Tutorial: Form Filling

This tutorial will show you how to fill long registration and checkout forms with one click using RoboForm Identities.

Setting up an Identity for Filling Registration and Checkout Forms

  1. Click Setup Form Filling on the RoboForm toolbar to setup your Identity. This information can later be used to fill forms with one click.

    Setup form filling

  2. You will be prompted for your name and country to appropriately set up your Identity.

    New Identity

  3. Go through the various tabs and enter your information in the appropriate fields.

    Edit the identity

  4. Click on the green Save disk/button in the right hand corner. Your identity set-up is complete!

    Save the identity

Filling Registration and Check Out Forms Using Identities

  1. Go to any online registration or check-out form and Click on <Your Identity Name> on the RoboForm toolbar. RoboForm will fill the forms automatically.

    Use the identity to fill forms

    * To go back and edit your Identity, mouse over your Identity name on the RoboForm toolbar and select Edit.

Form Filler Sample

Full Name
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
State, Zip Code
Web Site

More Test Forms for Identities:

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