Tutorial: Password Generator

The Password Generator creates random passwords of any length.

Randomness of generated passwords makes them harder to compromise, and using them is simple since RoboForm will remember your passwords for you.

Generating Passwords

  1. Mouse over the Generate button in the RoboForm toolbar and you will see a suggested password.

    *When the Generator window comes up for the first time, it automatically generates a new password


  2. To generate a different password, click the Generate New button in the Password Generator.

    Generate New

  3. Click on the "Advanced Settings" tab in the Password Generator if you'd like to modify your character settings for generating passwords.

    Advanced Settings

Using Generated Passwords for Online Signup Forms

  1. Go to the sign up page of any website. Click Generate New -> Fill when you are ready to create a password. RoboForm will fill your generated password into the matching password field on the website. You can then submit the form.

    *Increasing your password length and adding characters will increase your password security.

    Fill Create

    Saving Your Generated Password for Future Use

    The simplest way to re-use your generated password is to save it in a secure Login.

  2. Logout of your newly signed up website from Step 1.
  3. Go back to the login screen of the website.
  4. Type in your username.
  5. Mouse over to the Generate button and click Fill. RoboForm will fill in your newly generated password. Login to the website.

    Fill Login

  6. You will be prompted to save your username and password as a Login. Click Save.

*You have just created a secure login to a website, and you won't even need to remember the password anymore, RoboForm will do it for you.

Browse Password Generator Manual for a more in-depth look.

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