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RoboForm Toolbar

The RoboForm Toolbar gives you easy, yet secure access to all your passwords. It is the perfect way to access all your favorite web sites as well as fill out online web forms — all in one click. You can even save notes and bookmarks, search the internet, and generate new passwords — all from one toolbar.

RoboForm Toolbar

Logins Menu

The Logins menu organizes and displays all your Logins on one screen. If you click on your Login, RoboForm will go to the web site, fill in your username and password, and click the submit button automatically.

Logins Menu

Save Forms

When you log into a website for the first time, RoboForm gives you the option to save your login information. When you click on a saved Login, RoboForm will log you into that website automatically.

Saving Forms for Reuse


You can view, edit and organize all of your RoboForm data with the Editor.

Identity Editor

Generate Strong Passwords

The Password Generator generates hard to guess passwords for an added level of security. You can now use secure passwords because RoboForm will remember them for you.

Generate Strong Passwords with RoboForm.

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