form passcards and identities.
  • Add progress indicator to address bar in browser.
  • Fix incorrect layout when started in horizontal mode.
  • iPhone: add flip effect on change main view.
  • Fix special characters in RF Everywhere password.
  • Move stop/refresh buttons to the address bar.

Ver 2.2.5 - April 25, 2012

  • Fix special chars in RF Everywhere password not recognized.
  • Change user agent to be MacOS desktop Safari, so that passcards work.
  • Filling from Matching Passcards: fill only, perform no submit.
  • Fix Folder that contains only safenotes shows nothing.
  • Fix form filling on several web sites, related to JS and user agent.

Ver 2.2.4

  • Passcards: add "Send by Mail" action.
  • Fix Sync gets stuck at 25%.

New in v2.2.1 - April 2012

  • Major new release of RoboForm for iOS, new internals.
  • Form Filling from Identities has been added.

New in v2.0.2 - Mar 2011

  • Fixed issue with 'freezing' on the PIN Entry
  • Fixed issue with unresponsive toolbar button in some states
  • Fixed issue with folders and files that contain non-latin characters

New in v2.0

  • Native iPad support! Including a built in browser and toolbar button.
  • iOS 4 Multitasking support.
  • iPhone 4 Retina display graphics.
  • Speed enhancements for the method of passcard caching.

New in v1.2

  • Added "Matching Passcards" functionality. Select the "Matching Passcards" button from the browser toolbar as you do on the PC version of RoboForm, and Fill Forms or Fill & Submit on the current page, depending on the option selected in "Settings > Web Browser".
  • Search in Logins/Identities/Safenotes views is now recursive.
  • Filenames with international characters are now synchronized correctly.
  • Error explanations for data files encrypted with "RC6" method.
  • Special characters in Filenames, such as "+" are now working properly.
  • New, more intuitive Copy/Paste implementation that mimics other Apple iPhone Apps.
  • Settings have been removed from the global "iPhone Settings App" as a security precaution.
  • Added "Change PIN", it can be found in "Settings > PIN Entry".
  • Added "PIN Entry Attempts" option, which will allow the App to have a certain number of Entry attempts before locking out the user for a certain period of time.
  • Moved the "Forget Master Password" into the Settings tab from the Sync tab.
  • Added "Change Account / Password" button which allows to login to a new RF Everywhere account, with the added ability to simply update the used password for the RF Everywhere account. This no longer requires the App to restart after changing.
  • Added "About" section with version number and added support links
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