RoboForm for Android Version News

RoboForm for Android ver 4.2.3 - Feb 16, 2015

  • Added re-encrypt wizard: Settings->Tools->Set Master Password
  • Fixed keyboard showing and hiding for dialogs
  • Fixed PIN code and file import issues
  • Fixed Firefox plugin: form submit came back
  • Fixed integration with Google Chrome via accessibility
  • Added integration with Opera browser via accessibility
  • Added Java code build date

RoboForm for Dolphin Addon ver 1.11 - Feb 16, 2015

  • Updated RoboForm user interface
  • Load icons directly from web site

RoboForm for Android ver 4.2.1 - Jan 29, 2015

  • Fixed crash on null icon load.
  • Disabled Google Chrome filling.
  • Fixed Identity Editor issues: instances removing and renaming, drop-down lists.
  • Fixed crash for several devices on editable fields.
  • Set default web title text to hint mode.

RoboForm for Android ver 4.2.0 - Jan 19, 2015

  • Matching Logins dialog: added ability to view selected Login and Show All Logins.
  • Load icons for Logins and Bookmarks from the Login's web site.
  • Updated web-browser user agent: added roboform info, updated engine version.
  • Updated Send function for RF files: RF copies item to external storage and reencrypts it.
  • Added wizard for File Import, to import Logins sent by email.
  • Fixed timing issue in external app filling.
  • Fixed issues in Domain Equivalence.
  • Fixed error handling in RF Online Account creation.
  • Fixed context menu issues on Start Page.
  • Fixed UI issue on Start Page.
  • Fixed RF Online Account edit dialog.
  • Fixed Preview of Sync Results option.
  • Fixed several bugs and crashes.

RoboForm for Dolphin Addon ver 1.10 - Nov 28, 2014

  • Added getting site icons via Google.
  • Fixed password issue.
  • Updated RoboForm communication protocol.
  • Added Pin Code Dialog which works with RoboForm's Pin Code.

RoboForm for Android ver 4.1.7 - Nov 19, 2014

  • Fixed crash on RoboForm open, after Update Cache, in ver 4.1.6.
  • Fixed crash on sync finish.
  • Fixed crash on using context menu in address bar.
  • Fixed wrong result from form filler.
  • Fixed send crash mail dialog hiding.
  • Fixed account creation problems.
  • Improved app performance after first update cache.
  • Added setting for RoboForm Online Account.

Version 4.1.5 - Oct 21, 2014

  • Fixed crash on sync finish.
  • Fixed crash on restore application state.
  • Fixed crash on short-time application pausing.
  • Added opening web stored pdf files in google online reader.

Version 4.1.4 - Oct 08, 2014

  • Fix Changing of Url when matching logins are used.
  • Addon compatibility - fixed wrong item paths.
  • Fixed Start Page sync if only Analyze is complete.
  • Fixed crashes on setState in file fragment due to low memory.
  • Stability update.

Version 4.1.3 - Sep 29, 2014

  • Added edit custom groups in identity.
  • Added ability to create contacts.
  • Added accessibility black list.
  • Added domain equivalence settings.
  • Improved start page for tablets: 3 parts like in desktop RoboForm.
  • Improved AutoSave algorithm: Now it works same as in desktop RF.
  • Fixed wording in settings and in first run wizard.
  • Fixed GUI issues in settings.
  • Stability update.

Version 4.1.2 - Aug 09, 2014

  • Fixed crash on list view in ver 4.1.1.
  • One Time Password support.
  • Hide URL bar in phone browser on page scroll down.
  • Improved file navigation and cache performance.
  • Switch to 3-digit version numbers.
  • Stability update.

Version 4.10 - July 28, 2014

  • Fixed sync error related to capital letters in UserID.
  • Fixed keyboard freeze on last screen of first run wizard.
  • Stability update.

Version 4.09 - July 24, 2014

  • Redo New User wizard, improve usability.
  • Added Identity Editor.
  • Fixed errors in Sync difference dialog and credentials saving.
  • Enforce single Master Password for all passcards.

