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Trial Period/License Has Expired Messages

I bought a license, but I still get a trial period message? I can't (or didn't) activate my software.

You need to activate your software from the free trial to the paid version. To activate or reactivate your software please select the RoboForm Icon -> Help -> Activate RoboForm Pro and enter the Order ID (or License key) that you received when you purchased the software. You will also need to enter your name or email address.

My license has expired. How do I renew my RoboForm Everywhere License?

In order to renew your Everywhere license, select the RoboForm Icon -> Help -> Renew RoboForm Everywhere. Please be sure to download the latest version from our download page.

Enabling Your RoboForm Toolbar

How do I enable the RoboForm Toolbar within Firefox?

You can view a video walkthrough on YouTube or read on.

By default, Firefox disables RoboForm on install because RoboForm is installed as a third party program, and not by user via XPI from the Firefox add-ons website. You will need to check to verify whether the RoboForm add-on is enabled in add-ons and enable RoboForm, if it has been disabled within Firefox. From the Firefox toolbar select Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions -> RoboForm Toolbar, Enable.

Can you put the RF Toolbar at the top in Chrome?

Older versions of Chrome did have the ability to place the RoboForm toolbar at the top of the browser. Chrome has since changed their browser functionality so that this is no longer possible. No one can place an upper toolbar in Chrome, this is why RoboForm has to be placed at the bottom. Feel free to ask Google to allow the upper toolbar, we would like to have an upper toolbar for Chrome as well.

Your RoboForm Account

How do I get a list of my existing RoboForm orders?

You can look them up using Customer Information page.

What is my Everywhere User ID and Password?

If you have already created the Everywhere account, you will have a Login named RoboForm Online account in your editor. You can access the Editor by clicking in the RoboForm icon, then Editor. Click on the Login named RoboForm Online to view your User ID and Password.

Or you can look up the list of Everywhere accounts you created using Customer Information page.


Why is the second year of RF Everywhere $19.95 when I only paid $9.95 previously?

The cost of RoboForm Everywhere is $19.95 per year. We discounted the first year to $9.95 for all new users. The renewal rate is $19.95 after the first year.

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