RoboForm Bookmarklet

What is the RoboForm Bookmarklet?

The RoboForm Bookmarklet allows RoboForm Everywhere users to login to websites automatically using their existing RoboForm logins, even where RoboForm is not installed.

Who Benefits from the RoboForm Bookmarklet?

  • RoboForm users using not fully supported operating systems and devices.
  • RoboForm users using a computer where RoboForm is not installed.

Why Bookmarklet is Not The Best Way?

  • Bookmarklet cannot do everything that full RoboForm can do,
    because it does not have sufficient integration with a browser.
  • Bookmarklet is less secure than full RoboForm integrated into a browser,
    as lack of integration forces us to use less secure workarounds.

So RoboForm Bookmarklet should be used only if full RoboForm does not work in your browser or on your device. If full RoboForm is available, we strongly recommend to use full RoboForm.

How do I set up and use the RoboForm Bookmarklet?

Future additional features to the RoboForm Bookmarklet

We are committed to expanding the functionality of the RoboForm Bookmarklet. Here is what we have in store for future releases:

  • Better emulation of RoboForm one-click login functionality.
  • Editing RoboForm logins directly from the RoboForm Bookmarklet.
  • Filling forms from RoboForm Identities.

Supported Browsers for RoboForm Bookmarklet

Bookmarklet works in most browsers. If it does not work in your favorite browser, please let us know.

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