Version 4.08 - Security Update - July 09, 2014

  • Do not store Master Password anywhere on device.
  • Store RF Everywhere account password in passcard, just like on desktop.
  • Store only hash of PIN, not the PIN itself.

Version 4.07 - June 24, 2014

  • Fixed menu button on tablets.
  • Fixed Identity fields missing.
  • Added basic authentication processing.

Version 4.06 - June 07, 2014

  • Fixed Dolphin and Firefox plugin inteface.
  • Stability update.

Version 4.05 - June 03, 2014

  • Added RoboForm Accessibility service, used to fill forms in other apps.
  • Added Search in Safenote content.
  • Added Context menu in History fragment.
  • Added ability to create Home Screen shortcuts.
  • Added ability to switch between Light or Dark visual themes.
  • Added file upload in our browser.

Version 4.04 - Apr 06, 2014

  • Added browser history.
  • Fixed file delete from Downloads.
  • Changed Identities sort order in fill form dialog.
  • Added ability to rename and move files.
  • Fixed crashes.
  • Firefox add-on: Fixed compatibility with Firefox v28.
  • Firefox add-on: Fixed fill & submit option.

Version 4.03 - Mar 17, 2014

  • Change search string to search in Login names and in search engine.
  • Show matching Login names in search strings when user starts typing.
  • Add option to set Home Page.

Version 4.02 - Mar 04, 2014

  • Improved search function.
  • Fixed some crashes.

Version 4.00 - Feb 19, 2014

  • New Browser oriented User Interface design.
  • Added search agents.
  • Added fill forms from identities and contacts.
  • Fixed several crashes.

Version 3.10 - Dec 06, 2013

  • Make form filling work in Android 4.4 (broken in RF ver 3.09).
  • Fix getting arround AppCode to see list of files.
  • Fixed crash on tab selection.
  • Optimized start process.
  • Fixed freeze after handling incorrect URL.
  • Redesigned generate password wizard.
  • Fixed issue with non ASCII symbols on creating account.
  • Clear all browser data on Clear History.
  • Added browser zoom.
  • Unified GUI for different Android versions.

Version 3.08 - Oct 30, 2013

  • Fixed falling back to first run wizard.
  • Added manage bookmarks for Android 3.x+.
  • Fixed crash after sync.
  • Fixed error on browser state recovery.
  • Added ability to remove downloaded files from device.

Version 3.07 - Oct 22, 2013

  • Added browser home page with list of most popular logins and bookmarks.
  • New phone browser design for Android 3.1+.
  • Added option to cache master password after closing app.
  • Added ability to show password in first run wizard.
  • Firefox plugin: Fixed 'missing RoboForm menu' issue.
  • Firefox plugin: Master password synchronization with RoboForm app.
  • Firefox plugin: Fixed issue with Fill&Submit after master password dialog.
  • *** Addon for Doplphin Ver 1.7 changes ***
  • Added Bookmarks.
  • Added All Logins.
  • Added 'RoboForm not installed' dialog.
  • Added Master password synchronization with RoboForm app.
  • Must use RoboForm app v3.06 or later.

Version 3.05 - Sept 12, 2013

  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Fixed wrong URL order in browser drop down list.
  • Added forgetting master password on force close.
  • Fixed ability to come back to file list after clear data.
  • Fixed password creation and edit issues.
  • Fixed incorrect setting of the first visible position in file list.
  • Fixed extra form filling.
  • Fixed downloads list save position error.
  • Allow removal of several elements from downloads list.

Version 3.04 - Aug 12, 2013

  • Fixed browser title drop down list issues.
  • Added Browser tabs limit to settings.
  • Updated file list navigation design.
  • File list now saves scroll position when user goes to browser view.
  • Fixed crash in storage select.

