Resume Submission

Use RoboForm to automate resume submissions.

Use RoboForm to Submit Resumes

Use RoboForm to Fill Job Application Forms

RoboForm is the perfect tool to make your job search more productive, allowing you to apply to more jobs due to the time savings of one-click form filling. RoboForm is a great time saver as it lets you automatically log in various job sites, and fill out multiple job applications without typing anything.

Fill long forms with One Click.

When you encounter a page that contains a company's job application form, RoboForm will offer to fill the information. All of your application information such as name, address, work history, education, etc is stored encrypted in your RoboForm Identity.

Save filled forms for repetitive applications

RoboForm can also save an existing application form. This becomes useful with federal forms, or private company's job application forms that are often the very similar or almost identical, thereby allowing you to save even more time!

Use RoboForm to breeze through application forms

  • Navigate to the website
  • Fill in the job form
  • Press the submit button ...all in one click!

Ultimate flexibility

Fill in selected fields by highlighting only those fields in any form or job application to be filled, and with one click fill in the specified field.

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