Tutorial: RoboForm Start Page

Quick access to your favorite bookmarks and logins.

The RoboForm Start Page combines all of your most frequently used Logins and Bookmarks in one place, making your browsing experience faster and easier than ever before.

Start Page

Customizing Your Start Page

There are a variety of different ways that you can customize the appearance and functionality of your RoboForm Start Page.

  1. Start Page Layout

    In the right hand corner of your Start Page you'll see four different buttons. The first three buttons let you modify your Start Page by choosing how your Logins and Bookmarks are displayed. You can choose a larger box view, a smaller box view, and a list view of your Logins and Bookmarks.


  2. Start Page Options

    In the right hand corner of the Start Page you'll see a gear button. Hover over this button and a menu will appear. Click on "Options" to edit the number of Logins and Bookmarks on your Start Page.


    In the Options menu, you can increase and/or decrease the number of Most Popular Logins and Bookmarks that you see on your Start Page, as well as add a new list called .Recently Used. Logins and Bookmarks. Click on the button .Make RoboForm My Start Page,. If you are not using RoboForm as your Start Page yet. Select the .OK. button once you have decided on the number of Most Popular and Most Recently Used Logins and Bookmarks that you would like to see on your Start Page.

    Start Page Settings

  3. Changing the Order of Your Logins and Bookmarks

    You can order your Logins and Bookmarks just by dragging and dropping them to different areas on the page. For example, if you want to if you want to change the order of your favorite Logins or Bookmarks, just click on the Login or Bookmarks that you want to move and hold down on the mouse. While holding down on the mouse, drag the Login or Bookmark to the spot where you would like it to be and then release the mouse.

    Rearrange items on your Start Page

  4. Adding and Removing Logins and Bookmarks from Your Start Page

    Click the slider on the left-hand side of the Start Page to view all of your Logins and Bookmarks.

    Open the Side Menu

    To add Logins and Bookmarksto your Start Page, you can drag and drop your Logins and Bookmarks from the left side to the Start Page. If you want to remove a Login from the start page, simply drag the Login from the Start Page to the slider menu. This will not delete your Login, it simply removes it from your Start page.

    Adding a Login or Bookmark to the Start Page:

    Add a Passcard

    Removing a Login or Bookmark from the Start Page:

    Remove a Passcard

Using Your RoboForm Start Page to Search the Web

We included a web search box on the RoboForm Start Page, so you can easily search for anything on the web. In the search box, type in anything that you would like to search and click on the Search button. You.ll see that the search results for that topic will appear. You can decide which website you would like to visit by clicking on any of the search result links.

Web Search

As you can see we've made it easier to Login to your favorite websites by giving you the option to make RoboForm your Start Page. We hope you enjoy this new feature. If you have any suggestions please contact us at support.roboform.com.

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