Version 3.03 - July 15, 2013

  • Fixed not displaying tab content when getting back to it.
  • Fixed web service crash.
  • Fixed install firefox plugin crash.
  • Added ability to choose next action after file download.
  • Added current tab load on start roboform browser.
  • Start in browser view with last session.
  • Fixed item view design.
  • Restored "show items" function.

Version 3.02 - July 10, 2013

  • Fixed not requesting master pasword after sleep.
  • Fixed browser tabs load state.
  • Fixed browser multi tab errors.
  • Improved password generator dialog design.
  • Fixed prompt for update FireFox addon error.
  • Fixed matching passcard errors.
  • FireFox: Added option to switch off hint.

Version 3.01 - June 12, 2013

  • Restore state of open tables after browser restarts.
  • Make progress bar better visible and higher contrast.
  • Added download list and simple download manager.
  • Fixed AutoSave sizes and prompts.
  • Improve address complete.
  • Fixed Matching Passcard dialog, provide better matches.
  • Added prompt to update Firefox addon.
  • FireFox: Fixed master password lost.
  • Firefox: Show folders for logins and bookmarks in lists

Version 3.00 - May 08, 2013

  • Added multiple browser tabs for Android version 3.x and later.
  • Added auto-complete for URL field that offers viable alternatives.
  • Simplified browser interface.
  • New GUI now works on Android 4.2 and higher.

Version 2.64 - Apr 16, 2013

  • Removed Clean Cache, Reload as Desktop dialogs, as not applicable in multitab.
  • Added confirmation for file removal.
  • Removed double confirmation after file save.
  • Added Dolphin addon installation button.
  • Pass RF Everywhere credentials to login form after account creation.
  • Added confirm of exit from safenote edit with unsaved changes.
  • Make file removal from search results work.
  • Firefox: Allow special characters in master password.

Version 2.63 - Apr 04, 2013

  • RoboForm now works in Firefox, to install:

  • in RoboForm go to Menu -> Settings, click Install Firefox plugin.
  • Fix disapperance of menus in some cases, on Android 3 and 4.
  • Fix dialogs shown when server is locked by another sync.
  • Fix dialog of initial setup, sync with the RF EW account.
  • Fix sync reminder on Android 4.
  • Refresh file list after file delete.
  • Improve file list code.
  • Fix bug in showing PIN code entry screen.
  • Fix not offering to save file when leaving it.
  • Fix saving files on devices that do not have SetModTime.
  • Fix bugs in cleaning previous RF Everywhere user profile when creating a new one.
  • Released RoboForm for Dolphin ver 1.6.

Version 2.61 - Feb 20, 2013

  • Fix RoboForm or RF for Dolphin asking to upgrade to new version when version is already current.

Version 2.60 - Jan 29, 2013

  • Fix folder caption in Flattened mode.
  • Fix context menus for Passcard and Safenote.
  • Fix cache recompute when deleting from search results.
  • Fix go up button.
  • Fix 'file read error' if user cancels save of safenote.
  • Fix losing position in file list on screen turn.
  • Fix not deleting passcard on saving if it already exists.
  • Fix crashes on MP entry + rotation of screen.
  • Rewrite saving of files, to fix many issues.
  • More smaller User Interface fixes.

Version 2.59 - Dec 27, 2012

  • Fix showing URL in passcards and bookmarks.
  • Fix hiding keyboard after Safenote editing.
  • Fix editing of empty safenotes.
  • Fix Sync reminder period.
  • First sync is is now 1-way to ensure integrity of acct.
  • Fix encryption of system passcards.
  • Fix crash in file list.
  • Fix 'Update Cache' in file list.
  • Fix showing Note field in Identity and Passcard.
  • AutoSave is now ON by default.
  • Fix saving a file on top of existing file.
  • Fix strings and window titles.
  • Add message about incorrect password entry.
  • Fix navigation after file deletion.
  • Check for name case conflicts when creating a new file.

