Tutorial: RoboForm Search Engine

Password Managment Search Features


Executing a Search

  1. Type in a word or sentence in the search box and a small menu window will display your search options.


  2. Click on any of the search options listed in the dropdown box. You can:

    • Select a Passcard whose name contains a string that you typed. RoboForm will login to the selected Passcard.
    • Search typed words in Yahoo, Google or any other search engine.
    • Search typed string in RoboForm Passcards, Identities and Safenotes.
    • Perform many other queries using SearchCards: phone number lookups, whois, language translation, dictionary lookups, or easily program your own query.

*If you hit ENTER after typing in your search, RoboForm will use the first search option to execute your command.

* RoboForm offers even more great functionality; feel free to browse our Search Box Manual for additional information and a more in-depth look.

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