Welcome to Cyber Security Awareness Month!

During the month of October, which has been designated National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), we are challenging you to be more secure in the digital world.  This page contains several tools to help ensure your online safety, including:

Since 1999, RoboForm has been the world’s #1 Password Manager, helping you stay secure online by providing the ability to login to websites automatically without ever having to remember or type your passwords again.

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Time To Crack Estimate:

This tool does not check for common dictionary words. Common dictionary passwords can be cracked in minutes by most hackers.
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Strength Evaluation:
Length of Password:
Attempts Per Second:100,000
Roboform Tip of the Day

How Hackable is Your Password?

The length and strength of your password can make a huge difference in how long it takes for
hackers to crack the code!

2 Minutes

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If you have an all lowercase 5-character password, a hacker can feast on your personal data by the time you get your drive- thru order.
Do you have a 5-character password with all lowercase letters and numbers? A hacker can crack it before you and Spike make it around the block.

10 Minutes

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1 Hour

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Hackers are in incredibly flexible, even without exercise. In the hour you spend doing yoga, they can crack a 5-character password with upper and lowercase letters.
Longer, stronger passwords put hackers in a time- out. An 8-character password that uses upper and lowercase letters and symbols takes longer to crack than raising a child.

17 Years +

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