Version 2.58 - Dec 11, 2012

  • Fix and improve AutoSave, esp. on Android 2.0.
  • Fix crash on log viewing.
  • Add option to remove all RoboForm data.
  • When searching, match only RoboForm files.
  • After file delete, get to next file, not to the start.
  • Tab style is now done in platform tradition.
  • When matching passcards, do not show Bookmarks.
  • Do not allow files with empty names.
  • Add exiting RF on double-click of Back.

Version 2.56 - Dec 04, 2012

  • Fixed empty folder not showing anything.
  • If wrong master password is entered, display warning.
  • Focus on master password entry field.
  • Added master password timeout.
  • Fixed flash on scroll.
  • Added folders.
  • Fixed crash on form fill.
  • Fixed form filler.
  • *** Dolphin Addon Ver 1.2 ***
  • Removed All tab, now accessible from menu.
  • Concatenated Contacts and Identities.
  • Improved icon and styles.
  • Added support for folder/alphabetical view.
  • Fixed form filler.
  • Removed odd setting 'Show system bookmarks'.
  • Added password generator with options.
  • Forced update cache for updates from 2.53 or early versions (changed cache format).
  • Fixed crashes in file list view.
  • Must have RoboForm ver 2.56 or later.

Version 2.55 - Nov 12, 2012

  • Fixed crash in FileList.
  • Fixed sync and log icons for android 4.0.3 and newer.
  • Fixed animation on tab change in file list.
  • Fixed edit for multiline notes in passcards.
  • Added password generator in browser.
  • Added ability to create note field in passcards.
  • Added support for dolphin browser addon.

Version 2.54 - Oct 29, 2012

  • Fixed file list crashes.
  • Bookmarks and passcards now Login on click, Edit on long click.
  • Added option to choose tap action for passcards.
  • Added field 'note' to Save Passcard dialog.
  • Request master password before goto action.
  • Default actions for search results are now the same as in the filelist.

Version 2.53 - Oct 23, 2012

  • Default action for file tap is now 'login', edit and other actions are done on long tap.
  • Fixed slow file scrolling.
  • Field 'note' in identity is now multiline.
  • Fixed file list not refreshed after file removal.
  • Fixed 'back' key not blocked when request to the new account create in action.
  • Fixed sync list position restore after item edit.

Version 2.52 - Oct 11, 2012

  • Fixed sync dialog, now show right info.
  • Fixed screen rotation on passcard edit.
  • Fixed target field edit.
  • Fixed passcard save on edit.
  • Fixed device sleep on account registration.
  • Fixed AppCode not asked after sleep.
  • Fixed lost account password.
  • Removed StateSync from sync details.
  • Fixed crash on file list.
  • Fixed page reloading on device rotation at Android 4.x.
  • Added Favicon save.
  • Fixed XSS toast showing on every page.
  • Fixed crash on log view.

Version 2.51 - Sept 26, 2012

  • Fixed lost cursor and focus indication in the wizard and create account form.
  • Fixed cursor navigation for devices with HW keys.
  • Fixed UserId filter, now it accepts all symbols.
  • Encrypts all stored passwords: Master, Account, PinCode.
  • Fixed all passwords must be hidden after wakeup.
  • Fixed sync crashes.
  • Fixed crash on cache update.
  • Updated FormFiller intellect.

Version 2.50 - Sept 10, 2012

  • Fixed crashes on passcard opening.
  • Removed confusing menu items from browser.

Version 2.49 - Sept 06, 2012

  • Added RF Everywhere account creation.
  • Fixed login button in the wizard.
  • Added encryption of RF EW password.
  • Fixed UserId allowed characters.
  • Added fast scrolling to the SafeNotes.
  • Fixed master password logoff on device sleep.
  • Fixed 'WA' state of Australia.
  • Added ability to change file direction in sync.
  • Fixed crash in filtered files view.
  • Fixed log view.
  • Fixed clipboard errors.

Version 2.48 - August 08, 2012

  • Fixed screen rotation crash on Update Cache.
  • Fixed crashes on FileList View.
  • Fixed logs not attached on some devices.
  • Fixed crash on sync.

