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RoboForm is enjoyed by millions worldwide and we have received great feedback from thousands of users over the past 10 years. Here is a small sampling:

  • Roboform is an essential tool for the dedicated sweeper. Entering sweepstakes with RoboForm keeps entering fun, fast, and safe! Thanks to RoboForm, winning sweepstakes is a breeze.
    -- Shannon Schulte, Owner of
  • Over the years I have tried several other password managers, but to this day I haven't found any better. I know this sounds like a commercial, but well... I don't mind praising a product with such great results and very good support. Can't help myself. I'm hooked!
    -- Egbert van den Bosch
  • I recently lost my wallet. Thanks to keeping all my credit card information using a profile in RoboForm I was able to contact the banks of the cards I had lost and had all the information like the customer service phone numbers and card numbers right in front of me... Such a time and frustration saver!
    -- Mike Weiss
  • Hands down, Siber Systems' $30 RoboForm (I use version 6.9.3) is the best tool for storing user names, passwords, and other contact data for Web sites. Here's why: You provide RoboForm with all the vitals you might need to complete a site's form--name, address, phone numbers, and even credit card numbers. When you click the Fill Forms button, the program does just that. Click a Web site from the RoboForm Passcard screen, and RoboForm transports your Web browser to the site, logging you in if necessary. Need an industrial-strength password? RoboForm will generate one for you. And don't worry about security: RoboForm is itself password-protected.
    -- Steve Bass, PC World
  • You absolutely have the best multi-OS, multi-browser password solution available. I actually felt a sense of relief that I could stay with my preferred solution across any browser I choose to use in either Windows or Mac. I'm not one prone to take the time to write these kinds of letters, but RoboForm is important enough to me to tell you how happy I am with your company and its developers who are making this happen.
    -- Chris Harr
  • Like me, you probably have more usernames and passwords than you can remember. Let RoboForm recall them for you.
    -- Grace Aquino, Bloomberg
  • Every now and then a software application comes along that is so amazingly useful it can leave you literally breathless. Siber Systems' RoboForm fits very comfortably into that category. RoboForm is a "jack of all trades" password manager, forms filler, ID info storage manager, and more. It takes routine, time-consuming, repetitive chores in those categories and makes them quick and effortless. RoboForm is a five star utility that we recommend enthusiastically for all users from beginner to expert.
    -- Sarasota PC monitor
  • I really do like the product... Actually smokes the others that I have tried... I use it in my development environment at work (told others how it could save them time, so they downloaded their own), and I use it for my personal use also...
    -- Ken Williams,
  • RoboForm is head and shoulders above the other software in this category. I can't begin to document all the time RoboForm has saved me as well as saving me stress on my hands. The support staff is very responsive to questions and/or suggestions.
    -- Marsha Kamish
  • I am a one handed typer. After a stroke that caused my left side to be "numb" and my left hand to be useless for typing, I was looking for some aid that could help me with whatever typing I needed. RoboForm has been a life saver. I do a lot of online purchases, have passwords "out the gazoo" and spent half of my online time filling out one form or another. Thanks again for such a wonderful product. I am continuously amazed at fast my forms are filled. It is an awesome program for me.
    -- Ed Talamantes
  • It took me all of 10 minutes to realize how lame Gator was. RoboForm is a VERY nice program. It works the way a form-filler should. I am impressed with the way it seems to use some fuzzy logic to fill in forms that totally stymied every other form-filling program I have tried. Thanks for this great app!
    -- Damon R. Milhem, Harvard Medical School
  • I just wanted to let you know that RoboForm is the best program of this kind that I have found. The program has worked with out a problem. Thank you for making a great program... I just wanted to reinforce how great this program is. I fill out many forms as we all do, and I have never had a better program for this purpose.
    -- David Sturm
  • I have been using RoboForm for about 3 weeks now, and I have got to tell you, this product is working just great. It has already saved me a great deal of typing. Congratulations on a great product!
    -- Dwight Blackburn
  • With all that RoboForm has to offer, I would not be surprised to see it incorporated into later builds of Netscape and IE. This is one of the utilities that I plan to keep on my workstations and laptop. All in all, this gets the Canuck YeeHaw.
    -- Tass Chapman,
  • Thank you very much for the quick and effective assistance. This responsiveness is one of the reasons that I continue to sing RoboForm's praises!
    -- Ryan L. Pierce
  • I didn't have to guess on most of the French.... my RoboForm, filled it in for me...
    -- JupiterAngl
  • Been using your RoboForm for sometime now. Dumped Gator in favor of RoboForm and it has done what I expected and more. I am even recommending it to my friends as a must have, which I do not often do that. Thanks for a good and useful program.
    -- Richard Strauss
  • This is one of the most practical, intuitive, and amazing programs I have seen and all web surfers should have it. It is amazing to see all the options, ease of use, and programming that went into this program. I wish I would have downloaded this over a year ago, I might actually be able to remember some of the passwords to half those sites I have visited. Thanks guys for producing an extremely thoughtful, well-designed program. And for offering it for free.
    -- Cary Osborne
  • I just wanted to let you know that I think this is one of the most useful Internet tools I use. There are so many web sites requiring some kind of form to be filled. IE added the auto-complete history feature, but it is no comparison to the ease of RoboForm one button click.
    -- Derek Price
  • I love your product! It is the best I have ever seen to fill-out forms. RoboForm saves me literally hours a day doing the tedious tasks of filling out forms. I have tried other similar products over the years, but nothing else compares to the ease of use and accuracy of Siber Systems RoboForm.
    -- Mike DeBerry
  • Having seen the garbage pilling up on the net, a "Shareware Savant" has gotten very skeptical that there are still good, free programs. Well even if "RoboForm" is a lead in for the pro version, it still gives hope that some good programs exist in Cyber Space. Something that works well, does not litter the hard drive, and free, certainly a rarity these days.
    -- Frank Thurber
  • Thanks for keeping this product great. I take every opportunity to win over new users to your product.
    -- Tooltime
  • I wanted to tell you how much I like using RoboForm. I am a contest junkie and have tried several different programs. This one is head and shoulders above the rest. ...This new and improved version is practically faultless. ...I especially like the way I can sign in to so many different sites with my user name and password. Thanks for such a great program.
    -- Sarah Lehan
  • ...wish you all the best from a user who really likes RoboForm!!!!! Totally indispensable utility!
    -- Shaun Poland
  • RoboForm is one of the most useful utilities I have used lately.
    -- Ben Johnson
  • Great! Love it! Just submitted my site to about 50 search engines and it must have saved me 3 hours!
    -- Carey Waite
  • I just want to thank you for developing the RoboForm filler. I love it. I use it daily for promoting my web site to search engines and ffa links. Thank you. When you a small business, you cannot afford to buy all the software you may need to run your business. This software makes life a little more easier. And best of all it is free. Whoever said nothing in life is free.
    -- Zuri Zahra
  • Thank you very much for the quick and effective assistance. This responsiveness is one of the reasons that I continue to sing RoboForm's praises!
    -- Ryan L. Pierce
  • You did it! As if Roboform wasn't enough, your iPhone application that syncs all my information is the icing on the cake! Bravo! I love it! I can now access my critical data from anywhere!!! THANK YOU!
    -- Dave Stoltz
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