RoboForm Android FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Android Users

Q: Why is my RoboForm Everywhere Account not accepted when attempting to login?
A: You need to enter the username and password you use with RoboForm Everywhere, or if you have not yet created an account there, you need to create new RF Everywhere account and follow the instructions on how to sync your PC version of RoboForm with RoboForm Everywhere.

Q: How can I fill forms from my Identities?
A: Currently RoboForm for Android only fills from Logins, however we do plan to add such functionality in a future release.

Q: Can I add Passcards(Logins)/Identities/Safenotes or edit existing ones?
A: You can edit Logins and Safenotes, but you cannot edit your Identities yet. However, you cannot add existing Logins, Identities, and Safenotes at this time. We do plan to add such functionality in the future.

Q: RoboForm Bookmarklet for Android does not work. What to do?
A: RoboForm Bookmarklet for Android was a proof of concept and it served its purpose.
Full RoboForm app for Android has been released and it replaces RF Bookmarklet for Android.

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