Tutorial: Creating a Master Password

Master Password: Password-Protect All Your Files.

When RoboForm is installed for the first time you will be asked to create a Master Password. The Master Password will secure your Logins, Identities and Safenotes, ensuring no one will have access to that information unless they enter your Master Password.

Master Password Setup

If you did not setup your Master Password during the installation, you can set one up at any time.

  1. Navigate to Your RoboForm Toolbar. Click on the RoboForm drop down menu.


  2. Click on "Options".


  3. Select "Security," then the "Set Master Password" button. Create your Master Password.


  4. Make sure that all of your New Files are protected by your Master Password by going back to the "Options" menu and selecting "Security." Make sure each box is checked where it says "Password Protection for New Files."


* RoboForm offers even more great functionality; feel free to browse our Password Protection Manual for additional information and a more in-depth look.

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