RoboForm for Palm

Access to passcards and other RoboForm resources with Palm Devices.

RoboForm for Palm allows you to view RoboForm Passcards, Identities and Safenotes on Palm-compatible device. Full-featured password generator is included.

Download for new Palm with Memory / Flash Card

All new Palms have Memory / Flash Card that is visible from desktop as a disk.

Download RoboForm for Palm ver 2.0.1 from roboform.prc and install it on Palm using HotSync or any program that installs software on Palm.

Download for old Palms with no Memory Card

Use only if you have old Palm without Memory Card. May be not working on Vista correctly. Palm OS ver 3.0 or later is required.

Open this file and it will install RoboForm Conduit on your desktop computer. Then click Synchronize button on the cradle and:

  1. RoboForm will be installed on the Palm
  2. Your Passcards, Identities and Safenotes will be copied to the Palm.


  • 2.0.0: Split off old synchronizer from the Palm client software.
  • 1.6.0: Improve 2-way sync algorithm.
  • 1.5.0: Add AES encryption used in RoboForm 6.5.

Features and Manual

Viewer Only, no Form Filler

RoboForm for Palm faithfully reproduces RoboForm for desktop. However, you can only view RoboForm data on Palm device, not edit it (data editing may be implemented later). Also RoboForm does not fill forms on Palm, its primary function is to make portable Passcards, Safenotes and Identities that you accumulated on desktop.

Automatic Fast One-Button Synchronization

RoboForm synchronizes Passcards, Safenotes and Identities between desktop and Palm. Only the first synchronization takes relatively long time, 2nd and other syncs will be very fast, because only difference from the previous download is sent.

Click HotSync button on Palm cradle or select HotSync from the Palm menu and RoboForm will synchronize Passcards, Identities and Safenotes (files) between desktop and Palm.

Two-Way Sync Means Multi-Desktop Sync

Synchronization is done both ways, that is newer files from desktop will be copied to Palm and newer files from Palm will be copied to desktop. This allows you to use Palm to synchronize RoboForm files between several desktops: carry these files on your Palm and sync Palm with each desktop.

Two Syncs After Install

In some cases you have to perform HotSync twice to achieve complete synchronization. This is necessary after installation of RoboForm for Palm, if a wholesale change was done to RoboForm files, or when you come to a new desktop.

Navigator and Folders

Click Passcard (Star With Legs) icon in the bottom toolbar to see the list of Passcards and Bookmarks (saved passwords and URLs), or click Safenote (Note) button to see the list of Safenotes (encrypted text notes), or click Identity (Person) button to see the list of Identities and Contacts (address book entries). You can also select what to browse (Passcards, Safenotes, or Identities) in the upper right corner of the screen.


Put related Passcards, Identities or Safenotes into a Folder on desktop and then browse folders on Palm. Note that folder tree should be created on desktop and on Palm you can only browse it. To get into the folder, tap the folder name. To one level up in the tree of folders, click the ".." item at the top. To get to the Home (Root) folder, click the Home icon. To open the file, tap the file name.

Search by Name with AutoComplete

Start typing your Passcard (Identity, Safenote) name in the "Look Up" field to the right of Looking Glass icon and RoboForm will jump to the file whose name starts with the string that you typed.

Search by Name in All Files

RoboForm makes Passcard, Safenote and Identity file names available for standard Palm Find. Click Looking Glass on the Palm body to start Palm Find.

Password Protection and Encryption

All Passcards, Identities and Safenotes that are password-protected on desktop are encrypted by Master Password on Palm and opening them on Palm requires entering Master Password. So even if your Palm is stolen, nobody can steal your RoboForm data from Palm. Note that you must create Master Password on desktop and sync to make MP available on Palm.

Protection Status Indicator

When viewing contents of Passcard, Identity, or Safenote, the short word in the lower right corner of the screen shows the file protection status:

  • Unprot means unprotected
  • 1-DES/3-DES/AES means protected by Master Password using 1-DES/3-DES/AES encryption.
Master Password Entered Indicator

In the main RoboForm toolbar the Key icon shows whether you have Master Password entered. If this icon is enabled and yellow then password is entered and cached and if you click this icon, it will be cleared from memory (Logoff). If this icon is gray and disabled, it means the Master Password is not entered.

Short Master Password

Select "Menu. Security. Short Password" and click "Enter Short Password". Once you enter Short Password and then the actual "Long" Master Password, the Short Password will be accepted as a replacement of the actual "Long" Master Password. You can clear the Short Password mode by clicking "Clear Saved" button.

File / Application Protection Options

RoboForm for Palm provides varying degrees of protection for RoboForm application and its files. Click Menu button and select "Options. File Protection", then select one of the options:

  • Require Password only for Protected Files.

    This is same as in desktop RoboForm -- anybody can see list of files and to open password-protected files you need to enter Master Password for these files.

  • Require Password only for all Files.

    Anybody can see list of files in RoboForm for Palm but to open any files (both password-protected and unprotected), you will be asked to enter Master Password.

  • Require Password to open RoboForm.

    You will be asked for Master Password when you open RoboForm application.

Decryption Speed

AES decryption may be slow on Palm, because it requires a lot of arithmetic operations. If you feel that opening AES-protected passcards takes too much time on your Palm device, reprotect passcards on desktop with weaker and faster encryption such as 3DES, then sync to Palm and passcards will open faster.

File Viewer Copy and Export Commands

You can export / copy whole files and separate fields to other Palm applications.

  • In Passcard, Safenote or Identity Viewer select "Menu -> Record -> Export to Memo" to export the current Passcard or Safenote to an un-protected in memo.
  • In Passcard Viewer click Menu, select Record and then one of these commands:
    • Copy URL to Clipboard
    • Copy UserID to Clipboard
    • Copy Password to Clipboard

Password Generator

Click Lightning icon on RoboForm toolbar or select "Menu -> Help -> Generate Password" and RoboForm full-featured Password Generator will appear.

Available commands: Generate, Copy.

Available options: password length, character classes.

International Charsets

If your non-Latin characters are shown incorrectly, then open RoboForm for Palm (on Palm), click Menu button, select Options. Charset and set charset which will show your national characters correctly on Palm. RoboForm will translate UNICODE-encoded desktop RoboForm files to the selected charset.


RoboForm for Palm is Free, starting with ver 1.9.0.

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