Version 2.47 - August 01, 2012

  • Added ability to delete files
  • Increased speed of cache update
  • Fixed screen rotation crash on Analyze
  • Added ability to create SafeNotes
  • Fixed Subject line for messages
  • Changed conflict resolution screen
  • Fixed lock file identifier
  • Form filler fixes

Version 2.45 - July 19, 2012

  • Now users can copy/paste from/to field values
  • Fixed rotation issue in passcard view
  • Fixed menus for 3.x and 4.x Android platforms
  • Fixed reporting not executed on some devices
  • Fixed crash when reading big identity (over 500 fields)
  • Fixed log file viewer crash

Version 2.43 - July 02, 2012

  • Fixed logins AutoSave for multi-frame sites.
  • Fixed case sensitivity on file name check when saving
  • Fixed passcards fields names display
  • Fixed sync log submit for Android 3.x and 4.x
  • Fixed site login for
  • Removed autocomplete from URL enter string
  • Added change-log dialog
  • Colorized toasts
  • Fixed sync on filename case change

Version 2.42 - June 26, 2012

  • Ability to save login forms from multi-frame sites.
  • Corrected multi-frame sites form filling.
  • Fixed form filler messages, to show correct final result.
  • Fixed favicons size for devices with extra high DPI.
  • Fixed RF Everywhere account unlock after sync complete.
  • Fixed some fields corruption on passcard edit.
  • Fixed icons for conflict resolution buttons.
  • Fixed direction icons on syncing files.
  • Added Widget to view and send sync logs.
  • Fixed first time wizard message.

Version 2.41 - June 25, 2012

  • Fixed multi-framed sites form filling (Dishmail).
  • Fixed Logins autosaver not launches.
  • Fixed passcard editing on Android 4.x versions.
  • Fixed re-synchronization crash.
  • Fixed icons for deleted files in sync analyze screen.
  • Now passcard field names are more readable.
  • Show non-default/ignored fields values.
  • Fixed log files uploading.

Version 2.40 - June 4, 2012

  • Fixed many form filler issues.
  • Fixed sync may delete state file, if not synced for long time.
  • Fixed spurious conflicts that may happen on sync.

Version 2.39 - Feb 25, 2012

  • Fixed Safenote edit. Now text wraps.
  • Fixed crash on sync error.
  • Fixed crash on browser exit.
  • Fixed form fill from passcards containing apostrophe in values or note.

Version 2.37 - Jan 16, 2012

  • Fixed form filler.
  • New sync algorithm.

Version 2.36 - Jan 12, 2012

  • Fixed save forms to passcards.
  • Fixed form filler for schwab, godaddy, etc.

Version 2.35

  • Added Passcard Editor.
  • Fixed compatibility with old format RoboForm files.
  • Added fill from Identity (browser menu->Split Screen, select identity, perform fill or fill and submit).

Version 2.33

  • SafeNote editor implemented.
  • Ability to e-mail RoboForm files.
  • Fixed save forms for Fidelity.
  • Logins view now have 'show fields' item, to show all fields.
  • Ability to open external safenotes (received by e-mail, etc).

Version 2.32

  • Fixed crash on search.
  • Fixed installer.
  • Form filler fixes.

Version 2.31

  • Added Save Passcard.
  • Added two-way sync mode.
  • Added Forms AutoSave. It must be enabled in settings, as not everybody needs it.
  • Moved 'Close Browser' menu item to the top level.
  • Fixed master password timeout.
  • Fixed 1.x compatibility.
  • Fixed permissions for some 3.x devices.
  • Fixed Samsung word splitter bug (Split UserID).
  • Fixed after sleep crash in SplitScreen mode.
  • Fixed wrong matching list.
  • Fix form filling.

Version 2.25

  • Fixed resource leak.
  • Fixed menu icon set for Android 3.x.

Version 2.23

  • Fixed browser crash on 3.x devices.
  • Fixed storage recognition on 3.x devices.
  • Added option to select from which screen Roboform must start, Web Browser or FileManager.

