RoboForm Sweepstake Features

Use your password manager to automate sweepstake submissions.

Online Sweepstakes

Use RoboForm Logins and Identities to enter your name, address, phone number, etc. into sweepstakes forms with a single click! No more typing means you can enter hundreds of online sweepstakes a day without worrying about typos, thereby maximizing your chances of winning all the top prizes. Since you are still visiting the sweepstakes site, RoboForm is in compliance with the vast majority of sweepstakes sites terms and conditions. Review Image.

RoboForm is an indispensable tool for any sweeper. If you use just one aid to enter sweepstakes more easily, it should be this one.
— Sandra Grauschopf,

The Contest Queen

RoboForm is the core component of the Internet Sweepstaking System I teach and as a sweepstake enthusiast it would be impossible for me to enter and win as many sweepstakes as I do without RoboForm.
— Carolyn Wilman, The Contest Queen

Freebiers Club Award

For providing such a high quality, and world renowned product, we reward Siber Systems - the makers of RoboForm, this most coveted Top Rated Award from Freebiers Club. If we think something's good, then it must be marvelous!
— Kevin Caldwell, Freebier's Club UK

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