RoboForm IOS FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for IOS Users

Q: I forgot my PIN for RoboForm. What to do?
A: To reset the RoboForm PIN if you have forgotten it, you need to uninstall and reinstall the RoboForm for iPhone Application from the iTunes AppStore.

Q: How can I use RoboForm within Safari itself?
A: The RoboForm for iPhone App cannot be used with the "Safari" icon on the iPhone home screen, which is due to how Apple controls "Apps" on the iPhone itself. No third party application can ever access the Safari App on the iPhone directly, it's not just us. The workaround we have is that we're allowed to "create" a browser that is the same as Safari, but within the RoboForm for iPhone Application. The way to access this is to select a Login and once it opens, click the "Login" button along the top. This will then complete a one click login to the website. Once you are done you can simply click the Exit button on the browser to return to RoboForm for iPhone.

Q: How do I view the entire value for a field that's "cut off?" ?
A: We are working on a better way to show the entire contents of a field in the file viewers. For now what you can do is press and hold on the field and then choose "Copy" and then go to the Notepad app on the iPhone and paste the contents to view the entirety.

Q: Is my data encrypted on the iPhone?
A: The RoboForm for iPhone Application downloads copies of your data files from RoboForm Everywhere, which are the exact same format and level of encryption as your PC version of RoboForm uses. So if your PC version of RoboForm uses a Master Password, so will your iPhone version.

Q: Why is my RoboForm Everywhere Account not being accepted when I attempt to login?
A: You need to enter the User ID and Password you use with RoboForm Everywhere (note, they are case-sensitive).
1) If you created Everywhere account, but you do not remember the User ID,
apply to the Customer Information Page.
2) If you have not yet created an account, you may:

Q: How do I perform one click logins?
A: To use RoboForm for iPhone to fill login forms, you need to open it and tap a Login from the list. Unfortunately RoboForm for iPhone cannot integrate directly with Safari itself outside of the RoboForm for iPhone App, but we have an integrated copy of Safari which can be used.

Q: Can I add Passcards/Identities/Safenotes or edit existing ones?
A: Passcard and Identity editing and auto-save are implemented as of ver 2.5.0.

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