Version 2.22

  • Added split-screen to browser. Easy copy/paste from identities and passcards to the web-forms. Available from browser menu (Menu/Show items).
  • Fixed form filler issues.

Version 2.18

  • Fixed stall on cache update.
  • Fixed login from passcard issue.
  • Protect from crashes after interrupted 'update cache' process.

Version 2.16

  • Speed up after-sync update of database.
  • Reduced memory usage.
  • Removed unneeded questions on first time sync.
  • Fixed issues with root certificate.

Version 2.15

  • Added hiding of address line on browser.
  • Fixed zooming.
  • Added per passcard selection: desktop or mobile browser.
  • Fixed sync files with extensions in different case.

Version 2.14

  • Fixed rotation bugs.
  • Increased file list speed.
  • Fixed crash on decoding some rare passcards.

Version 2.13

  • Fixed crashes.
  • Fixed wrong behavior of application on some cases.
  • Added warning for Update cache on settings screen.

Version 2.11

  • Fixed Crash on update from early versions.
  • Fixed Double Password issues.
  • Fixed Search progress bar, clean history issues.
  • Update cache now performing only if sync is actually started.

Version 2.10

  • Added progress for cache update (fixes black screen).
  • Increased speed on file list.
  • Fixed some crashes.
  • More changes to come in speeding up dept.

Version 2.9

  • Rewritten caching engine, to speed things up.
  • Fixed compatibility with old android versions issues.
  • Fixed submit error on form filler.
  • Fixed rotation bug on safenotes.
  • Added update file cache button in settings.
  • Fixed field names in identity and contact view.

Version 2.8

  • Fixed all known crashes.
  • Fix form filler issues.

Version 2.7

  • 'Show system bookmarks' now works as planned.
  • Fixed title size.
  • Added favicon support.
  • Added 'tabbed view' for file list.
  • Added 'Double-tap' zooming in browser.
  • Added 'Submit' checkbox in matching passcards dialog.
  • Fixed sync errors with state changed or lock found.
  • Fixed reaction to loss of RF data folder.

Version 2.6

  • Fixed 'Note' filed in all files.
  • Fixed Crash on open bad passcards.
  • Added support for dual password passcards.
  • Fixed 'Desktop' browser asking from menu actions in browser.
  • Fixed form filling.
  • Fixed crashes on browser exit.
  • Fixed matching passcards.
  • Fixed Setting AppCode option.
  • Fixed Disabling keys for AppCode view.
  • Added checkbox for showing/hiding passwords inside passcards.
  • Fixed crashes on 'empty' files.
  • Fixed screen rotations.
  • Fixed support of different screen sizes.
  • 'Clean Cache on browser close' option is now disabled by default.
  • Many GUI fixes.

Version 2.5.2

  • Fixed 'error 22'.
  • Fixed Master Password timeout settings.
  • Fixed crash on empty and protected safenote open.
  • Fixed crash on identity open.
  • Selecting of matching item now only fills form, does not submit.
  • Fixed AppCode '0' key.
  • Do not show blocking passcards.

Version 2.5

  • Add Browser clean on exit (remove cache, cookies, etc).
  • Fix crash in: Sync, go back, Sync again.
  • Fix filtering system counting.
  • Remove exit buttons.
  • Add AppCode keyboard for Android 1.5.
  • Fix Search dialog strings and buttons.
  • Fix WebView icons and button behavior.
  • Remove 'File List' menu items.
  • Fix 'Back' key navigation.
  • Add crash catching and emailing to developer.

Version 2.4

  • Added PIN code.
  • Fixed stop/reload buttons on webview.
  • Fixed big safenotes issues.

Version 2.2

  • Fixed crash on Android 1.5 and others
  • Fixed scroll on SafeNotes
  • Added ability to migrate application to the SDCard or to internal phone memory.
  • Fixed form-filling on some sites.
  • Added response if site is changed and roboform can't fill form on it.

Version 2.1

  • Initial release.
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