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My name is Austin and I am a member of the technical support staff here at RoboForm.  Every couple of weeks I'll be posting about common issues that we've seen from users, along with solutions to those issues.  I look forward to helping you make the most of your RoboForm with Tech Advice!

Where Has My RF Toolbar Gone in Firefox?

One of the more common questions we’ve seen as of August 6, 2013 and more recently is in regards to Mozilla’s release of Firefox 22/23. Firefox 22/23 contain major upgrades to security issues seen in Firefox as recently as version 21; the only drawback to this major rewrite is that it actually broke compatibility with RoboForm 7.8.x.x and prior. To help address this we’ve released RoboForm for Windows available directly from our website, located here.  As always, this is a free update for our RoboForm 7 and Everywhere users. Once installed, the RoboForm Toolbar should appear.  If it does not show up, below are some standard troubleshooting steps that can be used to bring it back.

Troubleshooting for Windows:

1. In your browser, navigate to View>Toolbars and confirm that the RoboForm Toolbar is turned on. 8.9a 2. If you do not have a ‘View’ option you may have a Firefox button/icon in the top right that is selectable. From that button mouse over the Options towards the right side of the drop down, then from the drop down menu make sure the RoboForm Toolbar is checked. 8.9b 3. If RoboForm Toolbar did not appear in your list, you may need to enable it in Tools> Add-ons. 8.9c 3a. Once you are in the Add-ons Manager screen select Extensions, then enable the RoboForm Toolbar for Firefox. 8.9e 4. If your RoboForm Toolbar is still not working, click on the RoboForm icon on the bottom of your screen (near the time).  Note that you may have to click the Expand Arrow next to your icons.  From there, select Options > Browser Integration, then UNCHECK the box next to Firefox and click OK.  Then repeat the process, but this time RECHECK the box next to Firefox and click OK. 8.9f If none of these solutions worked for you, please feel free to reach out to us through our email support system, available at
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