RoboForm Lite for Firefox on Linux

This is a pure Firefox extension that does not require the regular version of RoboForm to be installed.

RoboForm for Linux Firefox
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Version 3.5.1
(Works in Firefox, all OSes)

It is recommended for Linux users, as this platform has no regular RoboForm for Firefox.

It is written in JavaScript, but most RoboForm functionality is available.

RoboForm Lite is completely free.

Current version is 3.5.1.

Version News

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Ver 3.5.1 -- 24.06.2013, Fixes and changes:

  • Enable toolbar buttons when logged off, they call logon to RF Everywhere.
  • New AutoUpdate system.
  • Make it compatible with Firefox 21
  • UI fixes in dialogs for Linux/Mac
  • Form filler algorithm improvements and speed optimization

Ver 3.4.9 -- 22.02.2013, Fixes and changes:

  • Change Obfuscator to simple one
  • Add Namespace prefixes to XUL names
  • Get rid of enablePrivilege
  • Get rid of E4X XML parser
  • Custom fields mechanism for Identity
  • Sync with RF Everywhere server command added
  • Form filler algorithm improvements and speed optimization

Ver 3.1.0 -- 03.10.2012, Fixes and changes:

  • *All* identities button was added to IdentityFill dialog
  • *Fill@Submit* operation was added to IdentityFill dialog
  • Add 2 weeks and 1 month to Auto logoff
  • Form filler algorithm improvements and speed optimization

Ver 3.0.0 -- 14.07.2012, Features and changes:

  • Create/Edit/Save of the Identities was added (local/online modes)
  • Create/Edit/Save of the Contacts was added (local/online modes)
  • Tools/SET fields command was added
  • *Offer to save passcard if already exists for this domain* option was added
  • "Change Master Password" operation was added
  • Phone Prefixes commands were added to IdentityFill dialog
  • Passport and Car groups for identity were aded
  • LOGIN button to toolbar was added (Online mode)
  • Add Dual Master Password support (Online mode)
  • Form fill for highlighted fields algorithm implemented
  • Form filler algorithm improvements and speed optimization

Ver 3.0.0 -- 14.07.2012, Fixes:

  • Show only avialable groups for CONTACTS
  • UI fixes in dialogs for LINUX/MAC
  • Create/Enter Master Password dialog UI impovements
  • Create New Folder/Safenote dialog UI impovements

Ver 2.1.0 New Features and Changes:

  • Create/Edit/Save of the Bookmarks was added.
  • Edit of local Identities was added.
  • Manual Save operation of the current document fields was added.
  • Reset/Clear fields commands were added.
  • Disjoint Logins/Bookmarks in UI (can be joined together in Options).
  • Disjoint Identity/Contact in UI (context menu disjointed also).

Ver 2.1.0 Fixes:

  • Fix Contacts cannot be added to main toolbar as Active Id.
  • Show only available groups for Contacts.
  • Add Note field for identity groups.
  • Alphabetical order of the local files fix for Linux.
  • Many UI fixes in dialogs for Linux.

Ver 2.0.0 New Features and Changes:

  • Create/Save/Edit support added for Safenotes.
  • Acttive Identity in main toolbar is now taken automatically from root folder.
  • You can also set Active Identity manually via context menu for individual identity.
  • Form Fill dialog added. Form fill from different instances of the group implemented.
  • Session Timeout info dialog was added. Show non modal dialog (5 seconds).
  • Create new Folder, Safenote dialog was added.
  • Password Generator dialog: added *Special symbols in password* feature.
  • Login dialog. Add indicator of the cookie settings of the Firefox browser.
  • Add submenu for folder object in context menu (Add folder, Add safenote).
  • Toolbar: added *grey* images for disable state of the toolbar.
  • Icons for context menu changed similar to full Roboform version 7.
  • Localization: Japanese was added. Russian and English localizations corrected.
  • New graphical design for many dialogs.
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