RoboForm2Go: RoboForm on a USB Drive

USB Password Management.

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Version 7.9.12
(Works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8)

RoboForm2Go gives you the freedom and flexibility to carry all your passwords, contacts, and bookmarks, with you for use on any computer - anywhere in the world. Since RoboForm2Go runs directly from the USB drive, you can use it on any computer without leaving any personal data behind. You can enjoy RoboForm2Go worry free knowing that it encrypts your information with military level AES encryption to achieve complete security.

Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

Does RoboForm2Go work with all Browsers?

No, RoboForm2Go supports fewer Browsers than installed RoboForm.
The reason for that is that attaching to browser dynamically from outside is much harder than from installed software.

RoboForm2Go ver 7 works in these Browsers:
- Internet Explorer.
- Firefox.

RoboForm2Go ver 7 does not work in these Browsers:
- Chrome.
- Opera.

However, you can install regular RoboForm on a computer.
When you start RoboForm2Go, it will piggyback onto installed RoboForm,
so it will work in Chrome and Opera where it cannot attach from outside.

U3 support has been discontinued.

This happened because U3 standard has been abandoned and U3 consortium is not operational. The last version that supports U3 is: RoboForm2Go for U3 ver 7.4.0.

How to migrate.

Just install regular RoboForm2Go (not for U3) on a regular (not U3) USB disk.

Q: Troubleshooter: RoboForm2Go does not attach to my browser. Why?
A: There are several reasons why RoboForm cannot attach to your browser. This simple troubleshooter will help you to determine the cause of the problem and how to fix it.

1. Default Browser on the computer where you plugged in RoboForm2Go is not supported by RoboForm. RoboForm2Go works in Internet Explorer, IE-based Browsers and Firefox. RoboForm2Go does not yet attach to Chrome or Opera.

2. You closed RoboForm2Go taskbar icon. RoboForm2Go taskbar icon must be present for RoboForm2Go to work.

3. You may be using an old or buggy version of RoboForm2Go. Check your current RoboForm version in "Help -> About" dialog. The first thing to do is to upgrade to the latest official version by selecting RoboForm -> Help -> New Version Check.

Q: How to get a clean install of RoboForm2Go after things got messed up?
A: You can get a clean start by doing this sequence:
- Delete folder "RoboForm" from your USB disk, it contains RoboForm2Go program files.
- Delete folder "My RoboForm Data" from your USB disk. Remember to back up this folder before deletion, as it stores your RoboForm2Go Passcards and other user files.
- Delete strings that mention "RoboForm" or "RoboForm2Go" from "autorun.inf" file.
- Optional: Reformat your USB drive if you experienced input-output errors.
- Reinstall RoboForm2Go and restore My RoboForm Data folder.

Q: RF2Go: How can I change the name and icon of my portable USB disk?
A: To change the name of USB disk, open Windows Explorer, right-click the USB disk in the list of drives, select Properties, change the name of the volume in the General tab.
Also you have to change it in file "autorun.inf" on your USB key, in "label=" line.

To change the icon of the USB drive, edit "icon=" line of the file "autorun.inf" that appears in the root folder of your USB disk.

Q: RF2Go: How do I make my USB key not lose files when I pull it out?
A: Officially you are supposed to tell Windows to Stop the USB key before pulling it out, so that Windows can flush its disk cache to USB. Unofficially you can set USB drive into a mode where disk cache will not be used, so you can pull out any time without stopping:
* Click "Safely Remove Hardware" USB icon in Taskbar.
* Check "Display Device Components" in dialog that comes up.
* Click the "USB Flash Disk Device", the middle one in the 3-level tree.
* Click Properties.
* Select Policies tab.
* Select "Optimize for Quick Removal" and click OK.

Q: RF2Go: How do I fix broken AutoPlay (AutoRun) function on USB disk?
A1: On Windows 7 Microsoft has disabled AutoPlay (AutoRun) for security reasons.

A2: If you are using OS other than Windows 7:
* Reinstall RoboForm2Go, check 'Configure RoboForm2Go to start when you insert drive'.
* Make sure that you can manually start PortableRoboForm.exe from the USB key.

Microsoft offers the "AutoPlay Repair Wizard" from this link
This is what they say:
* Save it to your desktop and unplug your USB drive.
* Run the program you downloaded and insert your USB drive when prompted
* This should correct AutoPlay problem.

Q: RF2Go: My USB disk is not recognized by Windows when inserted? How to fix this?
A: If your USB key is still physically "healthy", this can be fixed by reloading USB driver:
* Double-click USB icon in Windows Taskbar.
* Select "USB Storage Device", click "Properties".
* Select "Driver" tab, click "Uninstall" button, wait for driver to uninstall.
* Replug your USB drive, and Windows will reinstall the driver automatically.
* Uninstalling the 2nd level in the driver tree ("USB 2.0 Flash Disk Device") may be needed too.

If USB icon in Windows Taskbar does not appear:
* Right click My Computer on desktop
* go to Hardware
* click Device Manager
* Drill into USB controllers
* go into Properties of USB Mass Storage Device.
* Or in Device Manager do View -> Devices by Connection and Drill down to your USB disk,
* Uninstall all drivers related to your USB drive.

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