Why RoboForm?

See why we're the best password manager.

We Have Experience You Can Count On

RoboForm has been helping users since 1999. While other password managers have come and gone, RoboForm has been simplifying password management for 15 years.

15 Years of History

We Have a Free Option that Includes Mobile

Our Free version includes syncing, backups and use on multiple computers and mobile devices (up to 10 logins) The world is becoming mobile and we believe the Free version should too.

Smart Phone Support

We Believe Software Should Be Ad-Free

You will never see one of those pesky advertisements in any version of RoboForm.

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We Believe in Options

Unlike other password managers, we do not force you in the “cloud.” You can choose between storing your files on your computer (Desktop) or syncing them in the cloud (Everywhere).

Image of Options Available and Described in Text

We Have Your Back

We are the only password manager to offer phone support. We also offer Free live chat & 24/7/365 email support.

We offer telephone support in English, and web based support in multiple languages for our password manager. In Short We have your back

We Are Trusted Throughout the World

See why millions of users worldwide and several well-respected media sources recommend RoboForm:

Trusted Worldwide

We’ve Made it Simple to Use

Our Software is easy to use

Our users range in age from 9 to 99. It’s easy to get started and easy to use. Start using RoboForm today and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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