Why RoboForm Everywhere?

Learn about the benefits of using RoboForm Everywhere.

The Difference Between Free, Desktop and Everywhere

A growing number of RoboForm users use more than one computer every day. In addition to that, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are increasingly used to browse the internet. RoboForm Everywhere offers you the same convenient browsing experience no matter which computer or device you are using. Your favorite websites are just one click away. Everywhere.

RoboForm Free

RoboForm is completely free for the first 10 logins. You can continue to use RoboForm for free on multiple computers and mobile devices, keeping everything in sync up to 10 Logins. If you have more than 10 Logins, you should upgrade to either RoboForm Desktop or RoboForm Everywhere.

Image showing RoboForm working with desktops and Mobile Devices

RoboForm Desktop

RoboForm Desktop is a license for a single computer which can be used by multiple users. You can use all features of RoboForm Desktop 7 for as long as you wish for a one-time license fee of $29.95. If you want to install RoboForm on additional computers, you will need to purchase additional licenses.

RoboForm Desktop Screenshot

RoboForm Everywhere

RoboForm Everywhere is a service with an annual fee. It allows you to install RoboForm on all your computers and devices. It includes unlimited copies of RoboForm Desktop and can be used on an unlimited number of computers, USB drives, and mobile devices. It comes with a RoboForm Everywhere online account which automatically keeps your RoboForm data in sync. I also allows you to securely access your Login information online, for example when you are travelling.

Image showing that RoboForm Everywhere works on all major platforms and devices.

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Why Am I being Asked to Renew?

RoboForm Everywhere is a service with an annual license. Your license is about to expire - if you want to continue enjoying RoboForm's convenient features on your computers and devices, please renew your license now.

What does RoboForm Everywhere include?

Roboform Everywhere provides an extraordinary value to you. With RoboForm Everywhere you can:

  • Install RoboForm on all your computers.
  • Login to your favourite websites from your iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone or Tablet, and many other devices with one click.
  • Synchronize your passwords and other data automatically between your computers and devices.
  • Have a completely secure backup of all your Login information.
  • Securely access your Logins from any computer in the world.

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