Tutorial: How to Edit a Login

This tutorial will show you a variety of different ways that you can easily edit your login information.

A Login is a combination of a login URL, your user name, and your password, which can be used to automatically log you into websites.

Note that normally you do not need to edit a Login. When login form changes due to web site redesign, simply save a new login over the existing login.

  1. To edit a Login, simply go to RoboForm -> Editor.

    Open the RoboForm Editor

  2. Go to Logins and click on the login that you would like to edit.

    Select your intended login

  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the login information. You can edit the URL, email, and password that you use for that login. Click on the asterisk icon in order to view or hide the characters in your password.

    Edit the fields

  4. Once you have made changes, click on the green disk icon to save your information.

    Click save

There are three other ways to open the RoboForm Editor:

  • RoboForm -> Logins -> Edit
  • RoboForm -> Logins -> Right click any Login -> Select Edit
  • RoboForm Start Page -> Right click any Login -> Select Edit

One you have the Editor opened; follow steps 2 through 4 above.

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