RoboForm Everywhere FAQs

Still have questions? See some of our FAQs below.

Why should I sync my Logins with the RoboForm Everywhere (Online) server?

- Maintain a secure backup of your RoboForm data in case of computer or disk failure.
- Sync your RoboForm data with all of your computers.
- Manage RoboForm data from your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, & Windows Phone 8)

Is RoboForm Everywhere the same as RoboForm Online?

Yes, RoboForm Online was considered a beta version of RoboForm Everywhere.

Why is RoboForm Everywhere asking me for a User ID and Password?

Your Everywhere User ID and Password allows RoboForm to sync your data to your devices.
You will create the Everywhere User Id and Password during the installation process. This helps keep your data secure so that only you have access to it.

How does RoboForm Everywhere activation work?

After you have purchased a RoboForm Everywhere license your instructions to install and activate will be sent to you via email.
RoboForm Everywhere activation instructions are provided for Windows/Mac Computers and USB devices (RoboForm2Go). Follow these steps on all of your computers and USBs.

Why do I need RoboForm Everywhere to use RoboForm on iPhone, iPad and Android?

New generation mobile devices do not have desktop tethering and synchronization must be done over the air, wirelessly.
The data is pushed to the online account from your computer. The mobile device can sync with the online account for any changes.

Can I sync without Master Password?

No. When it comes to security, storing your Logins in the RoboForm Online service unencrypted will not be allowed.
This is for your safety. Your Logins are encrypted by your Master Password.

Should my RoboForm Everywhere Password differ from my Master Password?

In general, we think that it is more secure to have your RoboForm Everywhere Password differ from your Master Password, but it is not required.
So if an unauthorized person obtains your RoboForm Everywhere account User ID and Password, they still cannot access your RoboForm files because they do not know your Master Password.

Why does the RoboForm Sync setup ask for my Master Password?

RoboForm Sync setup creates a special Login named "RoboForm Online Account." This Login stores your RoboForm Everywhere credentials, so that you do not have to enter credentials to sync. Your Master Password is required to open that Login, but it is never stored on the RoboForm Everywhere server.

How secure is RoboForm Everywhere?

All communications between the RoboForm client and the RoboForm server are encrypted by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
All of your RoboForm data is additionally encrypted by your Master Password using AES encryption. Your Master Password is never stored anywhere on our RoboForm Everywhere servers (not even its hash) and our employees have no way of knowing it.
The RoboForm Everywhere servers are located in a secure, Tier 1 facility in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States. This facility has armed guards, backup generators and connections to multiple Internet backbones.

Do I have to buy RoboForm Desktop license if I have RoboForm Everywhere license?

No. One RoboForm Everywhere license activates RoboForm on all your computers.

Can I activate RoboForm2Go from a RoboForm Everywhere license?

Yes, just follow the instructions below:

  1. Install the latest version of RoboForm2Go on a USB drive.
  2. Select RoboForm2Go Icon -> Help -> Activate RoboForm.
  3. Enter your RoboForm Name and Order ID and proceed to activate.

Are RoboForm Everywhere User IDs and Passwords case-sensitive?

Yes. RoboForm Everywhere User ID and Password are case sensitive. They must consist of at least 6 alpha numeric characters.

What triggers a RoboForm Everywhere Sync?

The following processes will automate Syncing with RoboForm Everywhere:

  1. Login to RoboForm by entering your Master Password.
  2. Change any RoboForm file (Login, Identity, Safenotes, and Contacts).
  3. Click the SYNC button on the RoboForm toolbar.

If you are logged on to RoboForm Everywhere on Computer A and Computer B, changes will not automatically update on each computer unless something triggers the sync.

What happens when I sync two computers with different RoboForm file lists?

When you perform initial sync of RoboForm data files on a computer where you have never synced before, it is likely that your RoboForm Everywhere account will be different.
If more than 10% of your RoboForm data files differ, or if you have conflicts\errors between 1 or more files you will have to manually complete the sync.
Here is the full process:

  1. RoboForm will analyze the differences between RF data on this computer and the server.
  2. It will display the differences between the files.
  3. If there are changes that need to be done manually you will receive two options:
    a) Files from this computer win.
    b) Files from the server win.
  4. To manually change the files select "Show." You can manually change the sync direction of each file from this view. To change all of the files to one direction select the two icons at the top right of the list of changes box. Left icon (From Server to Computer) or Right icon (From Computer to Server).
  5. Once you are happy with the edited changes, click the Sync button and they will be performed.

How do I restore my Logins from RoboForm Everywhere?

Restoring your RoboForm data to your computer from RoboForm Everywhere requires you to analyze the data from both computer and server then manually select which way the sync should go. Select the RoboForm Icon>>Sync>>Show Changes (Analyze). Select Show. You can manually change the sync direction of each file from this view. To change all of the files to one direction select the two icons at the top right of the list of changes box. Left icon (From Server to Computer) or Right icon (From Computer to Server).
So before you sync to a computer to restore, delete all files and folders inside the 'My Documents\My RoboForm Data' folder, but not the folder itself. If you delete only Login (Passcard) files and not the _gsdata_ folder inside RF data folder then RoboForm would think that you want to propagate deletion of all your Logins to the server.
Once the entire 'My RoboForm Data' folder has been removed, click SYNC button to get RF data from the server.

What happens if I forget my RoboForm Everywhere User ID or Password?

The information for your RoboForm Everywhere User ID and Password are stored in a Login named "RoboForm Online Account." Open the RoboForm Editor and click on Logins, you will see your RoboForm Everywhere User ID and Password. (Note) Your RoboForm Everywhere User ID and Password are case-sensitive. If you use accented or non-latin (ASCII-7) characters in the password, then this password may not be accepted by RoboForm Sync.

How do I create a new RoboForm Everywhere account, if I have forgotten my password for the old one?

If you have all of your data still on your computer then you can create a new account to sync you data. Select the RoboForm Icon>>Sync>>Settings>>Setup a new RoboForm Everywhere Account. Security is our #1 priority and we take great measures to protect your data from being obtained by somebody who pretends to be you but is not you.

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