Tutorial: Managing Your Logins

This tutorial will show you how to easily save your login information.

A Login is a combination of a login URL, your user name, and your password, which can be used to automatically log you into websites.

Saving a Login

  1. To create a Login, simply go to any website and login as you normally would.

    Enter your login information
    Example: http://www.google.com

  2. An AutoSave dialog will pop up on the top or bottom of your browser and offer to save your login information into a Login.

    Auto-saving dialog

    *A basic domain name will be displayed as the Login name. You can rename the Login and edit this name at any time.

  3. Click the "Save" button and your Login is created!

    Click Save to create the login

Using the Login

Login to your favorite websites in One Click.

  1. Click on the Logins button in the RoboForm toolbar. You will be shown a list of your saved Logins.

    List of logins

  2. You can select any one of your saved Logins and RoboForm will automatically log you in.

    Select a login to use it

Fill Login Information in One Click.

When you reach a website for which you have already created a Login, you will notice that the name of the Login appears in the toolbar.

  1. Click the Login name on toolbar and RoboForm will fill the login form for you.

    Click the login from the toolbar
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