How It Works

RoboForm is easy-to-use, fast, and you can access it from everywhere.

RoboForm is a unique product that makes your life easier and more secure. Trusted since 1999, millions of users across the globe have discovered the benefits of using our password management software. Below is a short summary of how it works.

Install RoboForm

Take the plunge and download RoboForm. There is nothing to lose- it's free and you'll be able to see what all the excitement is about. There's no credit card required and no strings attached.

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Choose Your Master Password

Your Master Password is the one password you’ll need to remember. This password will encrypt and secure all of your RoboForm data. We don't store your Master Password anywhere, so make sure you don’t forget it!

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Remember Your Passwords

There's no start-up time with RoboForm-just surf the web as you normally would. When you login to a website, RoboForm automatically offers to save your Login information. It’s that simple!

Click on the RoboForm icon to remember an existing password.

Simplify Your Logins

Now that RoboForm has remembered your login information, simply click on that Login and RoboForm will take you to that site and log you in automatically. It's as easy as using Bookmarks or Favorites. You'll never need to remember or type another password again.

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Access RoboForm Everywhere

Access your RoboForm Logins and Identities on all of your computers and devices. RoboForm runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Windows USB drives. We also have apps for most popular mobile phone platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Use our RoboForm Everywhere (Online) service to synchronize and back up your data to the cloud, which lets you enjoy secure, one-click access from everywhere.

Access your passwords using RoboForm Everywhere.

Fill Forms Fast

Use our RoboForm Identities feature to securely store your name, address, email, credit cards, and all your other information. Just click on your RoboForm Identity to fill entire web forms automatically. Save yourself hours of needless typing!

Generate Strong Passwords

Since you no longer need to remember or type your passwords, you can use RoboForm to generate strong, unique passwords for each of the sites that you visit. We all know our passwords should look like this. With RoboForm, now they can!

Access your passwords using RoboForm Everywhere.

Discover Everything Else RoboForm Has to Offer!

We have a ton of other useful features. Visit our Key Features page for a complete list of features and benefits of using RoboForm. Or just get started and download RoboForm today!

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