Tutorial: How to Save a Bookmark

This tutorial will show you how to save and manage your Bookmarks in RoboForm.

There are a variety of different ways that you can save Bookmarks in RoboForm.

Saving a Bookmark

  1. To save a Bookmark, type in the website address of the bookmark that you want to save. For example, www.google.com.
  2. Once you have reached the website, navigate to your RoboForm toolbar and select Bookmarks>New.


  3. RoboForm will automatically suggest a name for the Bookmark, or you can create your own name. Once you have decided on a name, make sure the box next to .Password-protect. is checked in order to protect the bookmark with your Master Password. Then, click Save.


  4. Another way to save a Bookmark is to go to the website and click on Save in the RoboForm toolbar.


  5. Once the Save window appears, make sure that the Bookmark icon is selected, then click Save.


Organizing Bookmarks into Folders

  1. You can organize your Bookmarks in to folders by going to RoboForm>Editor.


  2. The RoboForm Editor will open, click on Bookmarks. Then, click on the folder icon to create a new folder.


  3. Give the folder a name and click OK.


  4. Another way to create a new folder is to right click on the Home icon or right click on any folder and select "New Folder..."


  5. You can move Bookmarks to folders by right clicking on the Bookmark and selecting "Move..."


  6. A box will appear asking you which folder that you would like to move the Bookmark to. Double click on the folder and then select OK. Your Bookmark is now moved to the folder that you chose.


  7. When you are saving a Bookmark for the first time you can also store it in a specific folder. Go to the website that you want to save as a Bookmark, click on Bookmarks and select "New..."


  8. Click on the button that says "Create In >>" Select the folder where you want to save the Bookmark and then click save.


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